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10 Trainers Fans Want To Rematch In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet

With Scarlet Y Violet, fans have begun scouring the Paldea region in search of new Pokémon and challenging battles. While a vast world of adventure awaits them, the most exciting moments in Pokemon The games are undoubtedly the intense battles with the trainers that the player encounters on the way to becoming a Pokémon champion.

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Whether they take the form of rivals, gym leaders, or members of evil organizations, great Pokémon trainers come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, some trainers that players will encounter have also appeared in many other games, proving their worth as strong trainers in any region of the world. While it’s unlikely that all of your favorite past trainers will make an appearance in the Paldea region to fulfill your nostalgic fantasies, fans still hope they can relive the excitement of taking on some of the strongest Pokémon trainers once again in Scarlet Y Violet.

10/10 Steven has a team of battle-hardened Pokémon

Steven Stone is a Steel-type Pokémon Master and the champion of the Hoenn region in Ruby Pokemon Y Sapphire. Steven primarily focuses on the hardened Ground, Rock, and Steel-type Pokémon on his team, such as Armaldo and Aggron.

Steven’s favorite Pokémon is the Psychic/Steel-type Metagross. Using the powerful Giga Impact attack, Metagross can deal large amounts of damage relatively quickly. While some players may prefer not to take on a trainer as strong as Steven, a true Pokémon master will never back down from a challenge.

9/10 Blue would never let his rival get the better of him.

Gary Oak showing off his various gym badges from Classic Pokemon

Azul was the first rival in history in the Pokemon Red, Blue, Y Green versions. He was also the clear inspiration for Gary, Professor Oak’s grandson and Ash’s main rival in the game. Pokemon anime

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Blue is a strong trainer who inevitably defeats the Elite Four before the player, and thus becomes the final trainer the player must defeat before they can be named champion. His most recent appearances show him with a well-rounded team of Gen 1 Pokémon that includes Alakazam, Exeggutor, and Gyarados.

8/10 Cynthia is one of the strongest champions in history

Cynthia and her Garchomp in Pokémon Journeys

Cynthia is the champion of the Sinnoh region in Diamond Y Pearl, and she uses a full team as expected of a top trainer. Her favorite Pokémon is her famous Garchomp, which she uses along with other powerful Pokémon, such as Lucario and Milotic.

Cynthia is truly a force to be reckoned with, which makes the player really proud that they defeated her. Having to face Cynthia again in the Shire of Paldea would certainly bring out the best in any trainer.

7/10 May is a great trainer and even a best friend.

An image of May smiling in a scene from Pokémon.

May is the player or his rival depending on the gender of the protagonist in the Ruby Y Sapphire games. He is also a recurring character on the Pokemon anime that traveled with Ash along with his precious Pokémon, Blaziken.

May takes her most powerful form as a trainer in the omega ruby Y Alpha Sapphire games. Like other rival trainers, May has a well-rounded team that is based on her starter Pokémon, which always has a type advantage over the player’s. for fans of Ruby Y SapphireFacing May in the Comarca de Paldea would be like a welcome reunion with an old friend.

6/10 Misty has only gotten stronger with time.

Misty about to throw a Pokéball at Pokémon.

Misty is a Water-type Trainer and Gym Leader from Cerulean City. She though she made the original debut of her in the first Pokemon games, she has since appeared in many other titles, as well as having a co-starring role in the anime series.

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Misty is a great trainer who focuses exclusively on Water-type Pokémon like Starmie and Golduck. In Prayed Y Silver, she includes a Quagsire and Laprus in her team, and in other versions she even has a powerful Blastoise as well.

5/10 Silver had the best character development of any rival

Challenging the rival in Pokémon Gold and Silver

Silver is the most devious rival of all Pokemon, and his backstory is quite interesting as the son of Giovanni from Team Rocket. Abandoned as a child, he would go on a streak of dastardly acts.

While Silver’s theft and scheming might be enough to make players want to humiliate him again, he’s also a good challenge when it comes to battle royale. After all, he did draw one of the starter Pokemon at the start of the game, which means he’ll have the type advantage with at least one Pokemon by default.

4/10 Jesse and James have traveled many regions in search of Pokémon to steal.Team Rocket announces its arrival in Pokémon The Series

Jesse, James, and Meowth are some of the most iconic anime villains ever. Despite not being included in the original games, their popularity in the anime series warranted their later inclusion in some of the later games. In particular, the most notorious trio of Team Rockets has appeared on both the Yellow version and the Pokémon Let’s Go Serie.

While Jesse and James haven’t always proven to be the strongest in terms of combat power, their strong personalities more than make up for it. They use some pretty strong Poison-type Pokemon, namely their infamous Weezing and Arbok, to wear down opponents over time.

3/10 Kouga’s skill with poison types runs in the family.

Koga and his Weezing from the anime Pokémon

As far as Poison-type Pokemon Trainers go, there are none as strong as Fuchsia City’s Koga. In Generation 2, Koga has risen to the level of the Elite Four and his daughter, Janine, takes his place as Gym Leader.

Koga is a ninja who masters the arts of stealth and poison. In Pokémon battles, however, he produces this combination to even greater effect. Koga focuses on high-level poison Pokemon that change by game, though Muk, Venomoth, and Weezing tend to be staples of his party.

2/10 Lance is a dragon master and leader of the elite four

Lance of the Elite Four from the anime Pokémon

Lance is the best dragon trainer and Pokémon League champion of the Kanto and Johto regions. His best Pokémon has always been Dragonite, but in later generations he has adapted his team to include dragons like Salamence and Haxorus.

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Lance appears in multiple Pokemon games and occupies many positions and rankings. No matter his position in the league, he is always one of the best trainers in the world with extremely powerful dragon-type Pokémon. Lance is always a major challenge to face, and players are looking forward to another chance to fight with him in the Paldea region.

1/10 Red is the original champion of Pallet Town.

Red from Pokemon Adventures Manga

Red is the main character of the original. Pokemon games and is an enigmatic champion in later titles. He is also the main protagonist of the pokemon adventures manga, and a recurring character in the Pokemon anime in Prayed Y SilverRed is the champion, but he also appears in other entries in the series as a powerful trainer that players can battle against.

Most recently, Red appeared in pokemon go as the former champion who challenges the player to a battle after defeating the Elite Four. Red wears a very comprehensive outfit that is quite similar to Ash Ketchum’s from the anime, including his signature Pikachu, Lapras, and Charizard. Defeating Red in a battle is the ultimate victory and provides a great moment of nostalgia for Pokemon fans everywhere.

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