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10 Times The Pro Heroes Outshined The Students In My Hero Academia

my hero academia is a shonen anime where the “good guys” can be divided into two main groups: the student heroes and the caped professional heroes who fight crime for a living. The protagonist Izuku Midoriya and his classmates are talented teenagers who will one day become great professional heroes, and they have proven it many times so far.

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Izuku and the other students sometimes outshine or even defeat the Pro Heroes and their teachers, showing just how capable these hero students really are. But they still have a lot to learn, and in many memorable scenes, the Pro Heroes reminded the students who the real pros are.

10/10 All Might defeated the villain Sludge

All Might, the symbol of peace, easily outshone high school students Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya in my hero academiathe first episode of . Despite his powerful Quirk, Bakugo found himself engulfed in the body of a slime villain, and Izuku valiantly tried and failed to rescue him.

Only a pro hero could save the day and sure enough, All Might arrived and defeated the villain with a Smash attack. This battle is what inspired Izuku to become a hero, and also inspired All Might to pass One For All on to Izuku instead of Mirio Togata.

9/10 Eraserhead fought the league of villains in the USJ

Eraserhead and the League of Villains

When the sinister League of Villains attacked the USJ compound on the UA campus, the students weren’t prepared. Some of the students in class 1-A used clever tactics to survive, like the temporary Izuku/Tsuyu/Minoru trio, but they really needed a true professional to save the day.

The tsundere master Eraserhead sprang into action with his Erasure Quirk and defeated several low-ranking League members with ease. It was a brave and impressive feat on Eraserhead’s part, and it took a high level Nomu to finally defeat him and turn the tide of battle once again.

8/10 All Might concluded the battle of USJ

all might against a nomu my hero academia

With Eraserhead down, the students of Class 1-A were once again vulnerable to the villains, Nomu and Tomura Shigaraki himself. Not even the combined Quirks of class 1-A could beat those odds, but the day was saved when All Might arrived at the last moment.

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All Might declared, “I’m here!” and took on the higher-end Nomu. It was a tough fight as Nomu was designed to counter All Might, but All Might prevailed nonetheless. With Nomu defeated, Tomura cut his losses on him and retreated with the few minions he still had, ending the USJ battle.

7/10 Principal Nezu outsmarted Denki and Mina

Principal Nezu operating machinery in My Hero Academia.

Most of the students in class 1-A shined brightly when they fought mock battles with their teachers. The brilliant Momo Yaoyorozu, Koji Koda, and even Minoru Mineta outshone their masters, but some of those mock battles went the other way.

Mina and Denki were bad tacticians. They were completely helpless when Principal Nezu overcame them with his construction crane, and Nezu even commented that he left them a ticket as an act of mercy. Nezu outshone those students without getting his paws dirty, leaving a strong impression of how his Quirk works.

6/10 Pro heroes broke into the league’s secret bar

Pro heroes raiding the league hideout

After the League of Villains captured Katsuki Bakugo, they held him captive in their secret hideout, a dimly lit bar. Izuku, Shoto, Eijiro, Tenya, and Momo mounted a secret rescue mission to save him, but this mission required real professional heroes, which is exactly what happened.

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Izuku and the other students could only watch in amazement as heroes like All Might, the ninja-like Edgeshot, and the blonde Mt. Lady took charge and drove the League back. They released Bakugo immediately, but there was still one more battle to fight before the day was finally won.

5/10 Everyone could defeat everyone by one

All Might wages war with All For One in My Hero Academia

Students and even most professional heroes could only watch as All Might faced off against his terrifying nemesis, All For One in a helmet. All For One had easily defeated Best Jeanist and Mt. Lady, so it fell to the world’s greatest pro hero to show the students, and indeed everyone, how it’s done.

All Might struggled at first, but then rallied the remaining remnants of One For All for a final attack. He performed a devastating United States Smash, defeating All For One and ending Bakugo’s rescue mission. Izuku and the other students quickly retreated to AU after that.

4/10 Endeavor defeated the hooded Nomu

Endeavor fights Nomu with fire in My Hero Academia

When the flaming Endeavor became the new #1 Pro Hero, he needed a chance to prove it. One night, Endeavor and his ally Hawks faced off against the ultra-powerful cloaked Nomu, a creature no other hero or student could defeat.

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Endeavor lost quickly only to recover, go Plus Ultra, and defeat the hooded Nomu after all. Endeavor outshone all student heroes by not only defeating such a tough foe, but proving that even a powerful hero like him can go above and beyond and win against impossible odds.

3/10 Fat Gum defeated Rappa

Anime My Hero Academia Fat Gum Skinny Angry

During the Shie Hassaikai raid, the students and heroes take turns outshining each other in the fight against the masked Overhaul. Izuku and Mirio outshone the Pros when they fought Overhaul directly, culminating in Izuku’s final victory, but the opposite was true for Eijiro and Fat Gum.

Eijiro impressed Fat Gum with his dogged determination and durability, but it was Fat Gum who won the fight in true style. The BMI hero absorbed enough hits from Rappa to change into his skinny form and defeat Rappa with a powerful punch, which stunned Eijiro.

2/10 Endeavor beat Bakugo, Shoto and Izuku

strive to fly in my hero academia

Endeavor later took on his son Shoto, along with Izuku and Bakugo, as his interns. Endeavor proved to be a remarkable teacher with insightful lessons from him, including the importance of parallel thinking. Endeavor also urged the three children to run faster through the city through their Quirks.

Endeavor encouraged the kids to practice quick response moves, all so they can get to a crime scene faster. Endeavor even challenged them to compete with him, and in the end, Endeavor easily bested the three of them with his superior speed and powerful Quirk.

1/10 Mirko and Present Mic destroyed Tomura’s tank.


in the last my hero academia arcs, a coalition of heroes and students formed to fight head-on against the Paranormal Liberation Army. Many professionals and students excelled in that battle, but so far, the professionals are making the most significant progress.

While the Winged Falcons finished off Twice, the rabbit hero and the DJ Present Mic hero dealt a combined blow to Tomura Shigaraki. They forced their way through a crowd of Nomu to destroy Shigaraki’s tank, forcing Tomura to wake up before he was fully ready. It was only a partial victory for the heroes, but it was more than any student could achieve.

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