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10 Times The Grand Maesters Secretly Had Control In House Of The Dragons

I like it game of Thrones before that, dragon house it does not feature classic heroes or villains. Instead, the characters come in different shades of gray, caring more for themselves or their family than nebulous ideas of right and wrong, good or bad. Due to the moral complexity of dragon houseaudiences are careful not to take any aspect of Westeros at face value.

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Many fans question the role that maesters play throughout A Child of Ice and Fireof history, reluctant to believe that they are truly a neutral advisory force. Those who doubt the neutrality of the maesters have embraced what is known as “The Grand Master Conspiracy”, believing that the maesters are actually exercising their power as advisors to try to eliminate the Targaryens and their dragons, something dragon house hinted at during season 1.

10/10 All the noble houses trust the maesters

In dragon house Y game of Thrones, each house has a master at its service. The leaders of these houses not only rely on the maesters for advice and medicine, some even trust them to handle their communications with other houses. If the maesters are really neutral agents as they say, there should be no problem.

However, if they chose, the maesters could exercise a serious degree of control over the noble houses of Westeros. They have eyes and ears in every corner of the realm and are entrusted with secrets by every house, making the maesters a very effective spy network if the conspiracy is to be believed.

9/10 The Grand Master suggests Aemma’s disastrous C-section

Aemma giving birth in House of the Dragon

Grand Maester Mellos makes several questionable decisions about the health of the Targaryen family in dragon house. The first and arguably the most shocking that the public sees is the disastrous birth procedure that she suggests in an attempt to save Queen Aemma’s baby. King Viserys agrees to the procedure, knowing that Aemma will die, but believing that her heir will be spared.

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Unfortunately, both Aemma and her son, Baelon, are killed in the procedure. Supporters of the Grand Master’s Conspiracy believe this was done in an intentional effort to weaken House Targaryens by continuing to deny Viserys his heir. This would highlight the power of the maesters, as few could get away with killing a prince.

8/10 Grand Maester Mellos only treats Viserys with leeches

A sick Viserys Targaryen takes the Iron Throne House of the Dragon

The questionable treatments that Maester Mellos performs on Viserys show that the maesters have power over the king’s own health. Mellos insists on treating Viserys almost exclusively with leeches, a procedure that clearly does the king no favors, as his health continues to decline and she loses parts of his hand and arm.

When Mellos is replaced by Maester Orwyle, the new maester even says that the leech was an ineffective method of treatment. King Viserys completely trusted Mellos’s treatments, even though they were slowly killing him. This level of trust in Mellos shows how much power the maesters are given over the lives of Westerosi nobles.

7/10 Maesters are protected by their neutrality

David Horovitch as Master Mellos in House of the Dragon

The noble houses of Westeros probably wouldn’t be willing to trust an organization like the maesters, were it not for their supposed neutrality. In a way, being perceived as neutral is its own kind of power, as it allows maesters a great level of protection.

Maesters’ neutrality, whether real or not, means that they are not blamed for the actions they take. The nobles of Westeros follow the advice of their masters and rarely retaliate if their guidance leads to dire results. Maesters know that kings are much more likely to trust an advisor who doesn’t seem to take sides than one who belongs to a specific faction.

6/10 Maester Mellos appears to be in cahoots with the Hightowers.

Rhys Ifans as Otto Hightower, smiling in House of The Dragon

it is clear in dragon house that Otto Hightower is planning to seize control of the Iron Throne for his own family. There are some indications that he may be conspiring with the maesters to do so. Fans point to the relationship between the maesters and House Hightower, as well as some conspiratorial glances shared between Otto and the Grand Master as evidence. Not to mention the close Old Town connections to House Hightower.

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Possibly the strongest proof comes during episode 5 of dragon house, “We Light the Way”, where Otto tells his daughter Alicent that King Viserys won’t live much longer. However, after Maester Mellos is replaced by Orwyle, Viserys lives for another 10 years. This may hint that Hightower was conspiring with Mellos to weaken the king and eventually kill him, but was delayed when Orwyle began caring for Viserys.

5/10 The maesters are protected by House Hightower

Samwell Tarley in the Citadel Library in Game of Thrones.

The masters study in a center known as La Ciudadela. Located in Oldtown, The Citadel is in the same city as House Hightower’s headquarters. House Hightower is a powerful house on the Reach, and maesters greatly benefit from being located within their stronghold.

If any house wanted to storm the Citadel in retaliation for the maesters’ actions, it would be seen as an act of aggression by House Hightower, who would likely call on their banners to defend Oldtown. This gives maesters a level of military protection without the need for their own standing army.

4/10 Maesters may be handling dragon eggs

Dragon Eggs in Game of Thrones

Skeptics of the Grandmaster Conspiracy might wonder what motive the masters have for attacking House Targaryens in dragon house. Many believe that the maesters did not like the amount of power the Targaryens were given due to their and their allies’ sole control over the dragons.

In dragon house, it is mentioned that the dragons born in the King’s Landing dragon pit are smaller than those born elsewhere. The dragons’ successful hatching rate has also decreased since they arrived in Westeros. Some fans believe that the maesters helping hatch the dragons are actually using their position to sabotage the eggs.

3/10 The maesters keep Viserys on heavy drugs.

King Viserys Targaryen on bed rest in House of the Dragon

After the ten year time skip, dragon house reintroduces King Viserys in a much worse state than he was in the previous decade. His health slowly declined over the years until it became a disease that seems to be a kind of leprosy. As the end of his life nears, the maesters begin treating Viserys with large doses of a painkiller that keeps the king in a fugue state.

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Due to the large amounts of medicine, Viserys’s responsibilities as king are relegated to his wife and hand, Alicent and Otto Hightower, respectively. Many zealots believe that the maesters used their power over Viserys’ treatment to keep him incapacitated and allow the Hightowers a chance to rule.

2/10 Several teachers provoke debate on the succession

Vaemond Velaryon addressing the Iron Throne in House of the Dragon

In dragon house In episode 8, “Lord of the Tides”, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen learns that her husband, Lord Corlys Valeryon, has fallen ill. This sudden illness sparks a debate over Lord Valeryon’s succession, in which Vaemond Valeryon attempts to discredit Rhaenyra’s claim by questioning the legitimacy of her children.

Since the message that triggered this drama was communicated between two maesters and then delivered to Rhaenys, some point to it as evidence that the maesters were trying to fabricate dissent. Some fans believe that the maesters hoped to discredit Rhaenyra through the ensuing argument and further weaken their alliances before the next civil war.

1/10 A maester possibly fuels the conflict between Rhaenrya and the Baratheons

Borros Baratheon meeting Aemon Targaryen and Lucerys Velaryon at Storm's End in House of the Dragon

In the final episode of dragon house, “The Black Queen”, Rhaenyra’s son, Lucerys, is sent to Storm’s End to see if the Baratheons will honor their oath to Rhaenyra’s rule. When Luke arrives, he presents the letter from his mother to Lord Borros Baratheon. Lord Baratheon does not read the letter himself, but instead summons a maester.

Speculations of interference by the maester come from the fact that the audience does not hear what he says. Instead, he whispers into Lord Baratheon’s ear, causing Borros to angrily refuse to help Queen Rhaenyra. Some believers in the Grand Master’s Conspiracy believe that the maester whispered a less charitable reading of Rhaenyra’s words to Lord Baratheon to help influence his decision of whom to support.

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