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10 Things To Know About Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes Before Watching The Animated Film

The Legion of Super-Heroes has always been the superhero team of the far future, built around the model of the 20th and 21st centuries. There have been multiple reboots and revisions, so it’s hard to follow. Two heroes keep getting re-involved with the Legion, Superboy and Supergirl.

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Superboy is most visible with the Legion, but Supergirl has been there almost as long. There’s even a new animated movie coming in 2023 that focuses on Supergirl’s introduction to the Legion of Super-Heroes. Before watching it, fans will want to learn a few things about the Maid of Might’s relationship with the teens of the future.

10/10 Canonically, Supergirl joined the Legion before Superboy.

The early Legion stories were a bit hazy in continuity. More and more legionnaires were brought in and the accounts contradicted each other. As the Legion gained a following, they began trying to figure out a canonical sequence for the stories.

Supergirl officially joined the Legion in “Supergirl’s Three Super Girl-Friends” by Action Comics #276 By Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney. The Legion had changed their rules so that one boy and one girl joined each year. In 1981, a formal induction order was given in 1981 Legion Secrets #1 (E. Nelson Bridwell, Paul Kupperberg, Jim Janes, Frank Chiaramonte, Gene D’Angelo, and Ben Oda).

9/10 Supergirl was rejected for being a member of the Legion for the first time

Supergirl Gets Too Close To Red Kryptonite

In Action Comics #267, Jerry Siegel, Jim Mooney, and Joe Letterese had Supergirl recruited by the Legion of Super-Heroes. Despite appearances, these were not the same Legionnaires who recruited Superboy. These were his children. This would be changed via retcons, making these heroes the same as in Adventure Comics #247 by Otto Binder and Al Plastino.

To demonstrate her powers, Supergirl dug a tunnel through the Earth to ease the congested air travel of the 30th century. Unfortunately, she dug too close to red Kryptonite that aged her into adulthood. Now that she’s over the age limit for new members, Supergirl was disqualified and sent home to wait for the red kryptonite’s effect to wear off.

8/10 Red Kryptonite once created a duplicate of Supergirl named Satan Girl

Supergirl runs to fight Satan Girl

In Adventure Comics #313, Edward Hamilton, Curt Swan, George Klein and Milt Snapin narrated one of the strangest cases of the Legion. All of the female legionaries were attacked by a virus that weakened them and turned their skin bright red. A new masked villain named Satan Girl took responsibility.

The Legion called on Supergirl to defeat Satan Girl. When the villain was defeated with the help of the Legion of Super-Pets, Satan Girl revealed her origin. Supergirl had flown too close to Red Kryptonite, causing a sinister duplicate to break away. The disease was Red Kryptonite radiation that Satan Girl projected onto others, trying to extend her existence beyond the Red Kryptonite’s 48 hour effect.

7/10 Supergirl was once elected leader of the Legion

Supergirl is elected leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes

During the second Legion reboot that ran from 2004 to 2009, Supergirl joined the team in issue #16. After the first twenty-one issues of that issue, creators Mark Waid and Barry Kitson left the title. In issue #30, the Legion elected a new leader.

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The next issue revealed the new leader as Supergirl, overwhelmingly chosen by write-in votes. For a six-issue series, Tony Bedard, Kevin Sharpe, Robin Riggs, Dennis Calero, Nathan Eyring, Jared K. Fletcher, Steve Wands, and Travis Lanham showed Supergirl leading a search to find the missing Cosmic Boy. Brainiac 5 used that to find a way back to the 21st century for Supergirl.

6/10 In current continuity, Supergirl has yet to join the Legion.

Brainiac 5 tells Supergirl something about the future.

The current version of Legion doesn’t have much of a story behind it, but it builds on the legacy of Jon Kent, formerly known as Superboy. Writer Brian Michael Bendis brought Brainiac 5 to action comics for the story of the “House of Kent”.

After the villain Red Cloud was defeated, Brainiac 5 said goodbye in Action Comics #1027 By Brian Michael Bendis, John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson, Brad Anderson, and Kevin Sharpe. Supergirl asked Brainiac 5 to tell her something hopeful about the future. She whispered something to him that made her smile, promising to see him again.

5/10 Supergirl saved Brainiac 5 from a Supergirl robot he built in his sleep

Brainiac 5 leaves the Legion with a Supergirl robot

Brainiac 5 and Supergirl always had an on and off relationship. In an awkward event, Brainiac 5 apparently relinquished his Legion membership to explore the universe with Supergirl. He spent a lot of time wondering if she felt the same way he did. Supergirl then showed up at Brainiac 5’s vacation to be with him.

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Brainiac 5 and Supergirl’s ship encountered a dangerous radiation belt. After getting over it, the real Supergirl revealed that she had saved him from dying with an android he had built. Apparently, Brainiac 5 had built the android while he slept for many nights to cope with his loneliness.

4/10 At first, Supergirl didn’t meet the same Legion as Superboy.

Supergirl meets the children of the original Legion of Super-Heroes

Early Legion stories often have contradictions. Among them was Supergirl’s first encounter with the Legion in Action Comics #267. The same three Legionnaires met her in much the same way they met Superboy.

Like Superboy, they came to offer him membership in their superhero club.

Superman had told his cousin that he joined the Legion as a teenager. These legionaries were not the same, but the sons of the three original legionaries. This detail was soon forgotten when the creators decided to have Superboy and Supergirl in the Legion together.

3/10 In A Rebooted Legion, Supergirl Thought She Dreamed Them All

Supergirl flies with Shadow Lass and Element Lad

When Supergirl first arrived during the second Legion reboot, she was a bit lost. She didn’t remember exactly when she left the 21st century. Supergirl was still very friendly, especially with the Legion that welcomed her.

Supergirl quickly confessed to Cosmic Boy that the entire adventure in the 31st century was a dream. At first, she was convinced of this because her wishes seemed to be granted as soon as she made them. Soon after, Supergirl stopped acting like she was in a dream.

2/10 Sensor Girl was supposed to be a Supergirl with no powers

Sensor Girl beats up the Emerald Empress

One of the most memorable deaths in 1985 crisis on infinite earths It was from Supergirl. Around this time, Steve Lightle and Paul Levitz introduced a new legionnaire. He was wearing a full face mask and an ongoing mystery was launched over Sensor Girl’s true identity.

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Paul Levitz originally planned to make the character a rescued, depowered Supergirl. In 2002, Steve Lightle detailed how DC Comics President Jeanette Khan tweaked that plan. Always adaptable, Paul Levitz changed the identity of Sensor Girl to the absentee Princess Projectra. The many clues that led fans to believe that Sensor Girl was Supergirl just turned into red herrings.

1/10 Supergirl and Brainiac 5 were a couple

Brainiac 5 Remembers Being In Love With Supergirl In DC Comics

When they joined the Legion, Brainiac 5 made no secret of his affection for Supergirl. Over the years, it became clear that the feelings were mutual. However, Supergirl’s responsibilities in the 20th century prevented them from looking for something permanent.

This became a tragedy after Supergirl’s death in crisis On Infinite Earths, because it meant Brainiac 5 fell in love with her despite knowing she was doomed. This was even revised in the 2010s. Last Battle of New Krypton when an older Brainiac 5 helped Supergirl. The thoughts of her throughout Supergirl #52 by Sterling Gates, Ivan Rodriguez, Nei Ruffino, and Jared K. Fletcher are some of the best characterizations of this dynamic.

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