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10 Things To Expect In The Upcoming My Hero Academia War

Kohei Horikoshi my hero academia is one of the most popular shonen series of the decade, and there’s no end in sight for its superpowered shows. Horikoshi’s manga is about to enter its climax, but the corresponding anime series is at the peak of its sixth season. My Hero Academia SSeason 6 focuses on the all out war between the Pro Heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front.

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While there has already been tremendous destruction and loss on both sides of this war, at this point, the Paranormal Liberation War is still a game for anyone. There are also some key events that are likely to happen before this feud ends.

10/10 The war lasts all season and it is not a year of several arcs

The pacing of an anime season can be a tricky business that trips up even the most confident series. my hero academia it routinely offers 25-episode seasons, but they are usually broken up into multiple story arcs rather than one grand narrative that spans an entire year.

my hero academia has been building up to this Paranormal Liberation War for over a season now and it’s such a major event that it feels like it could sustain all 25 episodes of Season 6. At this point in the season, it definitely feels like there’s enough going on to pull off this one. war until the end of the year.

9/10 Deku gains access to a new vestige quirk

Deku faces past vestiges of One For All in My Hero Academia

A big reveal for Deku comes in Season 5 when he begins to acquire the Quirks of previous One For All wielders. Midoriya’s connection to these vestiges has been a constant delight, but it’s also been a gradual work in progress.

Midoriya adds the Black Whip Quirk to his arsenal, but there are a handful of other Quirks he has yet to unlock. Shigaraki has such extreme power that it seems likely that Deku will gain access to at least one more Quirk by the end of the war to help him better deal with his rival.

8/10 Class 1-B Prove your worth and become the MVP

A mix of determined looking students from Class 1A and 1B in My Hero Academia

The Paranormal Liberation War features an unprecedented number of villains. This means that the heroes must draw on every possible resource they have, and all students at UA High get a crash course on the battlefield. The barriers between Class 1-A and Class 1-B disappear as everyone works towards a common goal.

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The teams that have been assembled include prominent members of Class 1-B, some of whom have already risen to the occasion when others need it. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this war is when Class 1-B proves their worth and surpasses several of their Class 1-A counterparts.

7/10 Heroes suffer at least one major casualty

Tomura Shigaraki decays X-Less in My Hero Academia

A sad truth of almost all wars is that there are casualties. my hero academia he’s been pretty careful when it comes to the deaths of his heroes. He’s far from free in this department, but it might be time for Deku to lose someone who’s really close to him.

There have already been hints that the likes of Shota Aizawa, Gran Torino, and even Bakugo could be on the chopping block. The loss of a friend or major supporting character, rather than a side hero like X-Less, would emphasize the horror of this war.

6/10 A villain passes over to the heroes and reforms himself

Himiko Toga comforts Twice in My Hero Academia.

A significant theme that has persisted through my hero academia‘s season six is ​​that there is a fine line between the hero and the villain. Many supposedly evil characters have shown an enormous amount of empathy that has presented them in a much more generous light than some of the heroes.

After the catastrophic events at hand, it doesn’t seem ridiculous for some villain to go over to the other side. Twice was a likely candidate before his passing, but now, Himiko Toga could be redeemed. It’s even possible that Shigaraki will somehow come out of this war as an ally.

5/10 Shigaraki reveals even more of his quirks

Tomura Shigaraki uses the Search Quirk in My Hero Academia

Tomura Shigaraki has always been one of my hero academiaThe greatest villains of . However, his strength has reached astronomical levels after All For One makes him his successor and awakens with an arsenal of new abilities.

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Shigaraki’s standard Decay Quirk is dangerous on its own, but he has since made use of previous Quirks that All For One has stolen, such as Air Cannon, Radio Waves, and Super Regeneration. All of these new Quirks have yet to be revealed, and it’s only a matter of time until Shigaraki shows off even more abilities.

4/10 All Might finally meets his end

All Might wages war with All For One in My Hero Academia

my hero academia It begins with All Might as society’s number one pro hero and ultimate symbol of hope. The hero’s waning strength has led Endeavor to become his replacement, but he has still played the role of a vital model for Midoriya during some of her weaker moments.

All Might has officially retired, and it is rare for him to engage in combat. However, the Paranormal Liberation War is serious enough to bring All Might out of retirement from him, especially if someone he cares about is in danger. my hero academia he has continually teased All Might’s death, but this war could be when it finally happens.

3/10 All For One gains full control over Shigaraki

All For One takes control of Shigaraki in My Hero Academia

my hero academia has introduced the idea that Midoriya has a psychic link to previous One For All users, but Season 6 has also teased that Shigaraki has a similar connection to All For One. Shigaraki has received disturbing messages to keep him up to date with the destruction of Deku and the acquisition of his Quirk.

Shigaraki has managed to withstand All For One’s mind manipulation, but will likely reach a point where he is too weak to fight back. It would be chilling if the Paranormal Liberation War concluded with All For One in full control of Shigaraki and using him as their new vessel for evil.

2/10 Midoriya gives one for everything to someone new or shares it

Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya sharing One For All in My Hero Academia: Hero's Rising.

Midoriya’s journey to become the next great hero has only been possible because All Might bestows his Quirk on him. my hero academia has briefly explored the idea of ​​sharing One For All. Midoriya and Bakugo use One For All together in the climax of My Hero Academia: Rising Heroes.

This war is pushing everyone beyond their limits, and it highlights just how important Midoriya and Bakugo are to each other. Deku could share the Quirk with his friend again or give it to him directly if he is about to perish.

1/10 The public perception of heroes and villains changes irrevocably

Civilians cheer on the competition in My Hero Academia

Everything the heroes do in my hero academia is to keep the public safe. However, this new season has shown how most villains have turned evil just because society rejected them. Villains continue to call out the shortcomings and hypocrisy of certain heroes, which continues to cause friction between the two sides.

The consequences of this war will cause the destruction of entire cities, and civilian casualties are almost inevitable. The mistakes that the heroes make in this war could have irrevocable consequences for the way society views these public figures.

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