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10 Things Fans Want Most From Panty & Stocking Season 2

panty and stocking with garter belt it has become a cult classic among anime fans. Its three-month run, from the beginning of October to the end of December 2010, featured an incredible amount of different art styles, ridiculous antics, and memorable moments, all in fourteen episodes. For an entire decade, fans of panties and stockings I was desperately hoping for a second season, but as time passed without any official confirmation, fans began to lose hope.

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That is, until Anime Expo rolled around in early July 2022, finally confirming panties and stockings season two to throngs of excited fans. For the first time in over a decade, the ever-chaotic Anarchy sisters are back to cause even more mayhem, and there’s plenty fans want to see from them when they do.

10/10 More memorable music tracks like Fly Away by TeddyLoid

One of panties and stockings‘s most defining features is its soundtrack. Despite being over a decade old, many of the songs from the series are still remembered and loved to this day, such as “Fly Away”. Y “I want you” by TeddyLoid. They’re high-energy tracks that work perfectly with the chaotic nature of the show.

panties and stockings‘sThe original soundtrack can also have a profound impact, with TCY FORCE’s “Chocolat” coming to mind. It is a slow, bittersweet song describing Stocking’s burgeoning feelings of love for a Ghost and how she affected her emotionally.

9/10 Finally Finding Out The Truth Of The Season One Finale

Close up of Stocking Anarchy

panties and stockings‘s The first season doesn’t end when the credits start to roll. There’s also a shocking post-credits scene in which Stocking cuts Panty into tiny pieces, claiming to have been a demon all along before taking off, scattering the pieces of her sister as she goes.

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This scene comes out of nowhere, and many fans aren’t sure how true Stocking’s words are. There’s a chance he’s lying about his demon status, and it’s unclear why Stocking would comically dismember his own sister. Fans are hoping that season two will at least contain some of the answers they’ve been looking for.

8/10 Further expansion of the Panty & Brief relationship

Panties driving briefs, panties and stockings

Panty treats Brief as little more than a joke to most panties and stockings, but their relationship takes a heart-warming turn near the end of the series. The two share an intimate moment, which is more significant than Panty’s previous adventures due to the circumstances of the moment.

However, Panty makes fun of Brief again after this and treats it as a joke. While it is certainly appropriate for panties and stockings‘sstyle to treat relationships in a comedic way, many fans hope that the second season will include a more serious development between them.

7/10 Fast-paced fight scenes that balance action and comedy

Panty and Scanty, Panty and Stocking fight

panties and stockings is a comedy parody anime at its core, but the series is also home to plenty of fast-paced, high-stakes fight scenes. The striking and beautifully animated scenes contrast with the crude humor that panties and stockings it is known and works amazingly well.

For a series that is over a decade old, panties and stockings‘sthe fight scenes are maintained. Of course, fans are hoping the bar will be raised even higher in season two, with updated visuals and even flashier effects.

6/10 More of the extensive wardrobes of the Anarchy Sisters

Panty and Stocking working as waitress bunnies

The Anarchy sisters are known for each having a specific vice, but both are also heavily involved in fashion. Although Panty’s basic red dress and Stocking’s signature gothic-lolita black dress are her best-known outfits, her wardrobe throughout the first season is extensive.

Whether they’re trying out a new get-rich-quick scheme or just enjoying a night on the town, Panty and Stocking have several outfits ready for any occasion. One of the most exciting things about a new season is seeing how their basic designs can be updated or what new iconic looks they will add to their wardrobes.

Panty as a transformer with an army of robots

In panties and stockings‘s Running for fourteen episodes, they incorporate a ton of nods and references to other popular media. There’s even an entire episode, “Trans-homers,” that revolves around Panty and Stocking turning into Transformer robots and fighting each other with their own armies of robot-turned furniture.

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While not all of these nods land with every fan, panties and stockings‘sCreative takes on popular media are generally well received. With over a decade having passed since the first season, there are all sorts of newer franchises to panties and stockings to get inspired.

4/10 An explanation of the Demon Sisters’ possible connection to Stocking

Scanty and Kneesocks standing together

Along the panties and stockings‘s In the first season, the Anarchy sisters often face off against the Daemon sisters, Scanty and Kneesocks. The two are clearly meant to be evil mirrors of the two main characters, in addition to the controversial nature of their relationship.

With the controversial post-credits ending of the first season, Stocking claims to have been a demon all along. If this is true, Stocking could have an interesting connection to Scanty and Kneesocks as well as being his enemy. The second season has a chance to give Stocking links to the villains.

3/10 More significant love interests and heartbreaking subplots

Stockings with her ghost boyfriend

Most of the time, panties and stockings He’s known for his crude humor and non-stop banter, but he can also have some really emotional moments. In “Ghost: The Phantom of Daten City,” Stocking falls in love with a particularly nasty ghost, sees past his filth and bad attitude, and falls in love with the soul he sees beneath.

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Stocking is willing to ditch her life and duties like an angel to be with him, only for him to finally move on after being wholeheartedly accepted and loved by her. She vows to keep him in her heart as she fades away, and fans look forward to more meaningful romances in season two.

2/10 A high-quality dubbing on a par with the original

Panty looking annoyed by Panty and Stocking

For most series, at least according to die-hard anime fans, the subbed version is always superior to its western dubbed counterpart. In panties and stockings‘s In this case, since it is so visually inspired by Western media, the dubbed version actually adds charm to many scenes without sacrificing quality.

There’s something appealing about listening to Panty and Stocking’s unique vulgarities in English. If nothing else, fans are hopeful that Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial can regain their roles as Panty and Stocking respectively, as their performances are iconic.

1/10 New and updated magical girl transformation sequences

Panty and Stocking Angel Transformation Costumes

panties and stockings it technically falls under the category of magical girl anime despite all its crudeness and vulgarity that makes it seem otherwise. Instead of the typical cutesy transformation triggered by a magical artifact, Panty and Stocking shed their namesake garments. These articles of clothing are then transformed into their signature weapons.

Instead of a magical outfit change characterized by sparkles and glitter, Panty and Stocking perform pole dances, suggestively taunting the audience before commanding repentance to the ghost of the week they’re battling. The second season has a chance to not only update their iconic outfits, but also give them updated transformation images to make fans swoon.

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