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10 Things Fans Don’t Want To See In A Christmas Story Christmas

a christmas story has had many sequels over the years, but none were as prolific and anticipated as A Christmas story Christmas. This latest sequel sees the return of the original cast plus some new faces as Ralphie Parker returns to his childhood home with his family and promises to give them a wonderful Christmas.

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Naturally, while some fans are excited about the movie, others are hesitant. Some believe it wouldn’t be able to capture the allure of the original, and some are worried it could end up being another profit-driven flop. There’s a whirlwind of tweets and posts debating whether the movie could be any good. Whichever side they fall on, most fans can agree that there are some things they don’t want to see in A Christmas story Christmas.

10/10 The sloppy parent trope

The awkward father is a common trope in sitcoms. This incompetent patriarch is the butt of many jokes when his attempts to be the head of the family fail miserably.

The trailer doesn’t seem to be setting up Ralphie as a sloppy dad. Despite some mistakes, he seems to be doing a good job organizing Christmas for his children. Still, it’s too early to tell. Hopefully the writers will give Ralphie the credit he deserves. The goofy dad has had enough, and the last thing a fan wants is for Ralphie to be a tired cartoon.

9/10 Scut Farkas shouldn’t be a thug anymore

Scut Farkus in A Christmas Carol Christmas

When Ralphie finally taught Scut Farkas a lesson, everyone in the audience wanted to see the bully get his comeuppance. Now that Scut is set to return in the new sequel, everyone is eager to see what Ralphie will do when he runs into his childhood stalker as an adult.

RELATED: 10 Times The Sequels Undoed Its Predecessor’s Happy EndingsMost fans hope that Scut will continue to be a jerk and that Ralphie will have to teach him another lesson. However, they might be happier if Scut wasn’t a jerk. Scut being a better person as an adult would be a happy subversion of expectations and would fit the optimistic tone that fans want from the film.

8/10 The old man’s real name

the memory of the old

There’s a chance the audience might enjoy learning the Old Man’s real name if the scene was done right. Regardless, there will be a faction of fans who believe that giving the Old Man a name would ruin his character, and cause a bigger ruckus if the scene isn’t done right.

Being the “Old Man” is a big part of the father’s identity as a character. That’s what he was on a christmas story. He was the amazing dad with a sailor’s vocabulary and a heart of gold who made Ralphie’s Christmas wish come true. Unless the filmmakers are extremely confident in his ability to play his character well, they should let him remain “the Old Man.”

7/10 A Christmas story Christmas must remain true to its characters

One of the many fears fans have about sequels is whether the sequels will have the right characters. So naturally the fans of a christmas story have the same fears about the characters in A Christmas story Christmas. It’s not that they don’t expect the characters to be different after living another thirty years. Fans want filmmakers to do justice to their favorite characters. They don’t want to see them forced to act out of character to fit the desired story.

They also want to see the new characters get a good characterization. Childish characters were a highlight in a christmas story. Ralphie’s kids have big shoes to fill.

6/10 A Christmas story Christmas needs to find the right humorous tone

The Triple Dog Challenge: Flick's Revenge

In the trailer, there is a direct reference to the “triple dog dare” scene from the original film, where an adult Flick defends himself against Schwartz. He doesn’t seem to be that bad. However, he does raise some concerns about the film’s humor.

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It is possible to reference an old joke and make it as funny now as it was. Unfortunately, too many sequels and remakes have simply regurgitated jokes from their predecessors instead of doing something new. The filmmakers rely on the nostalgia factor without giving the jokes any proper substance or context. A Christmas story Christmas deserves a good mood, not a regurgitation.

5/10 a lot of antics

A Christmas Story Christmas: Schwartz's Bad Fall

a christmas story he is famous for his one-liners and excellent timing with minimal use of slapstick or physical comedy. Even then, most of it was grounded and realistic. The only time it wasn’t was in Ralphie’s dreams.

However, from what the trailer shows, the new sequel will employ over-the-top antics along with the writing and dialogue. The trailer only shows one scene of this, but there may be more. This is likely to disappoint fans, as many modern sitcoms rely heavily on slapstick rather than witty humor like a christmas story. they do not want A Christmas story Christmas be just another comedy.

4/10 A family blast before Christmas

Family Blowups At Christmas: Almost Christmas gun scene and fight in Elf's office

A common trope in Christmas dramas/comedies is for tensions to flare up on the day before Christmas. Emotions run high, families break up, and the world falls apart, but everything is fixed at the end of Christmas.

a christmas story I never had that. Instead, she took an episodic approach where the family went through little rough patches. Mrs. Parker breaks her husband’s beloved lamp. Neighbors’ dogs steal Christmas dinner. Each time, the family remained stable and never reached a breaking point. It would be a fitting homage to the original movie if the sequel took this approach instead of having a big bang like every other Christmas movie.

3/10 awkward political correctness

A Christmas story restaurant

A point of contention that some people have with a christmas story it is his portrayal of Chinese Americans. After the Bumpus dogs raid the kitchen, the Old Man takes the family out for dinner. The only restaurant open on Christmas Day is a Chinese restaurant where a “Chinese turkey” is served with its head intact.

Treating other cultures with respect is a decent thing to do. But unfortunately, some movies are still a bit clunky when it comes to representation, making their attempts feel off-putting. Fans won’t mind having diversity, but they will mind seeing obviously bad footage for political correctness.

2/10 too much cynicism

A Christmas Story Christmas' Schwartz

The number one concern most fans have A Christmas story Christmas is the tone. While the original film wasn’t necessarily rainbows and sunshine, it did present a simple, childlike view of the world that fans fell in love with. As A Christmas story Christmas is told from the point of view of an adult, fans worry that it will be cynical and sarcastic like other adult comedies.

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Admittedly, the sequel probably won’t have the unique charm of the original movie. However, that doesn’t mean the filmmakers couldn’t give it their own charm. At the very least, you could have more optimism than cynicism.

1/10 Overreliance on a Nostalgia Christmas Story

A Christmas Story Ralphie Christmas

There has recently been a trend in the entertainment industry to rely heavily on nostalgia to sell movies and shows. Some stories managed to hit the nostalgia nerve while still being good stories. Others did not fare so well. Instead of focusing on the story first, they gave the old story new seasoning without giving it any substance. This upsets a lot of fans, who understandably feel like their childhood favorites were ruined.

Because of this, some fans are wary of the new sequel to a christmas story. They don’t want another bad delivery to take up their time and money. Instead, they want a good movie.

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