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10 Things Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Did Right

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, black adam was released in early October 2022. The film features Teth Adam in the DCEU after Adrianna Tomaz opens his tomb in Kahndaq. The film has been a success with the public and critics, but no one can deny that it has many good things.

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From Dwayne Johnson’s performance to introducing many interesting iconic DC characters, black adam it may be the first step in saving the DC cinematic universe. Hopefully, Warner will continue to deliver movies like this and flesh out the stories of these characters.

10/10 Henry Winkler as the original Atom Smasher was a surprising cameo

When the movie introduced Al Rothstein as the Atom Smasher, he was on his way to the Justice Society’s hideout. In this scene, he is on the phone with the original Atom Smasher, Al Pratt, played by Henry Winkler. The actor, famous for playing Fonzie, was an unexpected face.

Fans were delighted to see Fonzie’s cameo in the movie. Especially considering that the history of the Justice Society goes way back, Warners found a great way to include previous DC Comics icons without taking up too much screen time from the actual plot. Winkler is such a beloved actor that he was the best choice for this.

9/10 Black Adam chose the correct members of the Justice Society to present

Aldis Hodge as Hawkman

Before the Justice League became DC Comics’ foremost super team, the Justice Society of America debuted in all star C.omics #3 as the first superhero team in history. With members like Hawkman, Hourman, and Sandman, this team worked together against all kinds of threats. Comics served as a platform to promote less famous superheroes.

The JSA has had dozens of members since its inception, but Warner made the right decision in casting Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone as its first movie rooster. The chemistry between the team was on point, and they were relatable enough for fans to want, even if they aren’t famous outside of this movie yet.

8/10 Amanda Waller’s appearance tied the film to previous DCEU movies

black adam amanda waller scene

When Teth Adam first awakens, the US government sees him as a threat and puts Amanda Waller in charge of taking him down. Near the beginning of the film, Viola Davis reprises her role as the authority behind the Justice Society’s actions.

Hands down, Viola Davis is one of the best actresses in the DCEU. Her portrayal of the ruthless Amanda Waller has been widely praised and fans of hers can’t get enough of her. Her appearance in this movie officially confirmed that Black Adam is part of the DCEU, which opens the door for major crossovers in the future.

7/10 Black Adam sheds light on relevant sociopolitical issues

Mo Amer as Karim drinks a soda in the van in Black Adam

Much of the plot black adam revolves around the political situation of Kahndaq. Currently oppressed by the Intergang, the city welcomes Black Adam as its savior. However, when the Justice Society arrives, the citizens side with Teth Adam because they know that the United States government has never helped them before.

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At some point, Adriana Tomaz even points out to Hawkman that they never would have come if it wasn’t for Black Adam’s presence. This situation parallels the enslavement of Kahndaq by King Ahk-Ton in flashbacks. It is a reference to the United States’ indifference to any political conflict unless it benefits them in some way.

6/10 Black Adam let the door open for the Tomaz to come back

Bodhi Sabongui as Amon fights zombies in Black Adam

Adrianna Tomaz and her son Amon are two of Black Adam’s closest allies in the film. Since the two of them are very politically involved with their city, they want to see Intergang fall, so they trust Black Adam. Plus, comic book fans surely recognized them as iterations of two DC Comics characters: Adrianna Tomaz is Isis, while Amon is Osiris, aka Black Adam Jr.

Both Isis and Osiris are key characters in the black adam comic books. If the DCEU plans to bring these characters back, they may include them in future projects as well. Of course, comic book fans would love to see Adrianna and Amon turned into superheroes.

5/10 Fans loved Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate

Dr. Fate in full costume on Black Adam.

One of the best things about black adam as a film it was Doctor Fate’s introduction to this cinematic universe. However, his debut would not have been as impressive if he had not been played by Pierce Brosnan, famous for his role as James Bond.

In addition to Brosnan’s great performance as Doctor Fate, the movie gave him an emotional arc in which he sacrifices himself to save his teammates, particularly his friend Hawkman. On one hand, this made fans sad to know that he won’t be reprising his role, but on the other hand, his final speech definitely gave the audience chills.

4/10 Black Adam did not drag

Black Adam is gagged in Black Adam (2022)

Black Adam made his comic book debut in 1945 as one of Shazam’s arch-enemies. He spent over 50 years as a villain, but in the 21st century, Jerry Ordway, Geoff Johns, and David S. Goyer turned him into an antihero. Given this, fans were concerned that Black Adam would spend time as a villain before correcting himself.

Fortunately, this did not happen. black adam is Teth Adam’s journey to understand what it means to be a hero. In future battles against Shazam, he likely won’t be a full-fledged villain, which would make for a boring arc. He is better as an antihero.

3/10 Black Adam brought Superman back to the DCEU

Henry Cavill's Superman in DCEU's Batman v Superman

The post-credits scene of black adam brought Henry Cavill back as Superman. After Black Adam tells Amanda Waller that no one on Earth can stop him, she sends a Kryptonian in her direction. The film ends with Black Adam and Superman discussing what Black Adam’s presence means for the planet.

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After rumors that Cavill would not return to play Superman for the DCEU, fans were worried about what this would mean for this cinematic universe. However, Cavill’s cameo in Black Adam has eased their concerns, especially now that he, too, has dropped out. The Wizard.

2/10 Dwayne Johnson did a great job as Black Adam

Black Adam walks away from an explosion in Black Adam (2022)

According to critics, one of the best parts of black adam it’s Dwayne Johnson’s commitment to the role. Since the promotional stages, Johnson has been all over the internet, defining Black Adam as a turning point for the DCEU and hyping up fans on all social media platforms.

Also, he did a great job with his acting. Johnson is a compelling and tragic anti-hero, but he’s also great in wholesome scenes. His dynamic with Bodhi Sabongui is hilarious and he always delivers great action sequences.

1/10 Black Adam laid the foundation for new stories in the DCEU

A split image of Wonder Woman, Black Adam and Superman from the DCEU

It’s no secret that the DCEU is struggling to establish itself as a successful franchise. After a couple of failed blockbusters, canceled projects, and several potential recasts, this cinematic universe is losing its foundation. black adam it’s an attempt to break his fall, and it may just be working.

Without being a reboot, black adam injected new blood into the DCEU. It brought in new characters and reminded fans that there is life beyond the Justice League. Of course, it’s hard to imagine a DC universe where Superman and Batman aren’t at the center, but it’s not impossible, especially after seeing black adam.

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