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10 Superman Villains Who Deserve A Comeback

The Man of Steel has been the pinnacle of the DC Universe, his morals and beliefs defining who he is as a man and as a hero. Throughout DC Comics, various villains have pushed Superman further than ever before. While villains like Lex Luthor, Doomsday, and Darkseid remain fan favorites, there are others that don’t get nearly as much attention.

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Some forgotten villains were either massive enemies that were defeated with no hope of returning or seemingly just showing up here and there to remind fans of their existence. That being said, there are some foes ready to return to battle Superman once more, presenting new dilemmas for the Last Son of Krypton to face.

10/10 Kryptonite Man Contains Dangerous Potential

Veteran readers know that Superman’s greatest weakness comes from kryptonite, the remains of meteorites from Krypton. So it’s no surprise that villains use this weapon to level the playing field. Several of them would fully expose themselves to the rock’s radiation, becoming a living poison against Superman. However, every incarnation of Kryptonite Man since has died, disappeared, or has not returned.

For an enemy made from literally the only substance that can take down the Man of Tomorrow, this would make for more interesting battles. Also, with the discovery of other types of kryptonite, fans would love to see how the Kryptonite Man could use them to his advantage, either by absorbing the effect of rocks within him or having the power to transform one type of kryptonite. in other.

9/10 Morgan Edge is more than a businessman

Morgan Edge boasts and is excited

Enemies like Luthor and Professor Hamilton showed readers that not all monsters need to have superpowers or come from unknown places to be dangerous, relying on brains and cunning. Business mogul Morgan Edge was originally part of this lineup. At one point, his cruelty led him to control the criminal organization Intergang. He would also finance his own team of handpicked villains to hunt down Superman.

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While he changed as part of the New 52, ​​Edge’s suave and strategic mind shouldn’t leave him forgotten. Bringing Edge back may give fans a more realistic villain to challenge the Man of Steel. Since Edge’s new origins have made him a media mogul, the new villain has additional weapons to make things worse for Clark and his friends.

8/10 Silver Banshee is a magical monster

Silver Banshee yelling menacingly towards his enemy

When it comes to magic, Superman has gone up against plenty of rogues linked to the dark arts. One tragic figure who crossed his path was the deadly Silver Banshee. Wanting revenge, her journey would see her face off against both the Man of Steel and Supergirl on many occasions. With her various sound-based attacks, such as her famous sonic scream, the Silver Banshee has held her own against the Kryptonians.

While appearing in the New 52, ​​the more villainous Banshee just screams for a return to form. With more villains gaining sympathetic origins in recent years, Banshee’s already complex background might just make her shine. Plus, Banshee’s powers already make her a powerhouse that won’t give up without a fight.

7/10 Bloodsport is slowly coming back

Bloodsport cocking his gun with Crime Syndicate in the background

During the ’70s, when protests over the Vietnam War were high, DC created a polarizing villain to take on Superman. Bloodsport, after losing his brother in the war, would be manipulated by Luthor into defeating Superman. The military-trained operative retired after the decade ended, but that doesn’t mean he can’t come back.

Thanks to his appearance in the suicide squadHis fans have a renewed desire to know more about the soldier. With an updated history and a host of new weapons, Bloodsport could rise through the ranks and become a true adversary against the Man of Steel. He could even lead his own group of bounty hunters to take down Superman.

6/10 Intergang understands more than just thugs

DC Comics' Intergang Missed the Party

DC Comics is known for having various evil organizations around the world. For Superman, he often deals with the nationwide crime syndicate known as the Intergang. Led by gangster Bruno Mannheim, the group has many agents and thugs working under its umbrella, from regular criminals to superpowered assassins. Despite being labeled a global threat, Intergang doesn’t show up as often as it should.

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Intergang shouldn’t be called a dangerous player, but they shouldn’t be taken seriously either. With past incarnations having ties to Apokolips and several members becoming some of DC’s biggest players, Intergang should make his presence known not just in Metropolis, but throughout the cosmos.

5/10 Toyman has to stop playing

Toyman Schlott adjusts his glasses at a DC Comics panel

Just because Superman is up against the worst of the worst doesn’t mean they can all seem threatening. For example, inventor Winslow Schott is a career criminal with a fixation on toys. The demon is still a thorn in Superman’s side, just not on the same level as Luthor or Metallo. However, Schott is no less dangerous.

Winslow Schott’s skill in robotics is second to none, his comical weapons have deadly consequences. With the likes of other gimmick-style villains like the Riddler becoming bolder with his schemes, Toyman may emerge as a bigger player. His past of murder and mob connections would allow for more depth to the character and reveal why Toyman has lasted so long.

4/10 Jax-Ur needs to challenge Superman’s limits

Kryptonian Serial Killer Jax-Ur Goes Proud in DC Comics

The Man of Tomorrow has fought enemies from all over the galaxy, including the Kryptonians. Jax-Ur was a former Kryptonian scientist with little remorse for life who became trapped in the Phantom Zone. In addition to his own intellect, Ur also possessed Superman’s powers when exposed to the sun.

Jax-Ur’s return could force the Last Son of Krypton to choose between his life as a human and an alien. The villain’s military training, combined with the powers acquired from him, can make this foe a viable threat, especially if Jax-Ur teams up with the likes of Zod and Faora.

3/10 Ultra Humanite is cold and calculating.

An image of DC Comics' Ultra-Humanite running on all fours

The creation of Superman changed comics forever, introducing fans to the world of DC. The first superhuman enemy to face Clark and lead the charge of other villains was the Ultra Humanite. The scientist’s intellect was unparalleled, that was, until other popular rogues took his place.

It’s disappointing that DC tends to forget any of the key figures that helped make Superman the man he is today. In addition to his intelligence and telepathic powers, Ultra Humanite boasts the body of a huge albino gorilla, combining intelligence with strength. The superhuman ape can still run circles around Superman, and is not to be underestimated.

2/10 Manchester Black opposes Superman physically and morally

Manchester Black puts his hand on Superman's shoulder and speaks to him

Manchester Black is a vicious vigilante possessing telepathic and telekinetic abilities. He used them to lead his own group of self-righteous anti-heroes who prefer to use violence to stop crimes. This always pits him against Superman, whose morality forces the two to come to blows.

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Although he still appears in the series, Manchester Black hasn’t made the same impact as when he first debuted. It’s a shame because both his ideology and his power set make him an interesting antagonist opposing the iconic boy scout and his battle for truth and justice.

1/10 Imperiex is a forgotten powerhouse

The Imperiex Titan floats down ready to attack

Introduced in the 2000s, Imperiex is among DC’s strongest threats, a cosmic being with nearly limitless power at his disposal. The embodiment of entropy, he possesses the powers of a literal Big Bang contained by his indestructible armor. Imperiex is so feared that even longtime enemies like Mongul tremble before this living force of nature.

However, Imperiex has barely appeared since before the New 52, ​​and its legacy is slowly being forgotten. A being that forced Superman to team up with his greatest adversaries should not be left out. The mighty destroyer would not only be a threat on a space level, but could lead to a series of events, forcing various heroes and villains to join forces against him and his army.

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