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10 Strongest Fighters In House Of The Dragon, Ranked

dragon house deals with bloodshed and violence as much as game of Thrones. Its first season focuses on intrigue and politics more than war, but it is by no means a peaceful show. Various characters have the opportunity to show their prowess in dragon houseThe first episodes of .

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dragon houseThe cast of includes warmongering princes, generals and admirals, and the best knights of the realm. Some characters are completely lethal and others are more than capable of holding their own. Still, some wrestlers are clearly stronger than others and carry the majority of their commitments in the series.

10/10 Lucerys Velaryon has warrior instincts, but they are not enough

Lucerys Velaryon ends up in a surprising number of fights in dragon housethe first season of. Despite his young age and high level of protection, he often finds himself in violent situations. Throughout these fights, he realizes himself well. However, he is rarely victorious.

Lucerys shows his warrior instincts when he and his cousins ​​battle Aemond. As soon as Aemond swings a stone to kill Jacaerys, Luke goes after him with a knife. Similarly, he can evade Aemond’s attacks in Storm’s End for a while. However, in both circumstances, Aemond proves to be the better fighter. The second encounter ends with Luke’s death as soon as Vhagar decides to go on the attack.

9/10 The Crabman Is A Better General Than A Warrior

The Crabman leading the forces of the Triarchy in the Dragon House of the Stepstones

Craghas Drahar, the Crabman, is one of the most important villains of dragon houseThe first episodes of . Their occupation of the Stepstones becomes an active threat to House Velaryon, leading to a war over the island. Craghas has the upper hand for much of the war, wearing down Velaryon’s forces through attrition.

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In particular, the Crabman is a good enough general to avoid fighting Targaryen dragons head-on. Craghas also shows some lethality in ridding the Stepstones of the pirates. However, he seems worse as a warrior, quickly losing as soon as Daemon gets close to melee with him.

8/10 Rhaenys Targaryen is a skilled dragon rider

Rhaenys Targaryen riding her dragon Meleys at House of the Dragon

Dragons are a crucial part of the power of the House of Targaryens. Flying mounts that can vaporize men with breath of fire tip any battle in favor of House Targaryens. Riding dragons is also rare in Westeros martial activities, as almost as many women as men do it. Rhaenys Targaryen has never been shown in actual combat with Meleys, but still shows off his dragon skills.

Rhaenys can urge Meleys to break the ground at Aegon II Targaryen’s coronation. From there, he takes the entire faction of the Greens hostage. Even when she chooses to do without them, she shows herself to be an agile and skilled dragon rider as she leads Meleys through the narrow Dragonpit. When the battle comes, Rhaenys and Meleys will be valuable allies for the Blacks.

7/10 Laenor Velaryon is a surprisingly good warrior

Laenor Velaryon feigning a duel with Qarl Correy in House of the Dragon

Many of Laenor Velaryon’s generations of royalty and lords have no experience in actual combat. They know only tournaments and small skirmishes, so Laenor is strange for a lord in dragon house. He has seen intense combat in the Stepstones, but more than that, he is instrumental in Velaryon’s initial victory.

It is suggested that Laenor is a good warrior in her own right. However, she is bolstered by her driving Seasmoke. In Daemon’s final battle with Crabfeeder, Laenor leads the counterattack that wipes out the Triarchy forces. He doesn’t just wield Seasmoke as a blunt instrument: he outguns the Triarchy forces and burns his archers in a well-executed pincer attack.

6/10 Being Harwin Strong counts well on its own

Being Harwin Strong after meeting his third son in House of the Dragon

Ser Harwin Strong lives up to his name in various scenes throughout dragon housethe first season of. His first major introduction involves him walking into the chaos at Rhaenyra’s wedding and emerging with the princess. Harwin’s martial skill is also enough for him to be appointed Commander of the City Watch in later years.

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Harwin is never seen in a proper fight in dragon house, nevertheless. His intervention at Rhaenyra’s wedding involves him beating up a crowd to get them out of his way. His fight with Ser Criston is one-sided, as Cole refuses to fight back. When he dies, he is due to fire and not someone else’s attack. Still, his accomplishments suggest that he would be quite capable.

5/10 Corlys Velaryon is the most experienced soldier in Westeros.

Corlys on a mountain overlooking the sea at House of the Dragon.

Corlys Velaryon wields a great deal of Westeros’s military might. He is the Lord of the Tides and commands the largest fleet in the world. However, he is more than just an admiral. After years of war in the Stepstones, he also has the most military experience in Westeros.

Corlys spends years fighting the Triarchy, even wielding an ax against enemy soldiers on the front lines. He is not a perfect warrior, as “Lord of the Tides” deals with the aftermath of him sustaining a near-moral wound in battle. However, he survives years of violence, suggesting that he is a very accomplished fighter.

4/10 Ser Arryk Cargyll is an accomplished Knight of the Kingsguard.

Arryk Cargyll fighting Criston Cole at House of the Dragon

dragon houseThe Royal Guard is not the corrupt institution of game of Thrones. The Royal Guard in dragon house it is near the peak of the organization when it still consists of seven of the best knights in Westeros. Arryk Cargyll is likely one of the greatest warriors in Westeros just because of his place among his ranks.

However, the audience gets to see Arryk’s skill firsthand. He confronts Ser Criston Cole in “The Green Council” when they both try to claim King Aegon. Criston is one of the best knights in Westeros, but Arryk can hold his own. He even wins the game from time to time. He loses, but it’s far from a one-sided affair.

3/10 Ser Criston Cole is one of the best in the Royal Guard

Being Criston Cole looking heartbroken in House of the Dragon.

Ser Criston Cole is presented with an impressive combat achievement: defeating the Daemon Targaryen in a tournament. He bests Daemon in the joust by knocking him off his horse. When Daemon demands a duel on foot, Criston agrees. He wins that too, albeit after a long period of Daemon dominating him.

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Rhaenyra Targaryen appoints Criston Cole to the Royal Guard based on his martial skills. Unlike most knights, he has seen war in the Stormlands and Dorne, rather than just tournaments. He becomes known as an accomplished knight, even teaching royal princes weapons.

2/10 Aemond Targaryen is a prodigious warrior

Aemond Targaryen after dueling Criston Cole in House of the Dragon

Aemond Targaryen is one of dragon houseThe most violent characters. Many of his scenes involve a fight of some kind. Luckily, he is very skilled at it. Aemond even manages to best his tutor, Criston Cole, in combat. The second half of the first season is filled with his combat achievements.

Aemond is able to hold his own against four of his cousins ​​after claiming Vhagar, only losing the fight when Lucerys removes his eye. He is also capable of dominating subsequent fights with Jacaerys and Aegon. He rides Vhagar, the largest dragon in Westeros, which demonstrates his lethality when he slays Lucerys and Arrax.

1/10 Daemon Targaryen is the most dangerous man in Westeros

Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon

Daemon Targaryen proves his worth repeatedly in dragon housethe first season of. He is a capable general and officer and an excellent fighter. He is the only royal with genuine combat experience, as he was instrumental in defeating the Crabfeeder.

Daemon best displays his lethality against the forces of the Triarchy. He cuts through many men after pretending to surrender and then defeats the Crabman in a duel. However, he is also an excellent tournament knight and a skilled dragon rider. Although he is skilled, Daemon is ruthless and happy to play dirty. All this makes him the strongest warrior in Westeros at the time of dragon house.

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