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10 Strongest Anime Villains With The Biggest Insecurities

As pillars of evil that stand between the heroes and their righteous goals, anime villains must be formidable and intimidating. The stronger the antagonist, the more exciting and suspenseful the confrontation between him and the protagonist feels. However, no matter how much the villains want to appear invincible, they are still prone to human weaknesses.

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And some of them are drawn to evil out of deep self-hatred and lack of confidence. Surprising as it may be, even his strength is not enough to make up for the fragile vulnerabilities of the antagonists. Powerful and menacing, these villains are immensely insecure beneath their powerful facade.

10/10 Nakahara Chuuya is aware of her height

bungou stray dogs

One of the most fearsome executives in Port Mafia history, Nakahara Chuuya of bungou stray dogs, causes enemies to tremble with apprehension. His ability, Upon the Tainted Sorrow, allows Chuuya to manipulate gravity. And the even more foreboding variant of him, Corruption, grants him godlike power to control destructive gravitational bombs.

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However, Chuuya was subjected to years of constant teasing, mostly related to his height, when working alongside his crafty former partner, Dazai. Standing at 5’3″, Chuuya developed an insecurity about being short, and Dazai’s relentless teasing didn’t help him become more confident.

9/10 Arlong was crushed twice in Grand Line

One piece

Arlong laughing at Nami

During the East Blue saga of One piece, Arlong poses a real challenge to the Straw Hat Pirates, boasting of the Fish Men’s strength and superiority. It takes a long time before the audience discovers the hidden insecurities that led Arlong to terrorize the villagers in East Blue instead of conquering the Grand Line.

Back on Fishman Island, Arlong suffered two humiliating defeats, first to Admiral Kizaru and then beaten by Jimbei. The humiliation damaged Arlong’s ego too much to continue to measure up to the best pirates of the Grand Line.

8/10 Endeavor turned into a monster to satisfy his childhood ambitions.

my hero academia

Endeavor smiling in battle

my hero academiaEndeavour’s most hated character, he is driven by his desire to surpass All Might and become the number one hero. His prideful need to be the strongest stems from a deep-seated insecurity in his ability, as beating All Might is impossible, even for a hero as formidable as Endeavour.

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To ensure that his successors do not have the flaws that plagued Hero No. 2, Enji Todoroki sought to have children with an Ice Quirk user and proceeded to abuse his family for the sake of his worthless dreams.

7/10 Kintoki felt inferior to the man he was created to surpass.


Sakata Kintoki from Gintama

A total bum with no ambitions, gintamaThe iconic protagonist of Sakata Gintoki, he still captivated everyone around him by having absolute confidence in who he is and what he strives to protect. As the antagonistic opposite of him, Kintoki counteracts Gintoki’s many flaws.

However, he lost all of the protagonist’s ingrained magnetism in the process. Despite being modeled after the perfect version of Edo’s strongest samurai, Kintoki felt insecure about the inauthenticity of the prototype of him. And even his fake overconfidence didn’t save the imposter from being defeated by his silver-haired counterpart.

6/10 Melon hated being a half-breed to the point of obsession.


Beastars melon with hand over mouth.

beasts is a show about self-acceptance and fighting insecurities, which is a prominent theme across both the heroes and villains of the series. One of the later antagonists in beasts is Melon, a cunning and manipulative cross between a leopard and a gazelle.

Growing up ostracized due to her heritage and unique appearance, Melon developed a hatred for her carnivorous half. He is insecure about his leopard features, wearing a mask in public to cover his fangs and hiding his leopard spots under melon leaf tattoos.

5/10 Carozzo Ronah turned into an iron mask to hide his shame

Gundam F91 Mobile Suit

Mobile Suit Gundam F91 Carozzo Ronah

Gundam F91 Mobile SuitRonah’s Carozzo chose an oddly fitting alias for her insecure nature. Commonly known as Iron Mask, Carozzo Ronah literally hides his vulnerability behind an emotionless metal facade.

After his wife Nadia left him for another man, Iron Mask dove into Cosmo Babylonia’s elitist ideology and vowed to seal his emotions, covering his face behind a sheet of metal. A gifted speaker and inspirational leader, Iron Mask admits to finding strength in self-loathing.

4/10 Gendo Ikari was insecure about failing as a parent.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Gendo Ikari planning his next move

Although he does not possess exceptional physical prowess, Neon Genesis EvangelionGendo Ikari’s makes up for it with brainpower and leadership skills. And while he might succeed as a NERV Commander, he totally fails to be a good father to his son, Shinji.

His abandonment of Shinji is caused by Gendo’s deep-seated self-loathing, which made him fearful of hurting his son. Crushed by the death of his wife and unsure about his failure as a father, Gendo keeps a distance between himself and Shinji, further damaging the boy in the process.

3/10 Speed-O’-Sound Sonic’s fragile ego can’t accept defeat

one punch man

One-Punch Man Speed ​​O Sound Sonic—attack

Like most selfish and overconfident fighters, Saitama’s recurring opponent, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic from one punch manYou can’t lose with dignity. Despite being a skilled veteran ninja and a seasoned assassin, Sonic loves to taunt weaker fighters and easily becomes frustrated with opponents he can’t beat, including Saitama.

His inability to face defeat indicates a grudging insecurity that Sonic tries to hide by acting all-powerful and superior. He prides himself on never letting his opponents live, so losing to someone he can’t really defeat does the most damage to the ninja’s fragile ego.

2/10 Jiang Cheng felt inferior to his brother since childhood

Mo Dao Zu Shi

Jiang Cheng Mo Dao Zu Shi

Once a loyal sworn brother of Mo Dao Zu ShiJiang Cheng’s leading man turned his back on Wei Wuxian when his deep-seated insecurities got the best of him. Since childhood, Jiang Cheng developed a deep inferiority complex, constantly reminded by his parents that Wei Wuxian was more talented than him.

Over the years, Jiang Cheng became much more capable as a cultivator. However, his insecurity never disappeared, turning into a bitter resentment and making him unable to convey his emotions even to the people he truly loves.

1/10 Izaya Orihara doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s alone.

It will last!!

Izaya Orihara of Durarara

The main antagonist of It will last!!, Izaya Orihara is a cunning and unpredictable information broker with exceptional physical and mental strength. Most of the evil plans in the series can be traced back to Izaya’s meddling in the lives of her precious humans.

While he claims to love humanity with a fiery passion, those who understand Izaya suggest that his misdeeds stem from insecurity. Unlike others, Izaya is unable to connect with people, forced to watch his human loved ones from afar as they openly declare their hatred of him.

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