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10 Signs The Wizarding World Is Dead In The Water

the Harry Potter The franchise managed to charm an entire generation, but as times change, it becomes obvious that it won’t be around much longer. Although Warner Bros. executives said they would like to continue making Harry Potter projects, the Wizarding World does not seem to adapt to modern times.

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As everyone knows, the fantastic beasts The trilogy didn’t do half as well as the original series. This is just a symptom of the fact that this universe has already given all it had to give. It may be time to leave Harry Potter go away or at least let it sit for a while as it seems to be over forever.

10/10 Superhero TV shows and movies are getting a lot of attention.

Since the launch of the MCU, superhero movies have become one of the most successful blockbusters. In the 2000s, young adult fantasy sagas such as narnia, TwilightY Harry Potter they were mostly all the rage, but recently, Marvel and DC are dominating most of the movie industry.

These huge blockbusters are leaving little room for other franchises, and although series like dragon house are popular, it’s clear that the young adult genre isn’t doing as well anymore. Harry Potter it may have a comeback in the decades to come, but as of now, it’s not giving audiences what they’re looking for.

9/10 Harry Potter has been talked about non-stop for over 20 years

Harry Potter catching the golden snitch in a game of Quidditch in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Since the publication of the first book in 1997, the Harry Potter The franchise has been a huge success, bringing fans new content almost every year. Throughout the 2000s, fans got the release of new books and the original eight movies. Later, in the 2010s, Harry Potter added some theme parks, the Pottermore web platform, the cursed child play, fantastic beasts trilogy and even an HBO special.

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At this point, there is an overexposure to the franchise. It is possible that Harry Potter it could be rebooted in a couple of years to appeal to the newer generations or even to appeal to adult fans again, like Star Wars either The Lord of the rings made. However, at this point, people are less and less interested in Harry Potter

8/10 Some iconic characters are impossible to replace

Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter

the Harry Potter The movies brought to life some of the most iconic characters of the past decades. Even when they are not the best adaptations of the Harry Potter books, fans have already fallen in love with the actors who brought them to life.

It will be difficult to create another Harry Potter project without some of the original cast and make fans fall in love with them. In the prequel series, most people didn’t connect with Jude Law’s portrayal of Dumbledore. The same problem could occur in other possible projects.

7/10 JK Rowling hasn’t expanded the Harry Potter literary universe

Harry Potter books

Although most of the latter Harry Potter Projects from the cinematic universe have emerged, it is difficult to create more content if there are no more stories to tell. As of November 2022, it doesn’t seem like Rowling plans to add more to this universe.

Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav said he would like to create more Harry Potter content (through Variety). However, after the Fantastic Beasts’ flop, it’s clear that fans don’t relate to stories that don’t come from the original books, and who knows if Rowling would be open to working on newer projects.

6/10 The Fantastic Beasts series did not do well

Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Weather fantastic beasts and where to find them grossed $812.5 million, the next installment only grossed $654.9 million, and the last installment earned $405.2 million. Fan interest clearly waned throughout the series.

However the Harry Potter movies continued to perform better with each installment, to the point that The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 grossed $1.342 billion, making it one of the biggest box office hits. However, it doesn’t look like a Harry Potter The project would be a great investment.

5/10 People are getting tired of big franchises

Captain Marvel and Han Solo edit

In an age where cinema is mostly dominated by franchises, it seems like there’s a new blockbuster to watch every day. Fans used to be able to watch a movie and never hear from it again, but audiences now have to engage with larger universes.

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While this type of content was interesting at first, viewers are getting sick of it. Movies and TV shows are becoming predictable and predictable, with audiences craving more original and unique content. It is unlikely that these types of sagas can survive much longer.

4/10 Harry Potter ages worse as time goes by

Neville, Hermione, Fred, George, Ginny and other members of Dumbledore's Army

while the Harry Potter The series inspired an entire generation to face their demons and reject bigotry. As time goes by, fans realize that the books don’t represent good role models. The series lacks LGBTQ+ representation, racial diversity, and proper female characters, so Harry Potter It has definitely aged poorly.

At a time when there is more and better representation, it seems unlikely that a Harry Potter project would be attractive. The franchise would have to radically change its core values ​​to become interesting for audiences of this time.

a picture of JK Rowling

It is impossible to separate the artist from the product. Although Harry Potter became one of the most successful franchises in decades, its reputation tarnished by JK Rowling’s political ideology. In recent years, Rowling has used her social media platform to express her controversial views on transgender rights, which understandably upset many of her fans.

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the Harry Potter universe helped a generation develop empathy and compassion. However, Rowling’s views have led to Harry Potter franchise to lose a lot of fans, and with each passing day, this brand becomes less and less likable. Every time someone thinks of Harry Potterweigh in on Rowling’s transphobic comments.

2/10 Other fantasy projects are getting a lot more attention.

Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen and their children

While people love certain fantasy projects, it doesn’t seem like Harry Potter is up there Fantasy series like game of Thrones, dragon House, The Lord of the Rings, The Sandman, Y The Wizard they are getting a lot of attention. These series may be overshadowing other projects, such as Harry Potter.

With so many interesting fantasy projects underway, it’s hard for fans to have time to focus on more than a couple of series at a time. Harry Potter it would probably have to target more adult audiences to get the attention of viewers, which is unlikely.

1/10 The series is completely based on nostalgia

Albus Dumbledore and Aberforth Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts Secrets Of Dumbledore

As much as Harry Potter was probably the biggest phenomenon of the 2000s, its time has passed. More recent Harry Potter The projects have been primarily based on nostalgia and have not created new stories or content that could capture the interest of fans.

Harry Potter and the cursed child focuses on Harry’s children, while the fantastic beasts trilogy follows the lives of the youngest characters in the original saga. It seems that the creators of this universe are running out of ideas, and it doesn’t seem like anything more interesting is on the way for fans.

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