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10 Shonen Anime With Surprisingly Happy Endings

Happy endings are not common in shonen anime, so an optimistic resolution may seem like a miracle. The happy ending could be as simple as surviving a battle or seeing two long-awaited characters finally come together. Regardless of the form, satisfying endings are valuable to fans because lives are always on the line in shonen anime.

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Considering all the hardships the Shonen characters face, it seems like the anime owes them a happy ending. However, some heroes make it through battles only to lose everything in the end. There’s no guarantee that everyone will survive, so fans are pleasantly surprised when a shonen anime ends well.

10/10 Inuyasha and Kagome finally defeat Naraku

Inuyasha: The Final Act

It seems that Inuyasha will never catch Naraku because he is always several steps ahead of the half-demon. Naraku is virtually invincible for much of the shonen anime, thanks to the demon hidden within the Shikon jewel. The Demon of Shikon no Tama is an equally powerful adversary, helping Naraku to regenerate even after being torn to pieces.

The battle is so hard for Inuyasha that he uses a jewel shard to upgrade Tessaiga. He starts to turn into a full demon, but Kagome jumps into the acid to stop him from turning. With his combined strength, they defeat the demon and Naraku at the same time. Despite how long it takes, Inuyasha and Kagome win the battle and get their happy ending.

9/10 Ed and Al retrieve their bodies

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Ed and Al in person, against a cloudy blue sky - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

After seeing Ed and Al lose their bodies as children, the happy ending of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood feels well deserved. The Elric brothers attempt an alchemy technique called human transmutation to resurrect their mother. The result is that Ed loses some limbs and Al loses his entire body, and the boys spend the rest of the show trying to get their bodies back.

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The brothers narrowly avoid being killed by the homunculi, but Ed and Al manage to pull through in the end. In the final episode, Ed trades his alchemy for his brother’s body, and the boys go home with Winry herself. Surprisingly, the Elric brothers face insurmountable odds and emerge victorious.

8/10 Natsu takes everyone home

Fairy tale

Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail and his guildmates

The battle to defeat Acnologia seems endless, but Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers in Fairy tale beat him in the end. The heroes barely escape the Time Rift that Acnologia uses to trap them, just as he avoids her body attack in Fairy Sphere. Considering his magic buildup, it takes all of the Dragon Slayers combined to finally defeat him.

Natsu brings his friends home after winning the war, and the guild celebrates Lucy’s recounting of her trials. The two vow to stay by each other and go on another quest together. Villains aside, everyone gets their happy ending, and the anime leaves things open for more adventures to come.

7/10 Naruto becomes the seventh Hokage

naruto shippuden

Naruto Uzumaki in his Hokage uniform in Naruto.

Naruto’s goal has always been to become Hokage, but his journey to reach that level is not an easy one. To become the Hokage, Naruto trains with Kakashi and goes from being his worst student to one of his best. With a hard-working and positive mindset, Naruto becomes strong enough to defeat Kage and jinchuriki alike.

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By the time he reaches adulthood, Naruto has such powerful chakra reserves that he intimidates everyone into a fight. Although he sometimes finds his match in Sasuke, the Seventh Hokage proves to be stronger on many occasions. Naruto achieves his dream through sheer force of will, making the ending of the shonen anime happier than expected.

6/10 Goku trains his successor

Dragon Ball Z

Uub kicking Goku and Goku blocking him

Goku is the undisputed protector of Earth due to his ability to keep leveling up. He never stops training, achieving Super Saiyan form in response to the death of his friend Krillin. Goku masters the art of getting stronger by working hard and trains his son Gohan to follow in his footsteps.

Since Gohan stops training at the end, Goku is faced with another successor who fights him in a tournament. As the reincarnation of Majin Buu, Uub fends off Goku and arouses his interest. Dragon Ball Z It ends with Goku traveling to the town of Uub, and while the conclusion is more open than happy, the promise of more fights is enough.

5/10 Shoko forgives Shoya for everything.

a silent voice

Shouko Nishimiya and Shoya Ishida from A Silent Voice

Shoya Ishida doesn’t have a very good time at school after bullying Shoko, as he is bullied by his classmates for the rest of his teenage years. He is horrible to Shoko as a child, removing her hearing aids and teasing her for being deaf. However, Shoya comes to regret her choices and seeks her classmate’s forgiveness for everything.

Fortunately, Shoko is never really mad at Shoya in the first place. She befriends him when he lingers outside her classroom and later begins to like him romantically. Despite the gloomy tone of the entire film, a silent voice it ends on a surprisingly happy note thanks to Shoko’s deep compassion.

4/10 Miyamura proposes to Hori


Miyamura proposes to Hori - Horimiya

it is not surprising that horimiyaThe ending of is good, considering the easy romance between Miyamura and Hori. However, Miyamura’s marriage proposal to Hori comes out of nowhere, especially after she admits that she doesn’t know him well enough. She says it in the same cold tone that she uses to confess her feelings, surprising Hori with her insistence that they stay together forever.

Hori worries about the fate of their relationship after graduation, but quickly reassures her. horimiya it ends with Miyamura feeling grateful to Hori for ignoring the rumors and talking to him. The progression of their relationship makes for a sweet ending to the shonen anime.

3/10 Meliodas and Elizabeth build a life together

Seven deadly sins

Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas and Elizabeth kiss

The Seven Deadly Sins go through a lot to defeat the Demon King, but their efforts are never recognized. Still branded as criminals, the Sins each find their own forms of happiness. However, nothing warms the heart quite like seeing Meliodas and Elizabeth end up together without the interference of their deadly curses.

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The couple marries and rules Liones together. They have a son named Tristan who is unaware of their adventures, but Meliodas is fine with it. With the Holy War finally over, Meliodas and Elizabeth are eager to build a life together and put the past behind them. The anime’s romantic ending more than makes up for their tragic start as a couple.

2/10 Hyakkimaru meets with Dororo


Hyakkimaru in a Golden Rice Field - Dororo

Hyakkimaru meets Dororo while hunting the demons that stole parts of his body. The two become traveling companions when the boy follows Hyakkimaru and their bond deepens into friendship. Hyakkimaru wants revenge on his father more than anything, but he also cares about Dororo. When her friend is in danger, he doesn’t hesitate to save her.

Hyakkimaru finds his father and finally decides to let him live. Despite his father’s decision to sell his soul to demons, Hyakkimaru has more humanity than Lord Daigo ever anticipated. The series ends when he meets up with Dororo after the fight. Considering the anime’s dark beginning, the ending is surprisingly satisfying.

1/10 Gon meets his dad

hunter x hunter

Gon and Ging in Hunter x Hunter.

There is no happier ending in a shonen anime than hunter x hunterGon finally meets his father. The young hunter’s goal from the start is to find Ging, and the latest episode focuses on the two catching up. Although Gon’s journey goes beyond the search for his father, the moment is poignant for the young hero.

The two sit on top of the World Tree and talk about their adventures as hunters. Gon realizes from their conversation that the end of the trip isn’t as fulfilling as the time spent with his friends on the way. hunter x hunter it ends with Gon achieving his goal and finding meaning in what it took to get there.

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