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10 Seinen Heroes Who Deserved To Win (But Didn’t)

Seinen anime (or anime created primarily for male viewers ages 18-40) is noticeably darker and edgier than its more familiar counterparts. Because of this, the good guys rarely (if ever) win in seinen anime. This is not because they were wrong or because they did not deserve to win. Instead, they were sadly powerless against fate.

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If some viewers had their way, these seinen anime heroes would have succeeded in their goals. These heroes displayed the kind of admirable determination and selflessness that would have helped them win in any other anime. Furthermore, their likable backstories and motivations made their fans pray even more for their wins.

This article contains spoilers.

10/10 Mumen Rider deserved to take a break

one punch man

The most ironic thing about Mumen Rider is that, although it could be said to be one punch man most sincere hero, he is still the butt of the joke. Mumen Rider is an ordinary human whose greatest power is his infinite determination. Because of this, Mumen Rider is always easily demolished by one punch man powerful villains.

Mumen Rider was one of one punch man weaker heroes, but was usually one of the first heroes to respond to a crime or disaster. Mumen Rider’s genuine courage and selflessness was always met with ignorance or humiliation. of all one punch man heroes, Mumen Rider is the most deserving of at least one victory.

9/10 Akane Tsunemori shouldn’t be Sybil’s prisoner.


Akane Tsunemori returns in Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector.

In Psycho-Pass, Akane joined the Bureau of Public Safety to uphold justice, only to discover that the system she was now a part of was a sociopathic lie. Despite this, Akane did her best to defend freedom within the authoritarian confines and hypocrisy of the Sibyl System. For this, she Akane was (possibly) accused of murder and stripped of her rank.

Akane was last seen in Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector, where she was released from prison. Although she is technically free, Akane still has a long way to go to clear her name and overthrow Sibyl. Akane was one of the few moral people left in the noir-influenced film. Psycho-Pass who has not fully resigned himself to cynicism, and deserves a better future.

8/10 Kei Kurono defeated Gantz and kept his humanity


Kei Kurono gets mad at Gantz.

Gantz it was infamously edgy, but had a surprisingly positive climax. After his death, Kei was recruited into Gantz’s death game against the aliens. The games took their toll on Kei, but his experiences only strengthened his morale. Kei even beat Gantz at his own game by refusing to kill Muroto in the final. However, Kei’s “prize” was at odds.

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Instead of being released or resurrected, Kei was transported to the day he was hit by a train. Here, Kei faced death from him instead of running away. Ken’s Bounty was one of the most confusing endings in anime history. After everything that happened, Kei deserved a happier and more understandable resolution.

7/10 Mamika Kirameki was the most morally upright creation

Re: creators

Mamika Kirameki makes her choice in Re:Creators.

To be fair, none of Re: creators The creations were well-defined heroes or villains. That being said, Mamika was the closest Creation to a true model. Mamika was the first Creation to attempt a diplomatic rapprochement with Altair. She tried to talk Altair out of his wrath and revenge. In response, Altair killed her.

Since Mamika came from a kid-friendly magical girl anime, her values ​​weren’t too surprising. Mamika wasn’t naive; she risked her life because she sincerely believed in people’s potential for good. Given the way Mamika was proven right by Re: creators resolution, it is not unfounded to say that she deserved a better fate.

6/10 Yang Wen-Li was a war hero like no other

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Yang Wen-Li waves in Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

The Free Planets Alliance was far from a perfect democracy, but Yang Wen-Li still believed in it. Despite clashing with the self-serving policies and beliefs of his superiors, Yang led the Alliance war effort brilliantly. Yang’s dedication and achievements were rewarded with an unceremonious assassination at the hands of Earth cultists.

Yang was notably one of the few idealists in the jaded Legend of the Galactic Heroes. He was also one of the few characters in the Alliance who truly believed in the ideals of freedom and did not use democracy to amass power. Yang deserved to live and see the fruits of his labor as did his rival, Reinhard von Lohengramm.

5/10 Lucy/Nyu was close to abandoning her monstrous past

elfen lied

Lucy/Nyu finds a seashell in the Elfen Lied.

As violent as Lucy was, she was still by Elfen Lied undeniably tragic monster. Lucy could barely control her powers and her captors treated her inhumanely for years. But then she Lucy was “reborn” as the childlike, amnesiac Nyu after surviving a bullet to the head. For a while, Nyu lived in peace before her past came back and killed her.

The Diclonni Research Center hunted down Lucy during the sleeper heist. elfen lied anime Although they are not entirely to blame, their persecution exacerbated Nyu’s fragile state and caused her to regress to Lucy’s brutality. Nyu deserved to live her new life with the Maple House family and redeem herself, but she was killed before this could happen.

4/10 Reiji Azuma and Ein fought for their freedom and love

Ghost: Requiem for the Ghost

Reiji and Ein go on a fake date in Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom.

Neither Reiji (later called “Zwei”) nor Ein wanted to become an assassin working for the underground group Inferno, but they had no other choice. After breaking Inferno’s brainwashing and fighting their way out of the organization, Reiji and Ein seemed finally free. But then they died Ghost: Requiem for the Ghosts last seconds.

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Reiji was shot by an assassin, while Ein took her own life. Although the ending was vague enough for some fans to speculate that they survived, Ghost it still ended miserably. Reiji and Ein experienced difficulties that no one their age should experience. They deserved at least one of the originals. Ghost The happiest visual novel endings.

3/10 Shuji and Chise didn’t deserve everything they went through


Chise and Shuji walk together in Saikano.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Chise was a living weapon, she and her boyfriend, Shuji, would just be innocent teenagers in a relationship. But on Saikano, Chise was turned into a superweapon to aid humanity’s war against the aliens. Despite Chise and Shuji’s best efforts to remain human and live happily, they were doomed.

Chise endured a torturous transformation and Shuji was forced to watch helplessly. Chise gradually lost humanity from him before he finally ended the world, while Shuji was the sole survivor of humanity. Chise and Shuji never deserved to lose their youth and lives in a hopeless war. For what it’s worth, they found a way to come together even on a ruined Earth.

2/10 Kariya Matou sacrificed himself for his loved ones


Kariya Matou is terrified in Fate/Zero.

Unlike Fate/Zero other Masters, Kariya didn’t even want the Grail. Kariya only entered the Fourth Holy Grail War to win Sakura Matou’s freedom. In return, Kariya allowed himself to become the host of the Nightmare Crest Worms. The worms shortened Kariya’s life, but he was given the power to control Berserker (i.e. Lancelot).

Unfortunately, Kariya almost killed his love interest, Aoi Tohsaka, he was unable to rescue Sakura and she died. Kariya was one of the 25 episodes well done. Fate/Zero Nobler masters, but the best this heroism got him was happy and dying dreams. If Kariya was in any other dark fantasy anime, she would have had a better chance of saving the family she found from her.

1/10 Casca was so close to starting a new life with guts


Casca remembers Guts in Berserk (1997).

It is not an exaggeration to say that the fate of Casca in by berserk ending was one of the worst in all of anime history. Just as Casca decided to retire from the Band of the Hawk and start over with Guts, Griffith sacrificed them all during The Eclipse. Casca survived, but was left in a childish state of mind for years.

Casca was one of by berserk braver and stronger characters. She did nothing to deserve such a horrible fate. Worse yet, Casca’s fate was left offscreen in the original. crazed. Fortunately, Casca’s dignity was restored in the manga. The controversial 2016 CGI reboot went so far as to show her still stuck in her childlike state.

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