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10 Seinen Characters Who Hate Violence

Seinen anime is aimed at an older male audience, often being the anime version of a PG-13 or R-rated action movie or thriller. Many anime fans associate seinen with brutal action, gore, and drug use. /alcohol, as in strings like Black Lagoon Y crazed. Seinen can have those things, but it’s not a hard and fast rule.

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New fans of anime may be pleasantly surprised at how often seinen anime shuns or at least avoids violence. For every Guts, Revy or Askeladd, there is a pacifist seinen character who rejects violence completely. Some of them have seen violence and distanced themselves from it, while other seinen pacifist characters have a lifestyle and personality that strongly suggests an aversion to conflict and violence.

10/10 Princess Charlotte doesn’t want anyone to get hurt


The famous anti-hero Guts will gladly fight any soldier or apostle who threatens him, and Griffith, Serpico, Isidro, and other characters are also prone to violence. A rare exception is Princess Charlotte of the kingdom of Midland, who prefers peace and love to war.

Charlotte showed no interest in war during the Golden Age and Conviction story arcs in the crazed anime She would rather spend happy days in peace with her lover Griffith, and will use words, not weapons, to defend him against his envious rivals.

9/10 Fuyumi Yanagi just wants to go home in peace.

blood boy

fuyumi yanagi in blood boy

blood boy is a shonen-style seinen anime that has some distinctive isekai elements. High school student Fuyumi Yamagi found herself in the demon underworld and died there, so the ghost of her must somehow come back to life and return home.

Fuyumi has allies like the vampire Staz Blood and the fighter Wolf to protect and guide her during this Halloween-style isekai adventure. Fuyumi is grateful for the help, but she refuses to help anyone fight, even for her own sake. One exception was when Staz possessed her body to fight the villain Akim.

8/10 King is a non-violent fake hero

one punch man

King surprised in a punch man

superheroes with capes on one punch man They belong to the Hero Association and are expected to fight monsters and villains to defend the society. Saitama, the caped baldhead, won’t hesitate to blow up his enemies with an overpowered punch, but the opposite is true for his famous colleague King.

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King is believed to be the warlord, an unstoppable melee hero who can slaughter any monster with ease. In reality, King is always terrified of battle and can’t even fight or try to. When other heroes appear to fight the villains, King will retire home to play video games.

7/10 Hinami Fueguchi will not tolerate any bloodshed

horror in tokyo

Hinami Fueguchi, Tokyo Ghoul

Most of the humans and ghouls in horror in tokyo They are ready to fight the other side to protect their friends and family. Examples include Kureo Mado killing all ghouls on principle or ghouls killing CCG investigators in self defense. Other ghouls, like Ken Kaneki and the dandere Hinami Fueguchi, feel differently.

Ken will reluctantly fight to protect the peace, while Hinami would rather not fight anyone. He has a fully functional kagune, but is a naturally gentle person who knows that violence only brings more pain and misery. He learned that firsthand when Kureo killed his mother before her eyes.

6/10 Thor Snorresson was disgusted with the war

vinland saga

vinland saga thors with an aurora

In many ways, medieval seinen anime vinland saga It is an anime against the war. The anti-hero Thorfinn Karlsefni thought he would find purpose on the battlefield, only for his father Thors to teach the boy that he has no real enemies.

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Thors had been the greatest warrior in Europe, only to become disillusioned and realize how useless war is. Before his death, Thors was a pacifist who discouraged violence. He even used non-lethal bare-handed attacks to fend off Askeladd’s men before he finally drew the sword from him to face Askeladd personally.

5/10 Nanaka Kotegawa is a lover, not a fighter

big blue

nanaka kotegawa is happy in grand blue
nanaka kotegawa is happy in grand blue

The crazy protagonists of big blue they often punch or kick each other for comic effect, including the tsundere Chisa Kotegawa. The exception is the deredere Nanaka Kotegawa, Chisa’s older sister who would never hurt anyone or slap them out of frustration.

Nanaka is implicitly a pacifist who would rather make good memories with friends and family than attack someone. Chisa might hit Iori and Kohei in anger at times, but at most Nanaka will drag them back to the clubroom and scold them severely. Iori soon learned that Nakaka’s pacifist anger is actually scarier than Chisa’s punches.

4/10 Masami Kondo is a gentle and caring restaurant manager.

After the rain

Masami Kondo in the rain

After the rain it’s a loosely shojo-style seinen anime that’s about self-healing, not action-adventure. The kuudere heroine Akira Tachibana might slap someone who provokes her with highly inappropriate behavior, but otherwise, she doesn’t like violence.

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That goes double for Akira’s boss dandere, Mr. Kondo, a kind and altruistic person by nature who loves to help others however he can, whether it’s at home or at his restaurant. Mr. Kondo also can’t stand confrontation and would rather apologize and run than fight with his fists or words.

3/10 Nadeshiko Kagamihara is a Moe character, not a fighter

relaxed camp

nadeshiko at school

relaxed camp is a charming edutainment seinen anime that fits the trend of “cute girls doing cute things.” It is a completely non-violent anime that can appeal to shonen and shojo fans with its adorable and innocent main characters and uplifting themes.

The protagonist Nadeshiki Kagamihara is supposed to be a non-confrontational pacifist who would rather trade snacks than punch someone. She’s all about adventure, fun and learning, and she doesn’t need violence. If a wild animal appeared in her camp, she would rather run than stand and fight with a weapon.

2/10 Rokuro Okajima is not overly enthusiastic about violence

Black Lagoon

black lagoon rock

Black Lagoon it features some truly violent seinen characters, such as the gun-throwing Revy, her nun friend Eda, and the tough-talking Dutchman, among others. In contrast, Japanese salaryman-turned-outlaw Rokuro Okajima, also known as Rock, is apprehensive of violence.

To complete a mission or protect himself, Rock might reluctantly fire a missile or use a firearm, but would rather not. Rock prefers accounting, diplomacy, and strategizing to violence, providing some balance to the Black Lagoon outlaw squad during his misadventures. Revy might despise him for it, but Rock isn’t willing to change who he is to survive.

1/10 Wakana Gojo is a calm and hardworking doll maker.

my darling in disguise

Wakana Gojo from My Dress-Up Darling

my darling in disguise is a popular shojo-style seinen anime that is all about cosplay magic and friendship, not action or violence. Fortunately for the dandere Wakana Gojo, the world of cosplay and tailoring never calls for violence.

Wakana is a non-confrontational pacifist boy who could never hurt anyone. Instead, he will indirectly compete with other cosplay creators with the exquisite cosplays he makes for his genki girlfriend, Marin Kitagawa. Wakana greatly prefers a peaceful and stable life where he can pursue his hobbies in peace and where no one can make fun of him.

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