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Core points of Gamers

10 PS2 Games That Aren’t As Good As You Remember

When Sony’s PlayStation 2 launched in 2000, it forever changed gaming with its cutting-edge technology. For many gamers, the console was a step up from what the Nintendo 64 offered in the 4-year window between its release and the arrival of the PS2. It also came out more than a year before Microsoft’s Xbox, which arrived in late 2001.

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The lifespan of the PS2 lasted for more than a dozen years and it was the best-selling video game console for a long time. The PlayStation 2’s accomplishments are undeniable, but it’s far from a perfect gaming console, and some of its famous releases are much clumsier than the public remembers.

10/10 Dante’s Sequel Antics Lack Substance Beneath Its Style

devil may cry 2

Devil can cry‘s Dante is a master with guns, swords and everything in between, allowing for the combinational mayhem characteristic of the franchise. Devil can cry and its hero, Dante, have undergone significant changes throughout each installation. There was great expectation for devil may cry 2which features a considerably longer story and larger environments.

However, the shallow nature of this sequel quickly becomes apparent. Devil can crytwo it was developed by a different team than its predecessor, leading to flashy gameplay that fails to fathom what made the original tick. Thankfully, devil may cry 3 got the franchise back on course.

9/10 The realism of this racing simulator needs a tune-up

grand tourer 4

A race unfolds in Gran Turismo 4

grand tourism is a unique racing series that first revved its engines in 1997. The land-based series prides itself on realistic driving mechanics rather than absurd physics and radical weapons. Each grand tourism the game tries to build on its predecessor, and the one from 2004 grand tourer 4 begins to spin its wheels.

The new entry in the series features an impressive selection of cars, but the other limited customization options begin to limit the experience. At this point, other racing franchises were beginning to tackle the realistic driving simulation genre as well, and grand tourer 4 slipped through the cracks.

8/10 Rockstar Excess Gets Detention With Its Youthful Outlook


Juvenile Delinquents Agitate In Bully

Rockstar Games is a developer that has done well after the colossal success of the violent and hedonistic Grand Theft Auto Serie. Bully it was a bold gamble for the company that has since become one of the most controversial games of the 2000s.

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Bully it features the violent open-world caper of Rockstar’s other series, but it’s filtered through a 15-year-old juvenile delinquent in a rigid boarding school. It’s shocking to see young adults committing intense crimes, but the game also falls short when it comes to its controls and replayability. Bully falls into a repetitive pattern that lacks the freedom to Grand Theft Auto.

7/10 This quirky series of shooters feels too much like a knockoff in its first game.

time dividers

A huge gun is placed on TimeSplitters

The first-person shooter genre has evolved in fascinating ways, and the era of PlayStation 2 titles began to understand the appeal of surreal, comedic storytelling. time dividers combines free-for-all FPS mayhem with ridiculous time travel antics. time dividers 2 it perfects the formula, and while the original game is far from a disappointment, it feels like a lazy clone of better games.

There’s a lot in common between PS2 TimeSplitters and Nintendo 64 TimeSplitters. Golden Eye 007largely because there was considerable crossover with the development teams. time dividers doesn’t immediately find its voice, and the first game has many fans wishing they were just playing golden eye – a game with its own share of problems that have only become more apparent over the years.

6/10 A heroic journey begins with a clumsy and false start.

God of War

Kratos in the throne room in God Of War on PS2

The next-gen reboot of God of War and the recent release of its sequel, God of War: Ragnarok, have successfully taken an excellent action franchise and catapulted it to even greater heights. Kratos’ destructive adventures in the God of War The series became a staple for PlayStation 2 owners.

Each entry in the series adds a little more to the formula, making it easy to forget that the original game is a rather simplistic and repetitive button-mashing experience. First God of War it makes its grandiose setting work, but struggles to add nuance to its controls and combat.

5/10 Cel-Shaded Musical Antics Don’t Hold Up So Well On PS2 Tech

PaRappa the rapper 2

PaRappa and his friend make music together in PaRappa the Rapper 2

The original PaRappa the rapper was a groundbreaking title on the first PlayStation that helped popularize the rhythm genre through creative characters and music. A sequel was natural, and five years after the original, PaRappa the rapper graces the PlayStation 2. This lyrical sequel doesn’t reinvent the wheel, which is part of its problem.

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The cel-shaded 2D aesthetic was innovative on the original PlayStation, but the same visuals on the PS2 look a bit lazy. PaRappa the rapper 2 It’s not a bad game, but it doesn’t build properly on its predecessor.

4/10 Open World Crime Capers lack focus and foundation

grand theft auto iii

Claude leaves his vehicle in Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful game franchises of all time, and fans continue to eagerly await the release of Grand Theft Auto VI. Grand Theft Auto didn’t start out on the PS2, but it started to look more like its current open-world state with grand theft auto iii.

This sequel is a vast improvement over its PlayStation predecessors, but Rockstar still doesn’t know how to properly create a versatile open world that doesn’t get boring quickly. the ps2 vice city Y San Andreas make up for grand theft auto iiithe deficiencies.

3/10 An immersive sci-fi universe drags its feet

Star Wars: Battlefront

A battle on Hoth unfolds in Star Wars: Battlefront on PS2

Star Wars Video games have never been more popular, but there is a rich history of video games set in George Lucas’s rich sci-fi universe that has been going on for decades. Star Wars: Battlefront translates the popular franchise into a creative shooter that is faithfully based on the various worlds and character classes from the series.

Star Wars: Battlefront it starts to work, but it’s not until its sequel that many of these gameplay decisions are properly refined. New modern versions of the franchise have been released in the last decade. Despite certain quality of life improvements, they still lack important elements from the original games.

2/10 Diminishing returns reduce this Samurai series

Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

A sword fight with a demon in Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams on PS2

from capcom Onimusha The samurai hack-and-slash action series is one of the developer’s most popular franchises, and the original Onimusha it was the first PlayStation 2 game to surpass one million sales. There are four Onimusha games on the PS2, and early titles highlight the fast-paced combat possibilities on the console’s superior hardware.

However, the final PS2 entry, dawn of dreams, is the most controversial of the lot. The franchise’s attempts to beef up samurai staples lead to growing pains and repetitive tasks that don’t represent the best of the historical/supernatural creative hybrid.

1/10 An iconic shooter isn’t quite right until its sequel

Half life

A monster is found in Half-Life on PS2

valve Half life The first-person shooter series is considered the Holy Grail of gaming. Half life started on pc. While some of its ports are lacking, the PS2 version is one of the best ways to experience the game. That being said, it is mainly half life 2 that is praised over its predecessor.

Half life it was noted for its radical storytelling risks, but it’s too much for some and sometimes comes at the expense of satisfying gameplay. VR fans recently had the chance to return to this universe in Half Life: Alyxso it is possible that more Half life You can progress little by little.

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