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10 Power Rangers Villains More Popular Than The Heroes

the Forest ranger The franchise is absolutely chock full of villains. After all, almost every episode introduces a new one, who the titular heroes almost inevitably defeat. With such a high turnover of villains, it takes a lot for any one of them to be remembered and stand out from the rest.

Related: 10 TV Shows You Didn’t Know Had Comic Book AdaptationsHowever, there were some villains that not only stood the test of time, but have even been better remembered than the heroes they fought against. From the main antagonists to their minions, these villains may have lost the fight against the Rangers, but they won the hearts of the audience.

10/10 Ivan Ooze only appeared once, but he has not been forgotten

Ivan Ooze was the main villain of The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie. Introduced shortly after much of the original cast had been replaced by new Rangers, Ooze had surprising staying power. Of the characters featured in the film, Ooze is undoubtedly the best remembered.

This is likely due to the fact that Ooze was closest to defeating the Power Rangers at that point in the series. Not even Zordon had the power to help the Rangers, and they had to find a new source of power to defeat him. This achievement made Ooze stand out from the other villains from the original seasons, who are already some of the best in the series.

9/10 Shunned by society, Ransik turned evil

Ransik Time Force Power Rangers Villain

Despite the fact that the series is full of clichéd characters, Forest ranger it rarely had sympathetic villains. The main antagonist of Power Rangers Time Force, Ransik is one of the exceptions. Mutated by a chemical accident and viewed by society as a freak, Ransik attacked not only his world but also across time.

In the end, Ransik changed his mind after he nearly killed his daughter during a fight with the time force Forest ranger. When her daughter was able to show her that not all humans were filled with hate, she gave herself up voluntarily to face justice.

8/10 Koragg the wolf knight had what most villains lack: honor.

Koragg The Knight Wolf Power Rangers Mystic Force Villain

power rangers mystic force is unique among the series due to its focus on magic and fantasy, while most Forest ranger The seasons are based on science fiction and martial arts. One advantage of fantasy elements is that Mystic force could lean heavily on fantasy character tropes. Koragg the Wolf Knight was a fearsome but honorable evil knight who fought against the Mystic force Forest ranger.

Related: 10 Forgotten Toy Lines That Were Worth Every PennyHis honorable nature stemmed from him being the husband of Udonna, the Rangers’ magical mentor, trapped under an evil spell. Even as he held back due to his honor and fought the spell from within, Koragg posed a great threat to the Rangers. After being released from the spell, he joined the Rangers as Wolf Warrior Ranger.

7/10 Astronema added drama to the Space Rangers dynamic

Power Rangers in Space - Astronema with purple hair hiding next to a rock

astronema of power rangers in space she was the kidnapped and brainwashed sister of Andros, the red Space Ranger. She served as one of the main final antagonists of the Zordon Era, alongside her evil mentor Dark Specter. A master manipulator and skilled fighter, Astronema managed to defeat the Power Rangers and nearly conquered Earth.

However, Andros never gave up hope that his sister was completely lost, and in the end he was unwilling to fight her, choosing instead to follow Zordon’s plan to sacrifice himself and cleanse the universe of evil, saving Astronema in the process. process.

6/10 Scorpina has enjoyed a popularity renaissance

Scorpina MMPR Villain

Scorpina already had a claim to fame by playing a major role in one of the originals. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ best arcs “Green with Evil”. which featured Tommy Oliver as the Green Ranger. Scorpina apparently vanished into Forest ranger story over the years, until the late 2010s, when it found new life in the pages of Boom! studies Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic books.


The 10 Weakest Power Rangers in the Franchise, Ranked Scorpina played a major role in the “Shattered Grid” arc, as well as being the main villain of the “Soul of the Dragon” graphic novel. She has the rare status of a non-main antagonist villain who hasn’t been forgotten by fans or creators. She has even had her fair share of character development.

5/10 Dai Shi was really two villains in one.

Dai Shi Power Rangers Jungle Fury Villain

The spirit of an ancient Chinese 8-headed dragon, Dai Shi, was the main antagonist of power rangers jungle fury For most of the series, he resided in the body of Jarrod, a former student of the order who had protected him against his return. Arrogant and hot-headed, Jarrod was angered when he was not selected to guard the chest that had trapped Dai Shi. Lashing out at his master, he accidentally killed him and unleashed Dai Shi.

Dai Shi was not in complete control of Jarrod, and his greatest fear was that Jarrod’s true good nature would overpower his evil and drive him out. Audiences were able to experience Jarrod and Dai Shi’s villainous stories and his ambitions, which added depth to the story. In the end, they also got the catharsis of Jarrod’s redemption, as he played a big part in destroying Dai Shi forever.

4/10 Venjix might be the most terrifying and competent villain

Venjix's red power light in Power Rangers RPM

Power Rangers RPM it’s the darkest entry in the series, which is surprising considering that the Japanese series it’s based on is light-hearted by comparison. RPM features a dystopian world, where Earth has been reduced to a wasteland by the supercomputer Venjix and his army of machines and all of humanity has retreated to a single city, Corinth, protected from the environment by a dome.

Related: The 10 Most Immature Characters In Power Rangers, RankedVenjix nearly won early in the series, with only Corinth remaining to take him on. Though seemingly defeated at the end of RPM, Venjix was never completely destroyed. He survived inside one of the Morphers, ironically created with his own technology. The final shot of the series was of the Morphers flashing their same sinister red light.

3/10 The Psycho Rangers were brutal

Power Rangers - The Psycho Power Rangers stand in formation with the Red Ranger in the center

power rangers in space introduced the Psycho Rangers, an incredibly dangerous evil team of Rangers. Created by Astronema and Dark Specter from the remains of their enemies, the Psycho Rangers were the exact opposite of the Space Rangers, able to perfectly counter their counterparts’ fighting style.

The Psycho Rangers absolutely demolished the Space Rangers in their first appearance and after being revived, they easily defeated the Lost Galaxy Rangers. It took the combined efforts of both Ranger teams to defeat the Psycho Rangers. The Psycho Rangers also have the distinction of being one of the most prolific evil Ranger teams, with most evil ranger teams or clones only appearing in a single episode or arc, while the Psycho Rangers have appeared in multiple seasons. .

2/10 Lord Drakkon has become a fan favorite

Lord Drakkon in Boom Studios' Power Rangers comics

Lord Drakkon is perhaps the most popular Power Rangers comic book villain. An alternate version of beloved ranger Tommy Oliver, who never rejected but instead usurped the evil of Rita Repulsa, defeated the Power Rangers and combined the power of the white and green Power Rangers to become the evil Lord Drakkon.

Lord Drakkon was eventually defeated, but only by a massive effort from all the Rangers in the entire multiverse. After attempting to seize control of the Morphing Grid and seize the power of each Ranger and conquer multiple dimensions, Lord Drakkon was killed when his attempts to control the Grid resulted in the destruction of his “perfect world”.

1/10 No villain will ever surpass Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd in Power Rangers Mighty Morphin

Lord Zedd was the husband of Rita Repulsa, the original Forest ranger villain. His arrival took the series in a new direction, where the monsters were stronger, the villains were bigger, and the Rangers would need a new power to take on him.

When even Rita and her minions, the main antagonist of the series up to this point, were afraid of his return. The public knew that Lord Zedd was not playing. He even managed to successfully destroy the Dinozords, though he was defeated by the Thunderzords. Zedd differs from other Power Rangers villains in that, although he was defeated time and time again, he never lost his original intimidating presence.

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