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10 Naruto Episodes That Made Us Cry Tears Of Joy

naruto as a series it does a great job of playing on the heartstrings of its audience. Between dramatic deaths and heartbreaking betrayals, the franchise is filled with tragic moments that bring fans to tears of sadness. Sadness isn’t the only thing that can bring a fan to tears, though.

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For all the despair naruto has instilled in his fans, he has also created a lot of joy. The series has such happy and wonderful moments that even fans with hearts as hard as a ground-style jutsu can cry with joy. These episodes were full of beautiful moments that happily brought fans to tears.

10/10 “The message”

Naruto Shippuden, Episode 500

Who doesn’t cry at a wedding? Naruto and Hinata’s long-awaited wedding was truly a wonderful conclusion to the series. While some fans were a bit upset that Naruto didn’t end Sakura, it’s nice to see the main character getting a happy ending after so much war and death.

If the nuptials didn’t bring all the viewers to tears, surely Naruto’s final interaction with Iruka worked. Naruto had no shortage of father figures, but Iruka was always the person closest to him. Asking Iruka to act as his father at the wedding is the perfect finishing touch to one of the best relationships in the series.

9/10 “A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family”

Boruto, Episode 18

Seventh Hokage Naruto

Naruto’s dream since the first episode of the series is to become Hokage. While the audience has already seen him as Hokage in the first 17 episodes of borutoEpisode 18 sees Naruto truly ascend to the mantle, achieving his dream of Hokage at last.

He doesn’t actually make it to the ceremony though, as he is knocked unconscious by hijinks involving Himiwari and Boruto, but it’s that very moment that really makes this episode heartfelt. Naruto has built a loving home with just the right amount of chaos. It is a life with struggles, but ultimately it is a life with joy that is to be envied.

8/10 “The legacy”

Naruto Shippuden, Episode 31

Gaara comes back to life

The episode “The Legacy” hits the audience with intense joy and sadness. Gaara’s resurrection erases much of the pain from the past arc, and the moment she wakes up to see Naruto is probably the most iconic image of their friendship. Both characters have been hurt by the world, but together they can still find happiness.

The arrival of the sand ninja also shows how much the people have come to love and respect Gaara after his violent past. It’s a powerful moment in the Kazekage character arc. If none of those moments brought the audience to tears, it was probably because they were too saddened by Lady Chiyo’s sacrifice and death.

7/10 “The Promise That Couldn’t Be Kept”

Naruto, Episode 135

Sasuke's Recovery Arc

Sasuke’s Reveal Mission was a complete disaster, with Sasuke defecting to Orochimaru and most of the team in critical condition. The audience watches as Neji and Choji undergo treatment while Shikamaru waits outside the operating rooms with Temari and his father.

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As Tsunade says, the most important thing is that Shikamaru brought everyone back alive. The audience joins him in crying tears of relief, knowing that despite the trauma of the arc, all of his friends are going to be okay.

6/10 “Naruto Uzumaki”

Naruto Shippuden, Episode 479

Naruto Sasuke and Sakura after the final battle

The episode “Naruto Uzumaki” is full of important and long-awaited milestones in the series. The Fourth Great Ninja War finally comes to an end, Team Seven is fully reunited and can chat and talk as friends again, and Sasuke finally returns to the Hidden Leaf Village.

After two hundred episodes of War, the series is back in an uplifting mood. It’s heartbreaking to see everyone banter together, and for the first time in a long time, the audience feels like things will work out.

5/10 “Thank you”

Naruto Shippuden, Episode 249

Kushina hugs Naruto into Naruto.

“Thank you” is another episode that combines grief with happiness. The public sees the complete tragedy behind the birth of Naurto and the death of her parents. However, the episode ends with one of the most touching moments in the entire franchise: Kushina hugging Naruto.

Is there anything more beautiful than a father’s love for his son? Naruto finally receives the warm hug he’s been seeking his entire life from him as the pair share their love for each other for the first time. It’s a moment that works on every level and doesn’t leave a dry eye on the audience.

4/10 “Last name is Sarutobi, given name, Konohamaru”

Naruto Shippuden, Episode 161

On the subject of growth, Konohamaru shows some maturity of his own when Pain attacks the village. From the first moment the audience met him, he was presented to them as a spoiled child who followed Naruto wherever he wanted him to go. However, he is a proud ninja who is proud of both his name and his people, which go hand in hand.

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In this episode, Konohamaru shows that pride, protecting his master and showing his growth against one of Pain’s paths. It’s a moment that showcases dreams of what the next generation can achieve and highlights the student-teacher relationship between Naruto and Konohamaru in a truly moving way.

3/10 “Sensei and Student: The Shinobi’s Bond”

Naruto, Episode 100

Sensei and Student The Shinobi's Bond

After his brutal defeat against Gaara in one of the best fights in naruto, Lee has been terribly hurt. The only hope of saving his career is risky surgery, which both he and the public fear. Lee decides to have the surgery after a powerful candid conversation with his sensei Guy.

Guy and Lee have a strong father-son relationship, and this episode represents their emotional peak. Both characters show their best qualities in their passion, determination, and love for each other. Thanks to Tsunade’s skill and Lee’s courage, the public knows that the surgery will be a success.

2/10 “Homecoming”

Naruto Shippuden, Episode 1

Naruto Shippuden Episode 1

The first episode of the second part of the series sees Naruto return to the Hidden Leaf after a training trip with Jiraiya. Aside from a couple of light-hearted reunions, the most important thing about the episode is seeing how much Naruto has grown.

Naruto is still immature and quite naive about the world around him, but for the first time, the audience gets to see him for the man he will become, not the boy he is. Sakura has also grown a bit on her account, she is already making great strides as a ninja. It’s a transition for both characters that sees them both become better people.

1/10 “Hero of the Hidden Blade”

Naruto Shippuden, Episode 175

While Naruto’s goal is to become Hokage, he is driven towards this goal in order to earn the respect of everyone in the village. He finally accomplishes this after defeating Pain and becoming the town’s hero. It is one of his happiest moments, since the joy of the entire crowd is channeled through him.

The episode also has everyone that Pain killed in the arc resurrected, giving Kakashi in particular a nice moment with his dead father. He finally says a proper goodbye before meeting Naruto and showing his student how proud he is of him. It’s a brilliant dawn after one of Hidden Leaf’s darkest moments.

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