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Core points of Gamers

10 Movies For New Anime Fans

While dozens of anime series become household names each year, standalone anime movies tend to fly under the radar. Several anime franchises have a movie accompanying the series and often become blockbusters.

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Anime movies can paint a unique plot and can tell a touching story in less than three hours. It’s easier for new anime fans to dive into the movies than it is to start with a series. After all, unlike a series, movies can easily be watched in one sitting.

growing old with you is a 2019 anime film directed and written by Makoto Shinkai. The story follows a high school boy who runs away from his rural life to Tokyo. There, he befriends an orphaned girl with the power to control the weather.

Upon release, growing old with you received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The film was praised for its beautiful animation and engaging storytelling. The film was able to bring Tokyo to life for those who have never visited the city, making it a must-see for anime fans.

9/10 Spirited Away is an animated masterpiece


made disappear is one of the most popular movies released by Studio Ghibli. Released in 2001, the film follows ten-year-old Chirihi Ogino who enters the world of Kami. After her parents are transformed into pigs, Chihiro begins working at a bathhouse to free herself and her parents from this new world.

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made disappear it is often considered one of the best animated films ever made. The movie received universal acclaim due to its charming story that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. It even won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards.

8/10 Perfect Blue blurs the line between fantasy and reality

Mima by Perfect Blue

For those who prefer movies that require some thinking to understand, perfect blue It’s the perfect movie to watch. perfect blue follows the story of Mima Kirigoe, a former Japanese idol who retired from music to become an actress. She then becomes a victim of bullying. As brutal murders take place around her, she begins to question her sense of reality.

perfect blue is a film that talks about the blurred line between fantasy and reality. It is a psychologically themed thriller that explores pop culture. Directed by the legendary Satoshi Kon, its deep story has left its mark on the anime industry for years.

7/10 The Boy and the Beast is an exciting coming-of-age movie

the boy and the beast was released in 2015. The film follows nine-year-old Ren, who recently lost his mother. The newly orphaned boy, who lives on the streets of Shibuya, suddenly slips into a universe with fantastic beasts. He is later raised by the werebear Kumatetsu, who takes him on as an apprentice.

the boy and the beast is perfect for those who love Harry Potter Y studio ghibli It works as it makes use of fantasy elements with lighthearted animations. It’s an exciting coming-of-age story that uses favorite anime elements: supernatural creatures, intense combat scenes, and misunderstood characters.

6/10 The tale of Princess Kaguya paints a feminist narrative

the tale of princess kaguya

The Tale of Princess Kaguya was released in 2013. The film follows Princess Kaguya, a tiny nymph found on a bamboo stalk who grows into a beautiful young woman, attracting suitors left and right. In response to this, Kaguya sends her suitors on nearly impossible tasks to prove his love for her.

Although the film’s watercolor art may make it look light-hearted, The Tale of Princess Kaguya it actually deals with issues of feminism and the restriction of women. It also talks about how absurd beauty standards can be. The movie features a deep narrative that anime viewers will surely love.

5/10 The anthem of the heart is endearing and elegant

the hymn of the heart was released in 2015. The film centers on Jun Naruse, who blames herself for tearing her family apart after revealing her father’s infidelity as a child. Then, an unknown Egg Fairy curses her so that she loses her voice and can’t hurt others with her words again.

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fans of the anohanaY Toradora!series will be delighted to know that the creative team that worked on them also worked on the hymn of the heart. The movie features well-written characters and a developed story that anime viewers will likely enjoy.

4/10 A silent voice is a story of forgiveness

a silent voice

a silent voice was released in 2016. In the film, deaf student Shoko Nishimiya is mercilessly bullied by her peers, leading her to move to a new school. Years later, one of her bullies, Shoya Ishida, is desperate to make peace with her.

Along with his moving storytelling, a silent voice covers deep topics like bullying, mental health, disability, and forgiveness. The movie is a tearjerker as it deals with themes that are relatively uncommon in animated movies. It is a fantastic anime movie that every anime fan must watch at least once.

3/10 Fantasy and friendship can be found in NiNoKuni

NiNoKuni Movie

NiNoKuni was released in 2019. The film follows high school friends Yuu and Haru, who travel from the real world to a fantasy universe. There, they embark on an adventure to save their friend Kotona, whose life is in danger.

NiNoKuni is one of the few Studio Ghibli movies that were not written by Hayao Miyazaki. The film is noted for its racially diverse cast, game-like graphics, and deep storytelling. The title may sound familiar to some, as it NiNoKuni is also a popular video game franchise.

2/10 The words bubble like a soda it’s a story of pure love


The words bubble like a soda is a life anime film released in 2021. The story follows a love story between two people who have difficulty communicating after meeting at a shopping mall. Yui, who goes by Cherry, can only speak by typing Haikus, Yuki, who goes by Smile, wears a mask to cover her braces.

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New anime fans who want a heartwarming romantic movie should give The words bubble like a soda a clock. As Cherry and Smile overcome their insecurities, they open up to the possibility of love. It is an innocent movie for those looking for something easy to digest in one sitting.

1/10 Ocean Waves features nostalgia at its core

Tako and Rikako walk along the coast in the waves of the ocean

Sea waves It was released in 1993 by Studio Ghibli. The film follows a love triangle between good friends Taku Morisaki and Yutaka Matsuno after a new student, Rikako Muto, transfers to her school in Kochi from Tokyo.

The main theme in Sea waves it’s nostalgia. The film was produced and animated by the junior team at Studio Ghibli. As a group of young animators, it is evident that Sea waves he used Taku Morisaki and how he accepts his feelings and his past as a way to say goodbye to his own childhood.

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