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10 Most Wholesome Pokédex Entries In Pokémon

the Pokemon The franchise is now nine generations old, having introduced around 1,000 different Pokémon through various formats, from animated series and movies to numerous video games. Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes, types, and personalities, and the Pokédex concept helps document and present them in a more familiar way.

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Pokédex entries vary from anime to game, but can also vary from generation to generation. Some entries may highlight one part of a specific Pokémon’s life, only for the next entry to describe something else. The Pokémon franchise has introduced many scary, funny, and outrageous Pokédex entries over the years, but there are plenty of wholesome ones as well. Healthy Pokédex entries can come from many places, from relationships within a species or towards humans, to describing habits or personality traits.

10/10 “Wrap your ribbon-like sensors around the arm of your beloved trainer and walk with him or her.”

Sylveon – Alpha Sapphire

Sylveon was introduced as a new evolution of Eevee in Gen VI, and was also an introduction to the Fairy typing. Fairy Pokémon are often rooted in magical mysticism, wonder, and cuteness. Sylveon is definitely the latter.

Sylveon’s Pokédex entries describe how he displays affection through his sensors, while also being able to use them as a formidable weapon. Sylveon is used by Valerie in the X and Y anime and games, with her portraying the evolution of Fairy-type Eevee as essentially the type’s standard bearer.

9/10 “Thanks to her fervent wishes, the cells in her body finally mutated, and she finally has her heart’s desire: wings.”

Salamence – Ultramoon

Sawyer's Salamence in Pokémon XY

When it comes to looks and its terrifying move set, Salamence doesn’t look like a healthy Pokemon. However, several of his Pokédex entries, which do not speak of his fury and destruction, actually describe his joy regarding his ability to fly.

Salamence is documented in various games as dreaming from its first Bagon form. The concept of wings never seemed achievable to them, but it eventually became a wish and a dream, achieved by evolving into the Flying Dragon-type, Salamence. Talking about dreaming and expressing joy at achieving said dreams is undeniably healthy for such a feared Pokémon.

Alolan Rattata – Ultra Sun

Alolan Rattata and Raticate in Pokémon

Since Rattata’s Alolan variant is partly Dark-type, the preconception of this rodent Pokémon would suggest that it was mischievous and probably stole for its own means. While this may not be completely false, the ultrasol The Pokédex entry for Alolan Rattata implies that his obsession with fresh food may lead him to help out humans while they are out shopping.

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All other Pokédex entries for this Pokémon in other games allude to stealing and swarming them being a problem, but this entry presents a scenario where Alolan Rattata and humans may share a common interest. This is healthy thinking without properly considering everything else this Pokemon represents.

7/10 “The eggs it lays are full of happiness. Eating even a bite will bring a smile to anyone.”

Blissey – Platinum

Brock's Blissey in Pokémon Journeys

The Happy line, which also includes Chansey and Blissey, are known to be the most affectionate Pokémon in the entire franchise. Chansey and Blissey in particular often help Nurse Joy and other doctors throughout the anime. Brock even ended up with a Blissey of his own in the anime.

All of Blissey’s Pokédex entries detail her kind nature, how she cares for the sick, and generally tries to spread kindness and positive feelings. It’s a Pokemon that everyone benefits from getting to know, and it can even defuse conflict and general anger long enough for those involved to calm down.

6/10 “Drampa will protect children when they are in danger, so their mothers don’t have to worry.”

Drampa – Ultramoon

Drampa with Lana and Mallow in Pokémon Sun and Moon

As the placid Pokémon, Drampa is known for its wholesome tendencies. Your Pokédex entries for Moon, ultramoon, Y Sword document how you will play and care for children who live nearby. However, these entrances are only one part of Drampa’s protective personality.

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In fact, Sun, ultrasun, Y ShieldAll of Drampa’s Pokédex entries choose to mention Drampa’s angry side, which only manifests in extreme circumstances, or if nearby children have been bullied. While drastic retaliation for bullying isn’t the answer, those descriptions still reveal Darmpa’s loyalty to children, which is a healthy concept in its own right.

5/10 “Visit peaceful regions, bringing them gifts of kindness and sweet blessings.”

Togekiss – HeartGold & SoulSilver

Togekiss loves peace in Pokemon

Pokémon Jubilee Togekiss brings the cuteness of Fairy-types, the aerial joys of Flying-types, and the physical bulk that competitive Pokémon players love. Togekiss is the complete package, and its Pokédex entries tout it as a symbol of peace and good fortune.

This is not a real surprise, as it is the final evolution of the Togepi line, the adorable original Egg Pokémon. It is said that Togekiss does not appear where conflict and malice reside, which brings a touch of sadness with the Pokédex entries describing just how rare these Pokémon are.

4/10 “They’ve been so loved that now there’s a surplus.”

Lapras – Ultramoon

pokemon lapras attacking with ice beam

Since its introduction in the first generation of Pokémon, Lapras has been described as an endangered species, a heartbreaking fact given the kindness of this Transport Pokémon’s soul and nature. However, since Gen VII, Lapras’s Pokédex entries have moved away from talking about extinction. Instead, they focus on how they are thriving given the love they have received during the bad times.

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Lapras are known for their love of humans, from transporting them across vast oceans to even understanding human speech. Lapras are the gentle souls that many humans do not deserve, and the news that they thrive is welcome to all but the fish they feast on.

3/10 “He’s very friendly with people. If you get close to him, Goodra will hug you with his slimy, slimy body. Don’t be mad.”

Goodra – Ultrasol

Ash's Goodra in Kalos, Pokémon XY

There are plenty of Pokémon who love human interaction, but few express that joy as much as Goodra. This type of Dragon is more than capable of holding its own in a fight, but is also loved by trainers for its distractibility. Goodra returns that adoration in kind, with a hug that can be wet and slimy, but warm in its pure intentions.

Goodra’s kindness got a good representation in the anime through Ash Ketchum’s own capture. The flip side of Goodra’s attachment to humans is that she can feel lonely when she is away from them, as documented in pokemon sunPokedex entry. Ash’s Goodra, however, had a purpose in leaving Ash to care for his friends in a habitat he felt comfortable with.

2/10 “Torchic has a place inside his body where he holds his flame. Give him a hug, he’ll glow with warmth.”

Torchic – Alpha Sapphire

Anime Pokemon Torchic Chews on Branch

Torchic had a good performance in the ruby and sapphire anime along with May, as he grew alongside her from having zero strength or experience, to becoming a capable fighter and Quiz performer. Torchic’s Pokédex entries speak to two main things: the fiery warmth of him, and the fact that Trainers must always embrace him to find out for themselves.

There are other Pokémon that love human contact, but these Pokédex entries actively encourage players and trainers to hug their Torchic, as if their happiness depended on it. Torchic can evolve into the fan-favorite powerhouse that is Blaziken, but Torchic must be appreciated at all times.

1/10 “He’s always practicing his singing because he wants to improve. Even when he’s asleep, he keeps singing in his sleep!”

Igglybuff – Ultra Sun

Two Igglybuff looking adorable in the Pokemon anime

All baby Pokémon are cute in their own way, but Igglybuff leads the way, especially when armed with the adorable Pokédex entries he gets every game. These entries move between his liveliness, his sweet aroma, but above all his fondness for singing.

Its evolved form, Jigglypuff, is best known for its singing, especially in the anime, but Igglybuff Pokédex entries state that the obsession starts early. Igglybuffs are documented to attempt to sing when they are dreaming or are simply hoarse from singing too much. It’s undeniably healthy to imagine this baby Pokémon jumping and singing.

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