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10 Most Tragic Disney Characters

Many Disney Animated Movies Become Classics. The production company is famous for making hit family-friendly movies that viewers of all ages can enjoy. These movies are popular in large part because of the colorful and adventurous characters. However, some of these characters have tragic backstories.

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Many Disney characters have faced loss, struggled with loneliness, or even met untimely demise. All of these tragedies are catalysts for the stories that Disney has to tell. Usually the story of a tragic character is sad at first, but becomes a happier and better person by the end of the movie.

10/10 Carl Fredrickson shuts himself down because of his pain


In the 2009 film Up, fans are introduced to the happy couple, Carl Fredrickson and his wife, Ellie. The story begins with a montage of their lives, from their meeting to their wedding and their old age. The couple seems to be a perfect match who are deeply in love, but Ellie sadly passes away.

Now a widower, Carl isolates himself from the world and loses the sense of adventure he shared with Ellie. He cares little for the world changing around him and he is consumed by grief for it. It isn’t until he meets a boy named Russell, who helps Carl live out the dream he and Ellie shared before his death, that his perspective begins to change.

9/10 Hector is afraid of being forgotten


Imelda, Hector and Coco from Pixar's Coco

Coconut skillfully captures the fear of being forgotten. Héctor Rivera is the film’s deuteragonist, who helps a young man named Miguel navigate the Land of the Dead. In Coconutpeople face a final death when there is no one left in the world of the living to remember them.

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Hector spends most of Coconut about to face this final death, even when she discovers the truth behind her demise and that Miguel is her great-grandson. With a life full of tragedies and a family that had disowned him, Héctor almost succumbs to oblivion. Hector is a truly tragic character, but things change when his living daughter Coco recovers her memories of him.

8/10 WALL-E spent most of his life alone.


WALL-E watching a romantic comedy.

In an almost post-apocalyptic wasteland, the main character of WALL-E live alone. The little robot is the last thing left on Earth, and without someone to keep him company, he feels lonely. WALL-E spends his days cleaning up the Earth on his behalf, which has been his routine for 700 years.

WALL-E decorates his house with tickets and trash that remind him of the humans who used to live there, and he spends his time imagining love and romance while watching old DVDs on repeat. The beginning of WALL-E is a powerful commentary on isolation and consumerism. This loneliness continues to hurt WALL-E, but it fades when he encounters a probe sent from space and makes a new friend.

7/10 Bambi’s mother met an untimely end


Bambi and her mom

Bambi features one of Disney’s best-known death scenes, Bambi’s mother. The moments leading up to the scene are some of the most impactful in movie history because they introduced children to the concept of death and the emotional pain that can follow afterward.

While Bambi’s mother has a small role in Bambi, she remains significant in her story. She appears to be a doting mother who dedicates her life to raising her child and even prioritizes her life over her own when they are in danger. Her death is also the catalyst for the rest of the film, making the loss of her character tragic and necessary to the Bambi story.

6/10 Nuka just wanted to be accepted

The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride

Nuka scratching his back from The Lion King II Simba's Pride.

In the lion king 2: simba’s pride, fans of the famous Disney lions meet a host of new characters. One of these characters is Zira’s eldest son and supporter of the late Scar, Nuka. Although Nuka takes on an antagonistic role in the film, his motivations and desires are not as malicious as they appear.

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When Nuka and his siblings were pups, his brother Kovu was chosen to become Scar’s successor. Left to live in the shadow of his brother, Nuka becomes desperate to be accepted and loved. In the end, he foolishly attacks Simba to gain his mother’s approval, and it leads to an early death.

5/10 Tadashi Hamada is a hero who is lost too soon

big hero 6

Hadashi Hamada from Baymax's perspective

big hero 6 features a hero who dies too young, Tadashi Hamada. Tadashi is a talented inventor, Hiro’s older brother, and the creator of Baymax. big hero 6 giving fans several moments of the two brothers coming together and it’s clear how much Hiro admires Tadashi, even going so far as to enroll in a prestigious school due to his influence.

Tragedy strikes when Tadashi runs into a burning building to help his mentor, who is still trapped inside. Tadashi does not survive the fire, and his heroic sacrifice leaves his friends and Hiro devastated. Fans quickly grew fond of Tadashi, and his sudden death remains heartbreaking and influential within the big hero 6 franchise.

4/10 Bing Bong’s death is like saying goodbye to a childhood friend

Inside out

Bing Bong fades into Inside Out

One of the secondary protagonists of Inside out It’s the imaginary friend, Bing Bong. To most fans, Bing Bong is an accurate representation of his imaginary childhood friends of his. He joined Riley on many adventures and remained a supportive presence through many experiences. In the movie, he helps Joy and Sadness navigate Riley’s memories.

Bing Bong’s loving, outgoing, and quirky nature quickly made him a fan favorite, and even though he’s no longer prevalent in Riley’s life, he shows how much he cares for her by sacrificing himself. His death is like saying goodbye to a childhood friend, both tragic and inevitable.

3/10 Mufasa’s assassination is a classic tale of betrayal.

The Lion King

A stern Mufasa berating his brother Scar (The Lion King)

Because Mufasa is a wise and just ruler, the Pride Lands suffer a great loss when he is killed in The Lion King. While with his son Simba, his brother Scar approaches Mufasa and pushes him into an oncoming stampede.

Mufasa does not survive the stampede, and his death is the engine of the rest of The Lion King. This event also makes Simba a more tragic character, as she faces great loss at such a young age. Also, Mufasa’s assassination meant that the Pride Lands was left without a good ruler and his son was left with only the evil Scar.

2/10 Tod faces many changes in his life

The fox and the hound

Tod from The Fox and the Hound says goodbye to his owner Widow Tweed

The fox and the hound It is a story about loss and friendship. In the film, an orphaned fox named Tod is taken in by an elderly widow and befriends a bloodhound pup named Copper. The two become inseparable, but are quickly swayed by their owners and their instincts.

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The couple drifts apart as they get older, but Tod copes with most of the changes in his life. He not only loses his friend, but is also returned to the wild by his widower, Tweed. He must learn to survive in his new environment while he faces the dangers of the hunters and his dogs. One of those dogs is Copper, which makes saving their friendship seem impossible.

1/10 Pedro Madrigal never got to see the Charm


The Madrigal Family in Charm

Charm is a family story that centers around madrigals. Each member is endowed with a power that serves to help their community. The main protagonist, Mirabel, tries to break a curse that threatens her family, even though she has no gift. She suffers great judgment and shame for being the only family member without a gift, but she still tries to help others and stay positive.

Grandma is the meanest to Mirabel, as she blames Mirabel for the candle slowly burning out. However, a touching moment between the two shows that Abuela and her husband, Pedro, had to flee their village after soldiers invaded her home. This flashback helps explain the generational trauma Mirabel is experiencing and ultimately brings her closer to her grandmother.

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