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10 Most Selfish Chainsaw Man Characters, Ranked

chainsaw man is a bloody and twisted shonen action series where the heroes are total trash and the villains are somehow even worse. Protagonists like Denji, Aki, and Power all have their good side, but are also defined by their immaturity, petty selfishness, reckless behavior, and more. Much chainsaw man villains are like that too, always looking for number one.

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acting selfish helps chainsaw man characters survive because friendships and alliances are often broken and betrayal is common. Many humans, demons and devils in chainsaw man they are clearly selfish, and will say or do whatever it takes to further their own selfish agenda.

This article contains spoilers for the chainsaw man sleeve

10/10 Quanxi enjoys her own private harem

Chinese demon slayer Quanxi is primarily defined by her highly practical and results-oriented mindset. She is generally not petty, immature or easily distracted, although she does tend to put herself and her own mission first. Quanxi will not help anyone who requests it unless there is a pragmatic reason for it.

That is a passively selfish attitude, and Quanxi is a harem queen in her private life. Quanxi complacently surrounds himself with various female lovers for her own pleasure, and although she treats those girls quite well, she still feels quite self-centered. Even if she has a team, Quanxi tends to put herself first.

9/10 Asa Mitaka actually pretends to be more selfish

Asa Mitaka in the Chainsaw Man manga.

in the new chainsaw man Story arc, the heroine Asa Mitaka is a downtrodden high school student who openly declares her intention to live more selfishly. Despite those words, Asa still has the noble and selfless side of her, but there must also be some truth in her statement to be more selfish.

Asa is tired of being teased and bullied at school. For her own sake, Asa wishes to gain power so that he can defend himself, and she primarily has her own survival in mind. Also, she wants to keep the demon of war, Yoru, at bay so that her messy life doesn’t get even more chaotic. For the sake of survival, Asa is putting herself first.

8/10 Denji keeps his little goals in mind.

Denji in an office in Chainsaw Man.

The protagonist himself, Denji, is a strange mix of selfish, helpful, noble and petty. On one hand, Denji is genuinely grateful for everything Makima did for him and wishes to return the favor. On the other hand, Denji can’t help but act like a self-centered teenager with sleazy interests.

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Denji has small but specific dreams in mind, and he will do almost anything to achieve them for his own pleasure. Denji jumped into battle against the bat devils and leeches to save Meowy the cat, all so he could tap Power in R-rated ways. Later in the manga, Denji becomes even more selfish, craving steak meals, fame, and multiple girlfriends.

7/10 Katana Man only cares about his own revenge

Katana Man in the Chainsaw Man manga.

even for chainsaw man standards, the sword-themed Katana Man is cruel and ruthless. He’s crossed blades with Denji multiple times and he’s not fighting to protect a friend or pet. Katana Man seeks revenge, all in order to ease the pain in his heart.

Fighting for the fallen may sound noble and selfless, but Katana Man isn’t that wholesome. He fights for the satisfaction of revenge, and will hurt, use, or kill anyone who gets in his way. He was also one of Denji’s most powerful enemies, almost claiming that long-awaited revenge more than once.

6/10 Power struggles for pleasure, freedom and Meowy

Power poses for Denji in the Chainsaw Man's bathroom.

The horned demon Power is only compassionate when it comes to his pet cat, Meowy, and even then, Power often acts selfishly. Originally, Power intended to fatten up Meowy before eating it, only to change his mind and keep it as a pet.

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Power will selfishly cheat and betray anyone, including Denji, to get his cat back, all so he can continue to enjoy Meowy’s presence. Power also asserts itself as a superior being, selfishly lording it over all others. He also stubbornly refuses to change his filthy lifestyle to accommodate Aki and Denji.

5/10 Yoru The War Devil focuses on his own mission

Yoru, the demon of war talking to someone in Chainsaw Man.

The demon of war, nicknamed Yoru by Asa, is quite selfish by most human and devilish standards. She is one of the Four Devil Horsemen, aiming to get revenge on the original Chainsaw Demon however she can. Yoru now lives in Asa’s body and acts much more selfishly than Asa.

Yoru will gladly use, trick, or hurt anyone to get what he wants and further his self-centered mission. She is also intensely focused on self-preservation, threatening to kill anyone, even Asa, to keep her presence a safe secret. Yoru, being a demon, isn’t very likely to change her forms either.

4/10 The nameless debt collector sacrificed Denji for money

The debt collector in Chainsaw Man.

Little is known about the hat-wearing mob debt collector who appeared in chainsaw man first episode, not even his name. Yet, chainsaw man fans clearly saw how brutal, selfish, and greedy he is, based on how far he pushed Denji to collect on that outstanding debt.

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The debt collector was not a foster father figure to Denji. He only cares about getting that money by any means necessary, and even he makes a selfish deal with the zombie demon. This led to the final clash between him and Denji, the zombie powers against Chainsaw Man, to conclude Episode 1.

3/10 The Leech Devil selfishly played with Denji and Power

Leech Devil fights Denji in Chainsaw Man.

The leech demon’s only act of compassion was to save Denji’s life, all because he thought Denji was a cute little boy worth keeping as a pet. However, the leech demon was not interested in a proper romance or fair relationship, apart from the murdered bat demon.

The leech allowed himself to torment Denji and Power, selfishly relishing his superiority on the battlefield until the tsundere Aki Hayawa intervened. The leech demon also shared the bat demon’s voracious desire to consume all of humanity, all for her own pleasure.

2/10 The devil bat made everything on himself

Denji killing the Devil Bat in Chainsaw Man.

The monstrous devil bat is a deeply selfish and cruel being, even by devil standards, and he made both Power and Denji pay the price for it. At one point, the demon hunters cut off his arm, causing the bat demon to go into hiding and make a selfish deal with Power.

The bat demon took Meowy hostage, demanding that Power bring him a human to feast on. The bat demon tried to eat Denji to regenerate his arm, only to realize that Denji was no ordinary human. Then the bat demon drew on the Power to pursue his own goals.

1/10 Makima launched these schemes for their own benefit

Makima smiles at Chainsaw Man.

The redheaded Makima introduced herself as Denji’s savior and found a family, but it’s all a self-serving lie. Makima is the demon of control, an ambitious and manipulative monster that she will use, betray and deceive anyone to achieve her goals.

Makima longs for a real family with Pochita and Denji, an otherwise sympathetic goal twisted into something monstrous and selfish. Makima also uses and discards people to reshape the world in his own image. She longs to make a world free of death and bad movies, no matter what others think.

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