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10 Most Ruthless DC Heroes

Most DC Comics superheroes put the safety of others first, but some heroes like Red Hood and even Batman walk a fine line between heroism and ruthlessness. DC heroes can turn violent, letting the goal of stopping the bad guy overshadow their promise to protect innocent people.

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Self-proclaimed heroes like Peacmaker and Specter dish out their own marks of justice, becoming anti-heroes and showing little compassion for the people they save. These DC heroes seem cold and ruthless, using the tools necessary to get the job done and often striking fear into the hearts of the very people they are trying to save.

10/10 jonah hex

First Appearance: All-Star Western Vol. 2 #10 (1972) By John Albano and Tony DeZuniga

In many iterations, Jonah Hex exists in the Wild West of the DC universe. While modern-day heroes must adhere to modern laws, Jonah Hex lives in a much more lawless land where a quicker and more ruthless form of justice is needed. Jonah lets his weapons do the talking.

To current viewers, Hex is a cold gunslinger. Truth be told, Jonah is just a man who travels with a code of honor who generally tries to help those who can’t help themselves. His gruff appearance, his dangerous environment, and his pessimistic attitude make him a pretty cool DC hero.

9/10 rorschach

First Appearance: Watchmen #1 (1986) by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins

Rorschach climbs out of a broken attic window in Watchmen.

Based on DC’s The Question, Rorschach debuted in Alan Moore’s film. watchmen graphic novel before officially making the jump to the main DC continuity in Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Rorschach is one of DC’s greatest anti-heroes. He shows little remorse for the people he saves, and even less for the people he defeats.

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Rorschach is a brutal fighter and an impressive detective. He seeks the truth and will do anything to get it, including sacrificing his own life so that the truth can persevere.

8/10 Red hood

First Appearance: Batman #357 (1983) by Gerry Conway, Don Newton, Alfredo Alcala and Adrienne Roy

Red Hood aka Jason Todd, or the second Robin

Dick Grayson set a pretty high bar for every Robin that followed. Unfortunately, Jason Todd was the successor to the world’s first Robin, and the Robin that many fans consider his favorite. Jason, unlike Dick, had a harsh upbringing and almost fell into a life of crime if not for Batman’s interference.

After the Joker murdered him, Jason returned as the Red Hood, a violent criminal who tries to kill Gotham’s villains instead of just arresting them. The Red Hood eventually joined Batman’s allies, but Jason still acts as the most ruthless member of the bat family.

7/10 great fence

First appearance: Mister Miracle #4 (1971) by Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta

Barda declares her intention to defeat Darkseid in DC Comics

Big Barda and Mister Miracle make one of the best DC Comics couples, but in reality the two are quite different. They share many horrific experiences and developed a bond when they escaped from Apokolips to wage war against Darkseid. While Mister Miracle is a showman with skills in escape art and sleight of hand, Big Barda is a warrior.

Barda was trained by Granny Goodness into Darkseid’s Female Furies. Although she fights for good after escaping captivity, she remains an extremely violent and brutal fighter who has no problem killing an enemy she believes deserves to die.

6/10 Kilodog

First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps #201 (1986) by Steve Englehart, Joe Staton, Mark Farmer, and Carl Gafford

Kilowog returns in Green Lantern Rebirth

After Hal Jordan returned and helped resurrect the Green Lantern Corps after Green Lantern: Rebirth, Kilowog helped train most of the new Lanterns. Hal is an arrogant and skilled Green Lantern, John Stewart is an imposing leader, and Kyle Rayner is creative, but Kilowog can be downright ruthless and cold, even to his fellow Lanterns.

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There is no Green Lantern better suited to training newer members. Kilowog has fought alongside the best Green Lanterns for decades and knows how dangerous being a Lantern can be. He needs to be cold and ruthless with the new recruits to ensure their safety.

5/10 Wonder Woman

First appearance: All-Star Comics #8 (1942) by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter

Wonder Woman protects Steve Trevor from being shot, but is hit by a bullet

Wonder Woman showed how ruthless she could be when she snapped Maxwell Lord’s neck before DC infinite crisis event. She has proven it time and time again. While Superman is DC’s boy scout, Wonder Woman is his greatest champion. Diana was raised on an island of powerful goddesses and warriors.

His New 52 characterization was far more deadly and callous than previous iterations. She swung her sword first and then asked questions. Wonder Woman knows how unforgiving the gods can be, and she can be just as unforgiving to her enemies.

4/10 bat Man

First Appearance: Detective Comics #27 (1939) by Bill Finger and Bob Kane

Batman with a terrifying smile under the influence of the drug Venom in DC Comics

Batman never wants to take his own life because he doesn’t want to cross that line and end up like any of the criminals he locked up in Arkham Asylum. However, while Batman is cool and cool, he can be quite cold and intimidating, even to the people he saves.

Batman will be ruthless if the world depends on him. He developed a series of security measures in JLA: Tower of Babel if any of the Justice League members go rogue. in books like Poison Y All-Star Batman and Robin, the wonder boyBatman acted just as chaotic and ruthless as some of his villains.

3/10 Orion

First appearance: New Gods #1 (1971) by Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta

orion hits superman jon

Orion and Scott Free were swapped at birth to preserve peace between New Genesis and Apokolips, two warring planets filled with New Gods. Orion is Darkseid’s biological son, but he grew up fighting for Highfather. Unfortunately, Orion possesses many of Darkseid’s traits, including his anger and lust for battle.

Orion is a powerful but dangerous tool. Orion succeeded Darkseid in kingdom come and the one of tom king mr miracle limited series, taking over from Apokolips. Orion frequently teams up with Superman and the Justice League, acting incredibly aggressive and ruthless in comparison.

2/10 Pacifier

First Appearance: Fightin’ 5 #40 (1966) by Joe Gill and Pat Boyette

Peacemaker is surrounded by graves in DC Comics.

Peacemaker debuted in the 1960s, but DC’s violent hero gained a lot of traction after John Cena portrayed the character in the suicide squad and the Pacifier Live action television series on HBO Max. Peacemaker believes that he is an altruistic and patriotic hero like Captain America, but his actions say otherwise.

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Peacemaker lives up to his name in the most ironic way possible: he hurts and kills others to maintain what he believes to be peace. He calls himself a hero, but at best he’s a DC anti-hero, and his role in the Suicide Squad should demonstrate his alignment.

1/10 the spectre

First appearance: More Fun Comics #52 (1940) by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily

the wraith with the cape fluttering and arms outstretched in dc comics

The Specter is one of the most powerful forces in the DC universe, acting as the hand of God, dispensing justice and judging those who have committed sin. The Specter usually adopts a human host to ground itself. The Specter is a cold, calculating, and ruthless pursuer of justice.

Though he debuted as a Golden Age DC hero, the Specter has since become a natural force with a neutral lineup. The Specter often punishes people in horrific ways, forcing the Justice League to intervene, proving that the Specter is without a doubt one of DC’s most ruthless heroes.

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