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10 Most Rebellious Avengers, Ranked

The Avengers are a team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, tasked with protecting Earth and its people from its greatest threats. So far, they have been successful in that task, but it has not been an easy journey. A wide range of heroes have been members of the Avengers or its various subgroups, but some have been more cooperative than others.

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Any group dynamic is affected by the egos of its members, and people as powerful as the Avengers have very high opinions of themselves. The richest, smartest and most powerful people on Earth are used to giving orders, not obeying them. As such, it’s no surprise that many of the strongest members of the Avengers are also some of the most rebellious.

10/10 Captain America puts morality above orders

Steve Rogers may not seem so rebellious on the surface. Known as a dedicated soldier and a metaphorical (or possibly even literal) “boy scout,” Captain America is typically a team player and rule-follower. That is, until an order gets through his morale. Cap lives and dies by what he believes in, and he won’t let rules or laws get in the way of what’s right.

Cap started a literal Civil War after refusing to support a hero registration act in the US. After living through World War II, Rogers saw firsthand how bad things can get when certain people are treated unfairly. different from others. Captain America defied orders and stood up for what he believed to be right, even though it made him a fugitive.

9/10 Black Panther trusts his own judgment more than that of others

Black Panther meets Marvel's Illuminati, with various Earths in the background

T’Challa, like Black Panther, is an ethical and responsible leader and protector. However, he has normally prioritized his responsibilities as the leader of his nation above the rules and regulations of any other country or organization.

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When the US introduced a superhero registration law, T’Challa and his then queen Storm refused to register. Black Panther refused to allow US troops or even the Avengers access to his country or airspace without explicit permission. T’Challa even rebelled against the rules of his own country, such as when Shuri was in charge of Wakanda and went behind his back with the Illuminati.

8/10 Deadpool can follow orders, or he can do something completely random.

An image of Deadpool breaking the fourth wall in Marvel Comics

Anyone who invites Deadpool to join a group knows they’re in for a wild ride, and the Avengers are no exception. Wade Wilson lives in his own version of reality, which only sometimes coincides with that of others.

Deadpool is not willing to take instructions from anyone. Basically, he does what seems like a good idea at the time. Deadpool can share his plans with the audience through one of his many fourth wall breaks, but his teammates can rarely predict whether he’ll stay on task or stab them in the back on any given mission. .

7/10 The Winter Soldier only answers to himself.

Bucky Barnes wielding a gun as the Winter Soldier in Marvel Comics

Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, isn’t the most reliable ally. Brainwashed, the Winter Soldier’s actions can be highly unpredictable. The brainwashing of him caused him to leave the US Army to become a Russian assassin. Winter Soldier also rebelled against his Russian superiors, even sneaking into Black Widow’s room during her training for secret romantic dates.

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The Winter Soldier eventually became a hero again after regaining his memory, but remained fiercely independent. He had been controlled by others for too long. When Tony Stark asked him to be the new Captain America, Winter Soldier’s requirement was that he would answer to no one but himself.

6/10 The Scarlet Witch shapes reality according to her own rules.

An image of the cover of Scarlet Witch Marvel Comic

Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, often means well. However, with the power to change reality, it’s hard not to have a bit of a god complex. Wanda has helped save Earth from the mightiest of cosmic forces, but the Scarlet Witch has also been a villain on multiple occasions.

The Scarlet Witch’s emotions often get the best of her. She’s understandable, given the anguish she’s endured, but with her power on a cosmic level, any loss of control can be catastrophic. When she is upset, Wanda is unlikely to listen to the opinions or rules of others. One of the most extreme examples is when, distraught, Scarlet Witch declared that there would be no more mutants, destroying all mutant powers.

5/10 Beast thinks he knows better than anyone

Beast peers menacingly over the sharp spines of Krakoa in Marvel Comics

Hank McCoy, better known as Beast, is best known for his role as one of the X-Men. The blue furry genius has served on various teams, including the Avengers. Like most geniuses in the Marvel Universe, he doesn’t really like to follow other people’s rules.

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As a brilliant scientist, Hank experiments a lot. Beast has transformed himself and powers him through his experiments. He has also sometimes experimented on his teammates, with or without his knowledge. Beast believes that he knows more than the people around him, which has led him down a dark path.

4/10 Namor doesn’t follow orders other than his own.

An image of Namor swimming through the ocean in Marvel Comics

Prince Namor, the Diver, Emperor of the Deep, Lord of the Seven Seas, King of Atlantis, etc., has an ego even bigger than his list of titles. To some extent, his ego is understandable. Namor is older than most beings on the planet. Also, Namor rules a secret and advanced nation, has high intelligence and possesses powerful superpowers. His ego, however, means he’s unlikely to play by anyone else’s rules.

Despite his pride, Namor has worked with many different allies and teams over the years. The Submariner is a powerful ally, but also inconsistent. For example, he betrayed the Illuminati for the villainous Cabal. He also believes that people who live underwater are superior to those who live on land. Namor’s superiority complex makes him completely resistant to any authority other than his own.

3/10 Jessica Jones doesn’t like being told what to do

Jessica Jones on the cover of Marvel Comics' Alias ​​Investigations

Most heroes who don’t play by the rules do so for some sort of status, be it money, intelligence, or power. Jessica Jones is an exception to this rule. Jones is neither wealthy nor a genius, nor does she have any political clout (at least until Luke Cage became mayor). In fact, most of the time she would prefer to be left alone.

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In both the comics and the MCU, Jessica Jones doesn’t ignore the rules because she thinks she knows better. She just doesn’t like other people telling her what to do. Jones also doesn’t like to put other people at risk. She tries to help people because, under her prickly exterior, she’s a good person. Jessica just wants to do it her way.

2/10 The Punisher takes the law into his own hands

Frank Castle Draws Both Guns In Marvel Comics' Punisher Max Happy Ending

The Punisher has a reputation for doing things his way, on his terms. Frank Castle has been taking revenge on criminal outlaws ever since he was the Punisher. Not satisfied with the results of traditional law enforcement, Castle takes matters into his own hands in deadliest fashion.

Many fans may not be aware that the Punisher was once a member of the Avengers. He joined a specialized team, the Savage Avengers, after second civil war. As you can imagine, the Punisher wasn’t much of a team player and wasn’t willing to take anyone’s orders. The Punisher’s time on the team was rather brief.

1/10 Iron Man regularly ignores risks to get away with it

Tony Stark about to fire a bolt from his repulsor ray in Marvel Comics

Robert Downey Jr., playing Tony Stark in the MCU, best summed up the character when he described himself as a “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” Iron Man was one of the original Avengers, but that didn’t mean he played by his rules. Stark wasn’t used to taking orders from anyone, and he wasn’t about to start.

Tony Stark always thinks he’s right, and gets mad at anyone who contradicts him. He’ll even break his own rules, like he did later. Civil war, inviting unregistered heroes back to the Avengers despite government rules. Iron Man has belonged to many teams of heroes, but has repeatedly put the world and his teams at risk simply because he believed he knew more than anyone else.

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