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10 Most Popular Side Characters In TV Shows

It’s not uncommon for supporting characters to steal the spotlight on a TV show. They can have a compelling backstory, provide comic relief, or add an extra dramatic subplot to the series. Fans often look forward to the return of this popular supporting character to the screen.

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What makes a supporting character so interesting varies by fan, but it’s easy to tell when a character becomes popular. Many supporting roles have had the good fortune to become series regulars due to their warm reception, and that shows just how beloved they really are by TV fans.

10/10 Fen was always a queen in the making

the magicians

Based on the books by Lev Grossman, the magicians introduces fans to a knife maker’s daughter named Fen as the main characters enter Fillory. At first, Fen only appears in the magicians due to her arranged marriage to Eliot, who is named High King. He is quite a docile character, being both personable and sweet to those who meet her.

What the magicians progresses, Fen takes a more active role. She truly cares about her Fillory home and becomes the voice of her people. She is also capable with a sword and can protect herself and others, whether it be from the many enemies her companions face or the dangerous fairies who plot against Fillory.

9/10 Molly Hooper offers unconditional support


Molly Hooper in Sherlock

bbc sherlock it dominated the internet when it first aired in 2010. sherlock brought a new ally to the consulting detective: Molly Hooper. She was only meant to be in the first episode, but her immediate popularity among her fans encouraged her to return. As a specialist at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, she is often called upon to help Sherlock with her cases.

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Along the sherlock, Molly provides unwavering support for the titular detective. While she remains a supporting character throughout the series, she is pivotal because her relationship with Sherlock allows her to show him different perspectives and humiliate him when she’s gone too far.

8/10 Kirk Gleason is loved

gilmore girls

Kirk Gleason in Gilmore Girls

As a series that features many supporting characters, gilmore girls it wouldn’t be the same without the residents of Stars Hollow. The picturesque town of Connecticut is the main setting of the series, and its many returning supporting characters create a strong sense of community. One of these characters is Kirk Gleason, a wacky but well-intentioned man with a penchant for any job.

Kirk often provides the comic relief of gilmore girls. He arrives at inopportune moments to interrupt a scene or offer a one-liner. What stands out the most about him though is that he is in almost every episode of the show. His constant appearance makes him favorable to fans as he takes on the odd jobs in Stars Hollow.

7/10 Sir Gwaine goes from rags to riches


Gwaine in Merlin

Often cited as one of the best fantasy series of the 21st century, Merlin is a retelling of the stories based on King Arthur and his knights. One of these knights is Gwaine, whose family was abandoned by the crown. He has strong principles, a good nature, and a humorous personality, all of which made him an instant fan-favorite character.

Gwaine’s homeless lifestyle begins to change when he helps Merlin and Arthur in a fight in a tavern. She is given a knife to the thigh by the Prince of Camelot, and though he has shown great appreciation for his act, she prefers to keep her distance from him with Camelot’s nobility. What Merlin he continues, however, remains Merlin’s close friend and eventually becomes a knight during Arthur’s rule.

6/10 Genya Safin has ulterior motives

shadow and bone

Genya in Shadow and Bone

on netflix shadow and bone there are many Grisha who work in Little Palace. One of the most prominent is the queen’s servant, Genya Safin. Genya’s first appearance in the series is when he is tasked with making Alina look presentable to the king. He instantly caught the interest of fans due to his skills as a tailor, which allows him to fix and repair things with magic.

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Genya has a constant presence in shadow and bone, but she is often in the background. She offers support to Alina as she reveals the ongoing events in the palace. Fans of the series are surprised to learn that her supportive presence may be due to an ulterior motive, as Genya was tasked with spying on Alina.

5/10 Kevin Keller faces many changes


Kevin Keller in Riverdale

The popular teen drama riverdale it features many characters, and one of the supporting characters is Kevin Keller. At the beginning of the series, Kevin is a recurring presence as Betty Cooper’s best friend. He is often there to provide support to others, and his prevalence earns him a spot as a series regular after the second season.

fans of riverdale he can relate to Kevin as he goes out of his way to be a good friend while also being accepting of his sexuality and who he is as a person. Kevin has more than one relationship in riverdaleand despite his tendency to act recklessly, fans really wanted to see what’s best for him.

4/10 Sara Lance saves the Arrowverse


sarah lance

First appearing as a supporting character on The CW’s. Arrow, Sara Lance became very prominent in the Arrowverse. In Arrow, she spends years training with the League of Shadows after her supposed death, and she returns to Star City under the name Canary to protect her family from her. Sara has a lot of inner demons, which makes her an interesting character for fans.

Sara returns to the Arrowverse at DC’s Legends of tomorrow. As a member of the team on Waverider, Sara joins Rip Hunter and others to protect the timeline from Vandal Savage. After Rip’s death, Sara becomes the new captain of the Waverider, completing her rise from a fan-favorite supporting character to one of the biggest roles in the Arrowverse franchise.

3/10 Jaskier sings his way into the hearts of fans

The Wizard

Jaskier acting in a tavern in The Witcher.

from netflix The Wizard is a dark fantasy series detailing the exploits of a warlock, Geralt of Rivia. Geralt is a stoic and elusive character who prefers to travel alone. It is for these reasons that fans love the bard Dandelion, who becomes Geralt’s close friend and the balance of Geralt’s reserved character.

Dandelion is a bubbly, outgoing, and charismatic bard who travels with Geralt throughout The Wizard. He comes and goes, but it relieves much of the tension in the series by making fans laugh out loud.

2/10 Eddie Munson became the star in the fourth season

Strange things

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in Netflix's Stranger Things

Strange things is known for featuring fan-favorite characters each season. In Season 4, the newest character to wow fans is Eddie Munson. A senior repeating at Hawkins High, he is easily discredited by his classmates and assumed to be a murderer after the death of Chrissy Cunningham.

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In the latter half of the season, Eddie takes on a more prominent role as Dustin and the others strive to prove his innocence by stopping Vecna. Eddie’s quick humor, adaptability and genuine nature made him very popular. Despite being alone Strange things for one season, he managed to make a huge impact on the audience.

1/10 The tragic story of Kevin Tran attracted fans


Kevin Tran in Supernatural

One of the CW’s most beloved supporting characters is Kevin Tran from Supernatural. The college student’s life is turned upside down when he is revealed to be a prophet. One of the few people who is capable of translating the tablets of angels and demons, he is sought after by both the forces of good and evil for his abilities.

Fans fell in love with this edgy and conniving character. Tran’s story becomes even more tragic when he is ripped from his normal life and never returns. In the end, he becomes another casualty in the Winchesters’ battle against the supernatural, a great loss to fans.

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