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10 Most Outlandish Pokédex Entries

Pokédex entries add some spice to a Pokémon’s lore in the form of background information. Descriptions of a particular creature vary throughout the Pokemon games, some being more believable than others. This information can cause fans to see a certain Pokemon in a whole new light.

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While Pokédex entries can be sad, cute, or downright weird, some of the wackier entries defy any kind of logic. In anime, the entries are usually more toned down compared to video games. As time has passed and more games have been released, certain entries have become increasingly weird and hard to believe.

10/10 Chesnaught makes mincemeat of tanks and bombs

according to their pokemon x entrance, Chesnaught’s”Tackle is hard-hitting enough to knock over a 50-ton tank.This doesn’t bode well for any Pokémon that weigh less than 50 tons, which is all. It hardly needs its other moves, as it would win against any Pokemon that isn’t immune to Normal moves with Tackle alone.

Chesnaught Pokemon Y The entry is slightly less extravagant but nonetheless bombastic, stating that it can “resist a bomb blast.Considering that the Thorny Armor Pokémon is partly Grass-type and weak to Fire, this is quite the statement.

9/10 Entei can cause volcanoes to erupt with his roar.

Enteir in the Pokemon anime roaring under a blue sky

pokemon black Y WhitePokédex entries say that when Entei roars, “a volcano erupts somewhere in the world.“A volcano erupting nearby when it roars is one thing, but the phenomenon that occurs on the other side of the world is another.

the Ruby Y Sapphire the entries indicate that the legendary Pokémon was actually “born in the eruption of a volcano.This must mean that Entei is immune to fire, but only resistant to it. In any case, the Volcano Pokémon has an extremely powerful bark and very durable fur.

8/10 Kadabra used to be a human child

pokemon kadabra looking at pikachu

In this entry of the most Kafkaesque Pokédex of Red fire, Kadabra supposedly used to be a little boy. “It happened one morning: a boy with extrasensory powers woke up in bed transformed into Kadabra.“Sounds like the beginning of a very strange tale.

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There are other cases of people turning into Pokemon, including Ash turning into a Pikachu in the anime, but there’s usually a bit more to it than suddenly transforming one day. Also, there have been many characters in the games and anime with psychic powers that didn’t become Pokémon.

7/10 Yveltal is more powerful in death than in life

Yveltal against the gray sky in the Pokemon anime

the Pokemon Y entry for the legendary Pokémon Yveltal states that “As its life comes to an end, it absorbs the life energy of all living things and turns into a cocoon once more.Yveltal essentially has the fate of the entire world on its wings.

It also seems beyond impressive that something that has died has the power to absorb so much energy. One thing is for sure, anyone would be a fool trying to kill this Pokemon.

6/10 Magcargo is hotter than lava

Magcargo smiling in the Pokemon anime

According to its entry in the Pokédex in pokemon sapphireMagcargo’s body temperature is approximately 18,000 degrees F.“That’s hotter than lava. It’s not as hot as the sun, but if this entry is to be believed, it’s certainly one of the hottest things on the planet.

A creature that radiates such heat would simply have to touch an opponent for it to be unable to fight. It would also make it difficult to attack Lava Pokemon without getting burned, but many Pokemon seem to be able to do just that.

Metang in the anime Pokémon moving at high speed

Metang Pokédex Entry for Diamond Y Pearl begins with a rather mundane fact, that “It is formed by the union of two Beldum.“Then it escalates pretty quickly with prayer”Its steel body won’t get scratched if it collides with a jet.

If a jet can’t leave a scratch on Metang, no other Pokemon can. Surely, with such a strong body, Metang would be able to withstand most physical attacks, but it can be damaged by Fighting, Bug, and Ground moves. So a jet won’t make a dent, but a bug bite from a Pineco will.

4/10 Houndoom’s bad breath will never leave you

Houndoom in the anime Fire-breathing Pokémon

Apparently, there is no balm that can soothe the pain of being burned by Houndoom. The Dark/Fire-type Pokédex entry from pokemon gold It states that “If you are burned by the flames it shoots from its mouth, the pain will never go away.

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This was slightly expanded with Platinumthe entry for , which says “The flames she breathes when she’s angry contain toxins.” An eternity is a long time to be in pain, and no one would want to mess with a Houndoom, let alone own one, after discovering this information.

3/10 Mimikyu is hiding something lethal under her rag

Jesse's Mimikyu in Pokemon.

According to Mimikyu pokemon sun entry, “A scholar who saw what was under his rag was overcome with terror and died of fright.“It’s hard to imagine what’s under the rag of the Disguised Pokémon to make it so vile that it would kill someone just by looking at it.

Perhaps this scholar of a particularly nervous disposition or the same would happen to anyone who saw the real Mimikyu. Whatever the case, it’s hard to imagine what’s underneath that rudimentary Pikachu costume.

2/10 Ponyta would destroy high jump records at the Olympics

Ponyta in Pokemon Legends Arceus standing on the grass

Ponyta doesn’t have particularly powerful legs, but her Pokédex entry of pokemon stadium reveals how strong they are. Ponyta is “Able to jump over the Eiffel Tower in a single giant leap.That’s Hulk-level leg strength, and the Fire Horse Pokemon isn’t even an evolved form.

The fully evolved Blaziken can only jump over a 30-story building, which is one-third the size of the Eiffel Tower. Ponyta’s entry goes on to say “His hooves are ten times harder than diamonds,“, which is an equally astonishing fact.

1/10 Tyranitar is a nuisance to cartographers

Tryanitar in the Pokemon anime facing sideways

Tyranitar Pokédex entry for Diamond Y Pearl It states that “If it devastates, it demolishes mountains and buries rivers. The maps must be redrawn afterwards.“This is quite an extraordinary claim. It is not known how often Tyranitar wreaks havoc, but it must have happened at least once.

This would be an incredible feat for even the biggest Pokemon of all, which isn’t Tyranitar. In fact, there are dozens of Pokémon that are larger and weigh more than Armor Pokémon.

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