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10 Most Cringeworthy Attack On Titan Quotes

Attack On Titan is an extremely influential and in style manga and anime. Its story and themes on what it means to really be free have captivated audiences far and extensive. The manga, and creator Hajime Isayama, have so much to say concerning the which means of life, dying, and the state of the world within the story and our personal world.

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With how influential Attack On Titan is and with how a lot it has to say, it’s no marvel followers proceed to reference and quote the story. However, not all quotes are made equal; some may be downright cringe-worthy to learn.

10/10 “You Know What I Hate Most In This World? People Who Aren’t Free. They’re No More Than Cattle.”

Eren Yeager

The major protagonist of Attack On Titan, Eren Yeager, typically refers to individuals contained in the partitions as animals in cages. It is one in all his driving motivations to be free from the partitions surrounding him. Eren believes those that keep complacent and don’t struggle are like animals despatched to slaughter.

That mentioned, Eren’s penchant for animal metaphors can come off because the ramblings of an angst-riddled teenager. While it does give perception into how he views the world, it additionally reveals how immature Eren’s ideas are and may go away followers cringing once they hear them.

9/10 “I Wouldn’t Mind Being Eaten, As Long As It’s By A Scorchingly Hot Lady Titan.”

Dot Pixis

Pixis is the commander of the Garrison in Attack On Titan. He is understood primarily for his humor and alcoholism. Pixis is usually used within the story to assist convey comedy to in any other case bleak environment. With that context, this quote will not be too out of left subject for his character.

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However, it’s nonetheless an undeniably bizarre quote in a present identified for its somber tone and ever-present Titan menace. Pixis could also be a personality typically used to convey levity to a scene, however that does not change how cringe-worthy this quote is.

8/10 “I’ll Tear You Apart. Once My Hand Heals, I’ll Rip You Apart. Tear You To Shreds. Rip You Into Tiny Pieces And Eat You.”

Eren Yeager

This quote by itself sounds extremely threatening. Eren is telling Reiner and Bertholdt that he intends to tear them limb from limb after which devour them, a lot in the identical approach a pure Titan would.

Of course, this menace turns into far much less menacing when followers bear in mind Eren is mainly defenseless whereas he is therapeutic. Reiner and Bertholdt at the moment have the higher hand towards each Eren and Ymir. Instead of being threatening, this quote sounds extra just like the indignant shouts of a trapped animal.

7/10 “Once I’m Dead, I Won’t Be Able To Remember You. So I’ll Win No Matter What. I’ll Live No matter What.”

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa has been dedicated to Eren ever since he saved her and pushed her to struggle. Her bond with him is robust, and she or he’s closely devoted to him and his well-being. Mikasa’s steadfast loyalty to Eren may be heartfelt and provoking to many viewers.

However, many followers additionally see Mikasa’s devotion to Eren as one-sided and nearly obsessive. To many viewers, residing solely for simply the reminiscence of her pal could make Mikasa sound too co-dependent. Depending on how followers have a look at it, this dedication may very well be heart-warming or cringe-inducing.

6/10 “I Disposed Of Some Dangerous Beasts — Mere Animals That Just Happened To Resemble Humans.”

Eren Yeager

Eren typically makes use of dehumanizing language to consult with anyone he considers an enemy. This reveals that he views those that stand towards him as lesser and never even value contemplating as human. This quote Eren says as a toddler when defending his actions in killing the boys who kidnapped Mikasa highlights his conduct.

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However, to some viewers, it may well come off as unhinged. This is a toddler who simply murdered two males. Even in self-defense, the dehumanizing language does nothing to make the viewers empathize with Eren. This quote reveals one other side of Eren’s edgy character that tends to return off as cringe-filled quite than justified.

5/10 “Gotta Marry Her.”

Reiner Braun

Reiner is likely one of the major antagonists in Attack On Titan. He’s a Warrior from Marley and an especially competent Soldier and fighter. In Season 2 particularly, Reiner and Bertholdt act because the enemies hiding in plain sight.

So it’s a little bizarre when Reiner, the fierce and competent soldier, sees Christa rip her gown to create a bandage for him and instantly flushes and internally declares his want to marry her. The line comes out of nowhere within the scene. It’s a tense second, with Reiner having simply survived a chunk wound to the arm. While meant to lighten the scene, this line could make many viewers cringe.

4/10 “Look Around, Eren, At All These Big-Ass Trees.”

Levi Ackerman

Levi is likely one of the many characters who typically will get the perfect traces within the manga and anime. He is usually snarky and stern and has a stable ethical compass that makes his dialogue entertaining and intriguing. Of course, not each line a personality says will instantly be a quotable hit, however this line is weird.

The context of the scene does assist considerably. Levi and his squad are in a forest with large bushes, so it’s not like this quote is coming from nowhere. However, this doesn’t make the road any much less clunky.

3/10 “You’re Either Incompetent Or You’re Spineless Cowards. How Pathetic. You Can Just Sit Here And Suck On Your Fingers. Yeah, Do That.”

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa is an intimidating determine at the perfect of occasions. She may be downright scary when she is mad. It could be anticipated for the dialogue to replicate Mikasa’s cutthroat character, and for essentially the most half, it does.

However, this quote from Mikasa loses a few of that edge and authority with its final two sentences. Telling them to suck on their fingers is a wierd approach of rebuking somebody for being a coward. Though the road references a toddler sucking on their thumb, it sounds compelled and may trigger the viewers to cringe or shake their heads.

2/10 “No, I Don’t Want That — Mikasa Finding Another Man. I Want Her To Think About Me And No One Else For The Rest Of My Life! Even After I Die, I Want To Be At The Front Of Her Mind For A While — Ten Years At Least.”

Eren Yeager

This is one in all Eren’s final traces in Attack On Titan. At the top of the world, Eren is speaking to Armin about all his decisions to get them right here, after which he loudly proclaims he needs Mikasa to solely take into consideration him endlessly.

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Fans of the manga laughed at this line for weeks after it got here out. This quote, made by a personality who had proven himself to be a formidable and intimidating menace to all of humanity, made Eren seem like a toddler whose toy was taken away from him. This made many a reader who had been excited concerning the final chapter cringe in distaste.

1/10 “Eren, Thank You… You Became A Mass Murderer For Our Sake… I Promise I Won’t Let This Error Go To Waste.”

Armin Arlert

In the ultimate chapter of Attack On Titan, as all the things is wrapping up, Eren and Armin have an sincere and heartfelt dialog about all the things that has occurred. Eren explains his plan and what his aim was. Eren is a mass assassin. He dedicated near-omnicide. It would stand to purpose Armin may be a bit of horrified at this prospect, no matter whether or not it was executed with him in thoughts or not.

Instead, Armin thanks him for changing into a mass assassin. This line gave many followers whiplash from the sheer absurdity of Armin thanking Eren for murdering individuals on a world scale. Though Isayama did affirm that Armin disapproved of Eren’s mass homicide, having Armin thank Eren for it is vitally cringe-worthy.

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