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10 Most Controversial Naruto Power-Ups, Ranked

a joy to see naruto it’s seeing characters reach levels of strength they’ve never reached before. The evolution that certain characters undergo throughout the series shows how much they grow by the end. Although characters can gain more power through rigorous training, many can accelerate their growth by receiving power-ups.

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Some power-ups require a lot of training and hard work to obtain, while others can be passed on by someone else. Many of these power-ups excite fans and generate controversy within the naruto zealotry From which power-up offers the most power to considering the effect of a power-up on the narrative,fans debate power-ups from various angles.

10/10 Hashirama’s cells increase the strength of characters to astronomical levels

Various characters infuse their bodies with Hashirama cells, drastically enhancing their physical abilities. Orochimaru tests the efficacy of these cells on his lab subjects and sees incredible results. For example, because Orochimaru infuses Yamato and Danzo with Hashirama’s cells, Yamato gains the ability to use Wood Release, while Danzo can use Kotoamatsukami more frequently.

Hashirama’s cells also enhance the characters’ healing abilities, as shown when Obito is instantly healed from Kakashi’s attacks during their fight. On top of all this, Hashirama’s cells allow characters to increase their physical strength to astronomical levels, making their punches and kicks hit harder than normal.

9/10 The curse mark transforms ninjas into monsters

Sasuke using the curse mark on Naruto.

Orochimaru invents the curse mark and bestows it on his disciples to amplify their power. The curse mark allows characters to tap into Orochimaru’s chakra to significantly enhance his strength. When characters enter the first stage of the Curse Mark, a unique mark spreads across their skin and they become stronger.

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However, in the second stage, their power is further enhanced and their bodies are completely transformed to the point where they no longer resemble themselves. For example, Sasuke grows wings in the second stage and his appearance changes completely.

8/10 Choji’s pills turn the tide of the fight against Jirobo

Choji fighting Jirobo in Naruto.

Jirobo poses a serious threat to Choji because Jirobo has multiple Earth Release techniques up his sleeve and can harness the power of Curse Mark. However, despite Jirobo’s impressive repertoire, the spinach, curry, and chili pills amplify Choji’s physical strength and chakra reserves to the point where Jirobo has no chance of winning.

The pills Choji ingests allow him to hit Jirobo as if Jirobo were a punching bag. However, the strength Choji gains from the pills comes at a great cost, as swallowing the pills damages his body.

7/10 Characters can dramatically improve their techniques with sage mode

Hashirama in Sage Mode in Naruto.

Only a few characters train to enter Sage Mode, which enhances everything from their physical strength to the power of their jutsu. Sage Mode allows users to use natural energy to significantly increase their fighting abilities. For example, Naruto enters Sage Mode to fight Pain and consequently gains the ability to throw his Rasenshuriken and alter the size of him.

Sage Mode also allows characters to be more aware of their surroundings with their enhanced sensory capabilities. Madara’s use of Sage Mode is one such example, as she continues to dominate against the Shinobi Alliance despite losing her eyes after Black Zetsu performs Rinne Rebirth.

6/10 Chakra Of The Tailed Beasts provides a wide range of benefits

Naruto in front of the Shinobi Alliance after giving Kurama's chakra to everyone in Naruto.

Naruto shows from the beginning of the series to what extent the Nine-Tails’ chakra makes him stronger. The Nine-Tails’ chakra helps Naruto get out of Haku’s ice mirrors, knocks out Orochimaru’s giant snakes, and overpowers Neji during the Chunin Exams.

Later, Naruto becomes increasingly stronger as he trains to learn how to use the power of the Nine-Tails. Other non-jinchuriki characters also gain the benefits of the Tailed Beast chakra. For example, Naruto shares the Nine-Tails’ chakra with the Shinobi Alliance, thus enhancing the fighting capabilities of his comrades.

5/10 Sasuke and Kabuto absorb Orochimaru’s power

Kabuto with an IV in Naruto.

Sasuke absorbs Orochimaru as Orochimaru tries to take over his body. Consequently, Sasuke improves his durability, as he can heal faster and outlast his opponents. Sasuke also gains access to some of Orochimaru’s jutsu, such as the substitution technique.

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On the other hand, Kabuto does not absorb Orochimaru like Sasuke does, instead infusing Orochimaru’s remains into his body. Kabuto adds additional modifications to his body and becomes so powerful that he corners both Itachi and Sasuke during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

4/10 The Eighth Gate almost killed Might Guy

Could Guy opening his doors in Naruto.

Might Guy decides to open the eighth gate after learning that Taijutsu can work against Madara. Guy pushes himself to his absolute limit when he opens the Door of Death and is consequently in a lot of pain as he punches and kicks Madara.

The Gate of Death proves to be effective, as it gives Guy access to taijutsu techniques that put Madara on the brink of death. At the same time, Guy understands that he must accept death as an inevitable consequence of opening the last door.

3/10 Characters steal each other’s eyes to become more powerful

I dance against Shisui in Naruto.

Characters with special eye powers should be wary of other ninjas who might try to steal their eyeballs. Since the characters can gouge out their eyeballs with little effort, they can easily gouge out each other’s eyes.

Some power-hungry characters, like Orochimaru and Danzo, go after other ninjas with powerful eyes, like the Sharingan and Rinnegan. Orochimaru ultimately never manages to obtain Sasuke’s Sharingan, but Danzo collects multiple Sharingans and implants them into one of Sasuke’s arms.

2/10 Intense emotions give members of the Uchiha clan enormous power.

Obito Uchiha yelling at Naruto.

When members of the Uchiha Clan experience intense emotions such as hatred, their physical abilities are strengthened. They have to endure emotional suffering to develop their ocular powers, as most characters awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan upon experiencing a traumatic event.

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However, members of the Uchiha Clan can also become stronger through hatred without developing their eye powers. Sasuke feels animosity towards the Leaf Village when he arrives at Kage Summit, and although his eye powers do not evolve, his chakra consequently becomes darker and more powerful.

1/10 Hagoromo grants his powers to Naruto and Sasuke

    Naruto and Sasuke in Hagoromo in Naruto.

Naruto and Sasuke receive huge increases in strength once Hagoromo grants them his powers. They become so powerful that when they return to the battlefield, Naruto beats the crap out of Madara and Sasuke also overwhelms Madara with his speed.

However, Naruto’s power-up makes the narrative inconsistent, leading to controversy among fans. Although Naruto presents himself as an underdog who can change his destiny if he never gives up, Hagoromo shows that Naruto is destined to gain tremendous power in order to save the world. In other words, Naruto claims that he is not the favorite despite being the reincarnation of a prominent figure in shinobi history.

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