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10 Marvel Teams Built Around Magic

Throughout the Marvel Universe, wizards, sorceresses, and agents of the occult use magic to fight other magical threats or to discover even greater magical powers for themselves. However, to achieve certain goals, sometimes an alliance is needed.

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While teams like the Avengers and X-Men use their combined power to fight evil, and others like the Hellfire Club and the Cabal join forces for world domination, some Marvel teams come together to bolster their mystical power. Unifying their efforts, Marvel’s magic-focused teams are a force to be reckoned with.

10/10 Pendragon’s knights fight for the queen

The Knights of Pendragon were a group of individuals brought together by the mystical entity, The Green Knight. This entity placed the spirits of the former Knights of King Arthur’s Round Table within the Knights of Pendragon, empowering the group to protect Britain.

Based on Arthurian legends and British folklore, the Knights of Pendragon would come to fight various monsters and wizards, including the Faustian organization Mys-Tech. After the UK imprint ended, the group joined the European superhero collection led by Black Knight.

9/10 The Salem Seven have ties to other Magic users

The villains Salem Seven posing together

The Salem Seven are the sons of Nicholas Scratch, a powerful witch living in New Salem, a hidden community of magic users who escaped during the Salem witch trials. Scratch’s mother, Agatha Harkness, left town and became Franklin Richards’ nanny. In anger, Nicholas forced his children to kidnap Agatha, taking Franklin with them.

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In response, the Fantastic Four traveled to New Salem and saved Franklin and Agatha from Scratch and his minions. After her death, the Salem Seven stayed behind in New Salem, fighting Agatha’s student, the Scarlet Witch, on multiple occasions. Since then, the group has reformed, deciding to become the protectors of their hometown.

8/10 The fates are a family of magical warriors

ClanDestine Comic characters in a group photo

The Destines is not a team well known to most Marvel fans. They are all children of an immortal knight and his wife, a magical Djinn. Born with magical abilities, the family was torn apart after a tragic accident. Some tried to stay out of world affairs, some wanted to become superheroes, and some tried to take control with other groups.

The series clandestines it would last for only twelve issues, and several tie-ins featured the Fates teaming up with various heroes such as the X-Men and Spider-Man. The Fates would end up appearing in the mrs wondertheir history changed to make them exiled Djinn who wanted to return to their home world.

7/10 The legion of the unliving keeps coming back

The vampire legion of the non-living posing as a group

No Marvel character stays dead forever. In the case of the Legion of the Unliving, that is a fact that can be a blessing or a curse. Kang the Conqueror originally assembled the group to fight the Avengers, but they broke free of his control. Since then, there have been many incarnations of the deceased group of heroes and villains.

A more famous incarnation of the group emerged when the Grim Reaper resurrected a lineup of fallen Avengers members. The result was similar to the previous one, the Legion of the Unliving broke free from the Reaper’s control and one of them, Wonder Man, returned to the world of the living. The most recent incarnation involved vampire versions of Marvel characters sent to hunt down other vampires for their master, but were also defeated by the Avengers.

6/10 The heirs seek mystical blood

Marvel Morlun and The Spider-Verse Inheritors

Spider-Man has come to blows with various villains over the years. One of his strongest enemies is Morlun, a long-lived vampire who drains the life from spider totems, beings with magical ties to the Web of Fate. Although he always loses to the wall-crawler, Morlun has needed the help of his family to hunt down the other totems and drain his essence.

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The Inheritors use their connection to the Web of Destiny to track down and kill various Spider-Men across the multiverse, forcing the Web-Slingers to band together to stop them. The vampire coven had used their innate magical abilities to devour many souls before they were apprehended and imprisoned.

5/10 Nightstalkers are hunters of the night.

The Nightstalkers posing in a group photo

Sometimes a team of professionals is needed to address specific problems. In the ’90s, Doctor Strange feared that even more vampires would rise up and try to seize power. In his attempt to prevent this from happening, Strange would recruit vampire hunter Blade, investigator-turned-vampire Hannibal King, and paranormal specialist Frank Drake as an unwitting group of occult detectives known as Nightstalkers.

The Nightstalkers would battle various supernatural monsters and supervillains while dealing with their own personal issues. They would later become part of the Midnight Sons, forcing the splintered group to split further. The Nightstalkers would disband after King and Drake were believed to be dead after their final battle with the vampire lord Varnae.

4/10 The legion of monsters scares the competition

Legion of Monsters team photo, featuring (from left to right): Living Mummy, Man-Thing, Frankencastle, Morbius, and Werewolf by Night

When it comes to horror, Marvel has their own versions of several famous horror icons, like the Werewolf by Night and the Man Thing. Marvel would assemble a handful of these monsters to become the terrifying Legion of Monsters, only brought together to fight other cryptic adversaries.

With a remarkable roster, the Legion of Monsters have battled other supernatural entities to protect humanity, even as they are still hunted by the humans they protect. Since then, the Monster Legion has remained in the shadows, and their latest adventure forced the group to protect innocent monsters from hidden monster hunters.

3/10 Strange Academy shows the next generation

The Strange Academy students' comic book cover

When readers combine the scholastic aspects of X Men with the magical adventures of Harry Potterget Marvel’s recent lineup of young spell casters from strange academy. The series centers on a new group of teenagers with magical properties who are trained by several of Marvel’s fan-favorite witches and wizards.

Strange Academy’s diverse cast of characters hail from various parts of the Marvel mythos, their unique upbringing forcing the group to overcome their differences to fight evil and get final jobs. The central premise of the series isn’t a new concept, yet it feels like a breath of fresh air, especially to non-superhero readers of comics.

2/10 The Hand are an organized group of hidden ninjas

Marvel's Elektra addresses the Hand ninja clan.

The Hand has long been a threat to the Marvel Universe. The ninja order was created in the 800s to help those in need. However, the clan was usurped by a rival group, which introduced them to the study of black magic.

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It is through these practices that the Hand has persisted, cheating death and wreaking havoc throughout the centuries. Some of their agents even possess various magical talents that serve as mercenaries for hire. However, thanks to the likes of Daredevil and Elektra, her plans for world domination have failed, forcing the Hand back into the shadows.

1/10 The children of midnight are mystic avengers

The Midnight Sons gathered for a fight

Groups like the Avengers show that fans enjoy when their favorite characters come together to face enormous challenges. In the magical world, no group has the level of star power held by the mysterious Children of Midnight. The team, originally called the Nine, first joined forces to fight the demon queen Lilith and was comprised of various heroes such as Ghost Rider and Morbius.

Unfortunately, after the Children of Midnight defeated Lilith, they soon went their separate ways. Since then, the name has now been linked to other groups of magic users forced to band together to fight mystical threats. While not as popular as other groups, the Midnight Sons still have a presence in the Marvel universe, recently getting their own video game.

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