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10 Marvel Comics Events That would Make Great Video Games

The days when superheroes were banished from games are long gone. Although there are still some bad video games like marvel avengersthere are also some amazing critical hits like Marvel’s Spider-Man. But what is the best way to achieve success? Mining ideas that people already love, like the well-known Marvel crossover events.

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Marvel has already gained a sizable fan base from their crossover events, not just in the comics but in the MCU as well. Is easy to see why. These comics offer the epic scale needed to wow fans in theaters. With video games, the same massive scale is needed, and Marvel still has tons of events calling for video games.

10/10 Secret Wars 1984 could be an amazing fighting game

In 1984, Marvel created a major comic book crossover in the form of a miniseries. secret wars. Within the story, Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains were teleported to another world by an omnipotent being called the Beyonder. The Beyonder demanded a battle to determine if the heroes or villains were superior.

secret wars it would make a great background scene for a fighting game. A three vs three fighting game like Marvel vs. Capcomonly focused on the Marvel side of things, it could allow players to create their own teams, with the story culminating in a battle against the Beyonder himself.

9/10 Armor Wars presents a perfect story for Iron Man

Iron Man Faces Crimson Dynamo in Marvel Comics

The original armor wars The miniseries is the most memorable Iron Man story for a reason. It revolves around a driven Tony Stark who has lost control of his technology. Though his allies began to turn against him, Iron Man hunted them all down using technology stolen from him: evil. Y well, to make sure that no one can use their technology to harm people again.

Along the way, Iron Man faced off against a series of challenging armed opponents and even battled a government-funded villain named Firepower. Stark was forced to publicly fire Iron Man and even upgraded and built new armor to finish off Firepower at the end. It’s a great narrative-driven story that Iron Man fans would love to see made into a video game.

8/10 The Onslaught Saga showed Marvel’s heroes fighting an unstoppable foe

An image of Onslaught talking to Jean Gray in Marvel Comics

The origin story of Onslaught is one of the biggest Marvel events of the ’90s. It featured Marvel’s top heroes fighting against a fusion of the darker aspects of Professor Xavier and Magneto. Over the course of several comics, Onslaught comes dangerously close to his goal of creating a unique consciousness of humanity using the combined power of Franklin Richards and Nate Grey.

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With his incredible powers, he takes on not only the X-Men, but the Fantastic Four. Y the Avengers to finish off Onslaught. It’s the perfect big event, and there’s even potential for a sequel with the heroes reborn history

7/10 Annihilation would be a fantastic Musou game

Nova and the Super Skrull in Marvel Comics

The original Annihilation is a dark science fiction story in which the ruler of the Negative Zone, Annihilus, wages war against the positive universe. Annihilus took his unlimited army and laid waste to the Nova Corps homeworld and many other worlds as the swarm of villains attempted to assert dominance over him.

The only people capable of standing in Annihilus’s way were a select group of superpowered people, including Nova, Gamora, and Quasar. What better way to show the sheer number of enemies they had to face than a Musou/Warriors-style game, where hundreds of enemies attack at once?

6/10 War of Kings could be an amazing action game with political drama

Black Bolt, flanked by Darkhawk and Gladiator, in Marvel Comics

war of kings was another major comic of the Marvel Cosmic era of the late 2000s. The series focused on the galaxy embroiled in a war between the power-hungry Shi’ar and the Kree Empire. One subtle wrinkle in the story is that the Inhumans recently took over the Kree Empire, thanks to a political marriage between Crystal of the Inhumans and Ronan the Accuser.

While the story largely focuses on relatively unknown characters, the Guardians of the Galaxy play a role here as well, although the Guardians are a bit different from their MCU versions. With that team in place, there’s a good chance it could function as a Guardians-concentrated game. The team could be working to broker peace before the galaxy collapses under the stress of war.

5/10 Avengers: Operation Galactic Storm features the Avengers battling across the galaxy

The Avengers in space in Marvel Comics

In the early ’90s, Marvel wrote a great Avengers story that took all the heroes into space and left the team forever changed. Avengers: Operation Galactic Storm saw the Avengers dealing with a war between the Kree and the Shi’ar Empire after the Shi’ar brought their conflict to Earth.

Forming a massive team divided into three factions, the Avengers faced the war on three fronts: protecting the planet Earth and going to both the Kree and the Shi’ar, begging them to negotiate. The story has the massive scale needed for the Avengers, Y the interpersonal drama between Avengers leaders Iron Man and Captain America could keep the game going.

4/10 Age of Ultron sees the team face impossible odds

Gold Ultron defeats Iron Man and Captain America in Marvel Comics

age of ultron already made for a solid movie with some scary scenes in Avengers 2, but it’s also a solid concept for a video game. In the near future, the Avengers’ villain Ultron discovers a way to defeat the Avengers and nearly wipe out all of humanity. After an initial attack, only a ragtag group of Avengers is left to fight him and his army.

It’s the perfect foundation for a cinematic story that has tons of recognizable Marvel characters and even switches to a completely different future for another villain fight right before the end. There’s even a bombastic final boss fight where players can defeat Ultron once and for all.

3/10 Kang Dynasty Could Be An Epic RPG

Captain America punching Kang in Marvel Comics

the kang dynasty represented the end of an epic run in the avengers by the writer Kurt Busiek. A story that spanned roughly a year and over a dozen issues, it featured the Avengers battling not only the threat of Kang the Conqueror, but many of his oldest enemies as well. With this story, the Avengers are forced to rely on allies old and new for a chance to defend Earth, let alone stop Kang once and for all.

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the kang dynasty would be perfect for a great RPG story in the style of dragon age, featuring appearances by numerous well-known Marvel foes. Players could also take part in side missions throughout the Marvel Universe, protecting Earth until they were ready to fight Kang.

2/10 Mutant Massacre Could Be A Cinematic Action Game That Pushes Mutants To The Limit

The harpooned angel wings in the X-Men comics

the x men mutant massacre The story was one of Marvel’s biggest and darkest stories of the ’80s. A crossover that included everyone from Thor and Daredevil to New Mutants and X-Factor, the story had the epic feel that Marvel’s biggest comic needed. at that moment. The story centered on the sewer-dwelling Morlocks who are attacked by a group of ruthless hunters known as the Marauders.

Though the X-Men tried to defend the Morlocks, the Marauders represented a cruelty not even the X-Men had faced before. A game like this could focus on the X-Men being on the defensive for most of the game and narrowly defeating some of their deadliest enemies at the end.

1/10 Spider-Verse is an upgraded version of a beloved Spider-Man title

Miles Morales leads alternate versions of Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse in Marvel Comics

the spider-verse The story is exactly what fans want from a great Spider-Man adventure. Peter Parker’s adventures as Spider-Man are jeopardized when the Inheritors appear, a group of immortals who want to feed on the life force of the multiverse’s Spider-Men. Heroes from multiple universes come together to fight the Inheritors, risking their lives to win a war for the good of the entire multiverse.

This is a more cohesive version of the already popular Spider-Man game, Spider-man smashed dimensions. With more Spider-Men and Spider-Women, more universes, and a bigger threat, this would make for a great scenario-based action game.

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