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10 Lesser-Known Appearances Of Freddy Krueger

Coming from the classic a nightmare on elm street franchise, the terrifying serial killer known as Freddy Krueger terrorized teenagers in their dreams. Freddy is an icon of ’80s horror and remains one of the most beloved villains. He is so popular that he has made several appearances in other types of media over the decades.

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Freddy Krueger has appeared in other movies, video games, and even TV shows. Most of these appearances are comical in nature, but they are a delight to Nightmare on Elm Street fans. Krueger has also made some dark appearances in other forms of media that not everyone may be familiar with.

10/10 Freddy hosted a TV show called Freddy’s Nightmares

After the movies, Freddy Krueger appeared in an anthology TV series called freddy’s nightmares where he acted as host. The show is often overlooked by fans because it did not achieve the same success as the film franchise. Nevertheless, freddy’s nightmares maintains A Nightmare on Elm Street’The horror elements, even without Freddy playing an active role.

Instead, Freddy is the host of the series and provides his own commentary for the episodes, almost like the Crypt Keeper of Tales from the Crypt. Robert Englund stays true to the sinister persona of Freddy Krueger even when he pulls off darkly comic jokes.

9/10 A Nightmare on Elm Street has its own video game

Freddy Krueger in the video game A Nightmare on Elm Street

Because A Nightmare on Elm Street’Due to its popularity in the 1980s, a video game was developed for Nintendo in 1990. The game is an RPG that allows the player to be a teenager and explore Elm Street while collecting the bones of Freddy Krueger.

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The video game, which is also called a nightmare on elm street, works like a fighting game, giving it a classic arcade game feel. It is also the first game that Freddy Krueger appeared in. a nightmare on elm street it’s kind of dark, but it’s a good source of nostalgia for some.

8/10 Freddy Krueger appeared in a board game

Freddy Krueger on the cover of the board game A Nightmare on Elm Street

Aside from video games, Freddy Krueger also managed to appear in a family board game. The game was also created during the 80s and works as a strategy game. The board game features a maze inspired by Freddy’s Dream Realm and players must try to find a way to reach the safe zone in order to win.

This is one of the lesser known appearances of Freddy Krueger due to the fact that the board game is so rare. The game can be found in online stores, but due to its old status and rarity, it doesn’t come cheap.

7/10 A hip-hop trio created a guest music video starring Freddy Krueger

Robert Englund as a guest star in the music video Ready For Freddy

Music videos and song lyrics are often inspired by classic movies or iconic characters. Interestingly, Robert Englund appeared in character as Freddy Krueger in a music video called “Are You Ready For Freddy.” Created by a hip-hop trio called The Fat Boys, the music video is very comedic.

“Are You Ready For Freddy” is catchy and well-paced, with a cutesy vibe that makes it enjoyable. The highlight is Robert Englund doing guest vocals and performing an impressive rap. Although not many people know it, it was definitely one of Freddy Krueger’s funniest appearances.

6/10 Freddy Krueger had a Marvel comic for a short time

Freddy Krueger in Marvel comics

a nightmare on elm street is a huge franchise with over 10 movies, a TV series, and a remake starring Freddy Krueger. Although, Freddy has also appeared in other media, including a comic. He appeared in a comic called Nightmare on Elm Street by Freddy Krueger, Published by Marvel Comics and created by Steve Gerber, Alfredo Alcala, Janice Chiang, Rich Buckler, and Tony DeZuniga.

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The comic was released in 1989, and while it had great sales, it couldn’t last and was cancelled. While there was no single reason for the book’s cancellation, it was partly due to how dark the stories were. Although the stories were well received, the book did not last more than two issues due to concerns over graphic images of violence and gore.

5/10 “Scary Terry” from Rick and Morty is a deliberate parody of Freddy Krueger

Scary Terry in Rick & Morty

rick and morty it is one of the most popular animated shows due to its absurd plots and intriguing exploration of science. However, it’s not without its satirical takes on certain topics, and the show constantly references pop culture. One of his best known references is Freddy Krueger.

In “Lawnmower Dog”, rick and morty it featured an antagonist named Scary Terry, who was a deliberate parody of Freddy Krueger. Scary Terry resembles Freddy in every way, even having the power to enter and haunt dreams like a nightmare. The character may only be a parody, but he is very much the animated version of Freddy.

4/10 Freddy Krueger appeared as a playable DLC in Mortal Kombat

Freddy Krueger as a playable character in Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a popular fighting game that is full of blood, violence, and interesting playable characters. Through the years, Mortal Kombat it has even included guest characters. In 2011, one of the guests was Freddy Krueger.

Freddy became a playable guest character with a variety of fighting moves and special attacks that resemble his combat style in Nightmare in Elm street Movie (s. Although the role of Freddy in the Mortal Kombat games is different, as he can’t use his dream-based powers, he still has impressive stamina, agility, and his signature gauntlet weapon.

3/10 The Simpsons brought Freddy Krueger back for The Couch Gag

Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees in The Simpsons episode Treehouse Of Horror

The Simpsons It is one of the longest running cartoons, but it always changes up its classic couch gag by introducing several different characters from popular cartoons, movies, and more recently anime. One of those guest characters was Freddy Krueger. Fittingly, Freddy Krueger appeared on the Simpsons’ couch during the Halloween special, “Treehouse of Horror IX.”

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Freddy appears next to Jason Voorhees, they sit together on the sofa and wait for the Simpson family. However, the reference doesn’t end there, as Willie parodies Freddy in another episode of “Treehouse of Horror”. Robert Englund was able to voice the character to make the look even more authentic.

2/10 Family Guy Randomly Included Freddy Krueger For A Hilarious Prank

Freddy Krueger in the Family Guy episode,

Family man is one of the longest-running sitcoms, with more than 21 seasons. Although, many fans fondly rewatch the previous episodes. Some of the older episodes of Family man he had unusual but beloved jokes. One of the most classic scenes of Family man Features Freddy Krueger.

Glen Quagmire visits Freddy Krueger in the dream world with the intention that Freddy will visit Peter in his dream to tell him a joke. It was such a random cameo with clever setup that it’s a fan-favorite scene. freddy’s appearance in Family man it still makes viewers laugh.

1/10 Freddy Krueger made a comedic cameo in The Goldbergs

Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger in The Goldbergs

One of Freddy Krueger’s more unexpected appearances was on the ABC sitcom, the goldbergs. the goldbergs is currently airing its tenth season and has continued its trend of referencing 1980s movies and TV shows. During its sixth season, one of the references was made to Freddy Krueger, with Robert Englund appearing as the character.

The episode is humorously titled “Mr. Knifey Hands,” and sees Adam Goldberg watch A nightmare on elm street only to be scarred by it afterwards. The best scene, however, is when Freddy Krueger chases Beverly Goldberg in her dreams and they share hilarious banter. It’s not one of the first horror movie references. the goldbergs has done, but is by far one of the best.

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