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10 Isekai Anime With Surprisingly Sad Endings

Isekai is a surprisingly light-hearted genre, considering that its theme features the dark nature of its characters being transported to another world. However, the ongoing “truck-kun” joke perfectly demonstrates just how happy-go-lucky the isekai community has become. Rather than view death as a sad experience, isekai optimistically views it as the beginning of a new life and an exciting adventure.

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Still, not all isekai series follow that same positive direction. Some shows go to great lengths to bring out the darker nuances of what it really means to be sent to another world. Despite the very optimistic and even humorous atmosphere of some series, there are others in which not everything goes well for the hero, and things end badly.

10/10 Not all magical girls have a happy ending.

Magic Knight Rayearth

Magic Knight Rayearth is a bit misleading: its theme consisting of magical girls and mech robots in a fantasy world may make fans expect a more light-hearted series. However, the end of the first season and its implications for the second magic knight down a dark path with tragic consequences.

While the show revolves around its three leads saving a damsel in distress from a usurper, this is only a superficial truth. After killing the villain, they discover that the princess they set out to save was so enamored with him that her death sends her to the depths of grief, forcing the heroes to make a tragic choice.

9/10 Rituals to the dead never seem to end well

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

The students of Corpse Party: Tortured Souls perform a ritual.

corpse party it becomes a sad story long before its end. When a group of students are transported to a strange haunted school after performing a ritual, their fates are already sealed.

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corpse party he is one of the scariest and bloodiest isekai, and his characters are constantly being hunted by his own classmates as they each die one by one. It’s a grim story that is ultimately destined for a tragic ending, as this is an isekai where no one is reincarnated the way they expected.

8/10 Fans hope Rudeus and Eris find their way back

Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation without a job

Rudeus looks into the distance in Mushoku Tensei.

Mushoku Tensai he sometimes receives hate from viewers who view some of his tracks as inappropriate. However, those same themes make the show realistic and unique enough to become one of the most popular new isekai series.

the end of Mushoku Tensai’s Season 2 cemented its place as one of the most realistic and tragic isekai released in recent years. The show certainly has a lot more to say about Rudeus’ story, but as it stands, his characters find themselves in tragic circumstances.

7/10 Yusuke’s fight only reinforced his feelings towards the world.

I’m standing on a million lives

Cover art for I'm Standing on a Million Lives.

I’m standing on a million lives’ The protagonist is a conflicted and self-aware high school student named Yusuke who struggles with life in both worlds he is forced to deal with. That backdrop leads him to conclude at the end of Season 1 that the world is wrong and he’s the only one that’s right.

However, in the second season, Yusuke seems to make new friends in the other world. He finally saves the day, and he and his group are brought back to reality. However, the sad truth is that all of this had little effect on his outlook. When he is asked how he feels about things as the credits roll, he replies: “I still hate this city.”

6/10 The cautious hero should have been more careful

Cautious Hero: The hero is overpowered but overly cautious

An image of Cautious Hero.

cautious hero consists of the quintessential generic isekai protagonist: Seiya is overpowered and quirky with a strong sense of justice. That’s why his fate at the end of the series is so tragic that he takes fans by surprise.

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Despite Seiya’s immense power, he can’t seem to destroy the demon lord he was reincarnated to defeat. In the end, the only way to finish him once and for all is for Seiya to use his most powerful ability, which will also inevitably take his life. Seiya’s tragic sacrifice is a sad moment, though the show breathes a breather through the promise of his rebirth.

5/10 Sword Art’s first arc ended with a tragic cliffhanger.

sword art online

Kirito and Asuna holding hands in Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online The first season has been marginally accepted by anime fans as their best and perhaps the most influential show on isekai to date. Part of the series’ appeal was its high-stakes moments in which Kirito and Asuna faced certain death if they were destroyed in the virtual world of ODS.

That’s part of what made the show’s ending so tragic: fans watched Asuna and Kirito die in battle. Although they were both revived in one of the greatest armor acts ever, the sensations weren’t completely over. When Kirito finally found Asuna in the real world, he still hadn’t woken up from the game. This set in motion Kirito’s seemingly perpetual return to the virtual game worlds.

4/10 Villains deserve to be happy too

Re: creators

Re:Creators poster with all the characters.

Re: creators follows a young otaku who is shocked to discover that the main character of his favorite anime has been transported to his world. This would all be fine if it weren’t for the fact that a terrifying villain was also sent into her world along with her.

The sad fact of Re: creators is that everything stems from the premature death of the creator of the main antagonist, who seeks revenge on the world for causing him depression. The only way the heroes can stop Altair is to create an image for his Maker, Setsuna, which leads to a heartbreaking moment where fans can only feel sorry for the villain.

3/10 Moving on is often the hardest part.

Angel strikes!

A scene from the Angel Beats!  ending.

Angel strikes! It already takes place in the afterlife, so it should come as no surprise to fans that things turn darker. The show follows Otonashi, a boy who forgets his past life after being reborn after death. Because he can’t recall past memories of him, he can’t move on to the next life after death and is stuck in a kind of limbo in the Afterlife.

Although Otonashi and his friends finally graduate and are able to move on, this is a bittersweet truth. As everyone transitions to the next plane of existence, things are particularly difficult for Otonashi because this means he has to leave behind the bonds he formed with his friends, especially Angel.

2/10 Shuu risks everything in this cult classic series

From time to time here and there

An image of Now and Then, Here and There.

From time to time here and there is a cult classic anime about a boy named Shuu who sets out to rescue a mysterious girl only to be sent to a terrifying new world. This world is equal parts terrifying and tragic: a desert dystopia torn by war and famine.

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From time to time is known for its moody atmosphere and emotional moments. Shuu goes through dire circumstances to rescue Lala-Ru, and the series finale is made even more tragic by the things she has to go through to get there.

1/10 Chihiro may be better off forgetting about everything.

made disappear

Haku and Chihiro Ogino hugging in Spirited Away.

Studio Ghibli has often been referred to as the Disney of Japan. While the success of the study certainly warrants that comparison, there are differences between the two. While Disney will come with a preconceived idea of ​​uplifting children’s stories, Studio Ghibli has often covered much darker topics than its American counterpart, and its immensely famous film made disappear is an example of that.

made disappear It perfectly expresses the Disney/Ghibli dichotomy because Disney handled the American dubbing of the film. In it, a change is made that makes the ending feel more complete and a little less sad: Chihiro remembers the events of the spirit world. In the Japanese version, she doesn’t remember; she only feels a change within herself, which is even sadder considering the strong ties she left behind.

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