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10 Greatest X-Men Internal Rivalries

The X-Men are one of the toughest teams in comics. Continuity, relationships, and even who is and isn’t a member of the team have been the subject of much debate among fans. Another classic subject of intrigue is who among the X-Men fights the most with their teammates.

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Mutants of all stripes have been members of the classic Charles Xavier team, leading to much intrapersonal conflict. While some rivalries are good-natured, others have shed countless drops of blood. From classroom antics to philosophy battles, the X-Men have some of the most interesting internal rivalries in comics.

10/10 Namor and Magneto are equal anti-heroes

Namor and Magneto first met in the Silver Age, when the Master of Magnetism tried to convince Namor to join his crusade against humanity. Although their initial alliance did not last, the two quickly became intertwined, particularly when writer Chris Claremont introduced being a Holocaust survivor into Magneto’s backstory.

Magneto and Namor bonded most notably in the X-Men era Utopia, when Namor was exploring his mutant roots. Each a noble man driven to protect the people from him, Magneto and Namor found kinship among themselves. Each more willing to go to extremes than some of his allies, the two appreciate each other’s power and nobility.

9/10 Wolverine and Angel became friends through their trauma

Wolverine (left) and Archangel (right)

Before Wolverine was the reckless bad boy of the team, that honor belonged to Warren Worthington III, the high-flying X-Man known as the Angel. Wolverine found the winged mutant’s privilege and attitude irritating, while Angel felt the Canadian mutant was a dangerous presence.

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However, after the events of “The Dark Phoenix Saga”, the two became closer. Wolverine saw Angel’s bravery, while Angel learned restraint from Wolverine. Later, when Angel struggled with the influence of his Apocalypse-grafted wings, Logan helped him with his inner demons. After working together on teams like X-Force, the two are close friends.

8/10 Sunspot and Moonstar came of age together

Sunspot and Dani Moonstar from the New Mutants

the new mutants was the first major X-Men spin-off, a book detailing the exploits of the second team of teenagers recruited by Charles Xavier. As focused on coming of age as it is on superpowered mutant battles, the new mutants it was a beloved book that allowed readers to see its characters grow.

Dani Moonstar, aka Psyche, and Roberto DaCosta, aka Sunspot, were two of the first five to make the team. Each was proud and competitive, and they didn’t want to let the other get ahead. However, as the teens went through continual trials, they were able to turn their initial combativeness into a healthy rivalry.

7/10 Colossus and Juggernaut can’t help but fight

Colossus Hook and Juggernaut

Piotr Rasputin and Cain Marko haven’t spent a lot of time together, but what little they have had has been explosive. One an iron-skinned superhero with the heart of a poet, the other an unstoppable criminal who wants both peace and destruction, the immense strength of these two men has made them obvious rivals on the battlefield.

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Although none of the characters really see violence as a goal, they certainly see it as a means to an end. The two are constantly paired up to fight for their respective leaders, with a notable example being in The fear itself seeing Colossus take Cyttorak’s crimson gem to fight Asgard-enhanced Marko.

6/10 Jean Gray and Emma Frost have a lot in common

Russell Dauterman's Jean Gray and Emma Frost share a look

Two powerful telepaths with vastly different backgrounds and viewpoints, Jean Gray and Emma Frost were brought together out of a mutual love for Scott Summers. Scott’s psychic affair with Frost caused the two to develop a strong animosity that was an important element of Grant Morrison’s relationship. New X-Men running and all that followed.

Everything, that is, until the Krakoan era. With the more relaxed sexual norms of the island paradise came the opportunity for these very different women to come together. The two worked together to steer the island’s course as members of the Quiet Council, keeping the fledgling mutant nation safe from friend and foe alike.

5/10 The Bishop overcame his distrust of Gambit

X-Men Bishop's Gambit

The energy-redirecting bishop arrived in the current timeline to save the X-Men from the machinations of the mysterious X-Traitor; though he wasn’t sure who he was, all signs pointed to the former thief known as Gambit. Gambit was clinging to a dark secret, one he didn’t want to share with the team.

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Gambit and Bishop’s early relationship was marred by mutual distrust. However, circumstances continually placed the two on the same side. As Gambit and Bishop fought battle after battle together, their relationship began to soften and the two became friends. Although the current continuity doesn’t dwell on it much, their rivalry is one of their key relationships.

4/10 Kate Pryde and Emma Frost have gotten over their differences

Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde through a door together

Emma Frost’s haughty demeanor has allowed her to remain calm, but it has also created many enemies for her. For a time, one of those enemies was Kitty Pryde, who was kidnapped by Frost in her opening story arc. However, the two women have changed a lot since then.

While Kitty and Emma’s time together teamed up in the Joss Whedon/John Cassady-created film amazing x men was full of disagreements, they also used the time to begin to work through their initial disagreements. This came out in full force during the Krakoan Era, where Frost and Pryde have successfully led both the Marauders and the Hellfire Trading Company to help mutants around the world.

3/10 Cyclops and Wolverine learned to work together

Cyclops Wolverine X-Men Feature

For a long time, Scott Summers was the strict and strategic leader of the X-Men. For an equally long time, Logan was the rebellious and hot-headed loner of the team. As expected, the two did not get along. Wolverine and Cyclops were bitter rivals in everything from leadership to love.

For decades, Wolverine and Cyclops struggled to get along. However, time has shown that the couple is the most critical pillar of the team. Logan and Scott learned to work together and even became friends, which is why mutants live in a new golden age.

2/10 Magneto and Professor X have always been important to each other.

Magneto and Professor X fight

Many would say that the rivalry between Magneto and Professor X is the central relationship of the X-Men. After bonding when they were young, the two found first common ground and then a disagreement over their respective philosophies on mutants. Each character has done noble and despicable things, many times because of the other.

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Much of the history of the X-Men has been dictated by the fights of these two men: team creations, great battles, and even trials before The Hague. In the modern era, Magneto and Charles Xavier have been able to rekindle their friendship and use their differences as a source of strength.

1/10 Wolverine and Sabretooth just hate each other

Wolverine fighting Sabretooth on the cover of Wolverine #41 in Marvel Comics

While many X-rivalries have elements of humor, the reality of Wolverine and Sabretooth’s relationship couldn’t be more different. James Howlett and Victor Creed have known each other for over a century, turning from enemies to allies and back again. For much of the modern era, Wolverine and Sabretooth’s rivalry had a decidedly dark bent.

For a variety of reasons, Wolverine and Sabretooth hate each other to the point that Sabretooth used to hunt down Wolverine on his birthday and fight him. Wolverine hates Sabretooth because he thinks he is the worst of himself, while Sabretooth hates Wolverine because of his self-proclaimed nobility.

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