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10 Greatest Creature Feature Horror Movies, Ranked

Horror has proven to be one of the most diverse genres that stimulates many creative stories. The creature feature is a beloved subgenre, as fans love being terrified of aliens, beasts, and monsters. The best thing about a creature movie is that it is often based on real threats that any viewer could plausibly encounter.

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The genre typically produces new hits each year, including many beloved B-movies. While the sillier side of the subgenre has entertainment value, there have been some really cool creature features. The force of nature aspect of horror will always land with fans.

10/10 Anaconda was ridiculous and overly funny

Widely known for his over-the-top and goofy nature, Anaconda It was one of Jennifer Lopez’s most memorable movies, albeit for the wrong reasons. Beloved by her cult following for her subpar effects, questionable acting, and utter fun with creatures, Anaconda well worth seeing.

With Ice Cube and Jon Voight hosting, Anaconda follows the crew of a small boat that is attacked by a huge anaconda lurking in the Amazon jungle. When a determined hunter takes them hostage, he forces the crew deeper into the forest to lead him to his prey.

9/10 Alligator explored the urban legend of a giant reptile on the loose

Taking the jaws concept to the streets, Alligator (starring Robert Forster) followed a giant-sized alligator years after it was swept away. After consuming lab animals for his entire life, Ramón the alligator grows to gigantic size and escapes the sewers. Once Ramón steps back on the ground, he attacks everyone who gets in his way.

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As the bloody rampage begins, an experienced detective and a herpetologist join forces to track down and capture the creature. Exploring the infamous urban legend of the sewer-dwelling alligator, Alligator was one of the first -and best- films that sought to copy the jaws formula.

8/10 Lake Placid Had a Giant Alligator Terrorizing a Small Town

Starring Bill Pullman, placid lake saw a huge alligator terrorizing the small town of Black Lake, Maine. When the body of one of the monster’s victims is pulled from the lake, Fish and Game officer Jack Wells sets out to find out who was responsible.

With the help of a paleontologist, Jack sets out on the hunt for the apex predator, eager to find it before everyone else. However, he comes across an old woman who had been feeding the beast. As in all great men vs. beast movies, the creature breaks loose and goes on a full-blown rampage in the city. placid lake is a classic creature feature film.

7/10 Rogue took a boat tour hunted by a giant crocodile

Set in Australia, Rogue follows a group of tourists who take a boat trip along a river known for its large number of crocodiles. The group includes a travel journalist, Pete, and a tough local guide named Kate. As is inevitable with the best creature features, the boat is soon attacked by a giant man-eating crocodile.

As the crocodile slowly begins to make its way through the small group, the passengers find themselves stranded on the bank of a small river with no way to escape. The group soon realizes that their best bet for survival is to run straight through their reptile hunter. Rogue it has incredible special effects, for which it won several AACTA awards, and a fun story.

6/10 Deep Blue Sea saw people chased by intelligent sharks

Located in a deep-sea research station that is home to intelligent sharks, deep blue sea followed the survival of a group of people who were trapped in the facility. After an attack and a failed rescue operation, the station is slowly flooded with water and relentless sharks, which begin to kill the survivors.

As the human and shark populations slowly dwindle in the fierce fight between the two, the survivors must use increasingly creative methods to kill the beasts. At the end of deep blue sea, the handful of surviving characters have to make a daring push to the surface. A great shark attack movie, deep blue sea offers a tense and silly adventure.

5/10 Crawl caught a woman in the heart of a hurricane with alligators

2019 Crawl combined the creature horror film with the natural disaster subgenre, throwing its characters into the heart of a hurricane. Crawl It was a fast-paced, action-packed adventure that managed to scare its audience. When the storm hits, a young woman named Haley goes looking for her father, who has stayed at her house to weather the storm.

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When Haley shows up, she realizes that the house and surrounding streets are flooded, and that her father is wounded in the basement. Unfortunately, the storm has swept a group of alligators into town, and the monstrous reptiles are targeting Haley and her father.

4/10 Pitch Black was a creature feature on an alien planet

Introducing the world to Vin Diesel’s iconic character, Riddick, pitch black it begins with a transport spaceship damaged by asteroids, forcing it to crash-land. The starship crashes on a desert planet, and only a handful of survivors make it out of the wreckage. One of the survivors is the violent criminal Riddick.

While searching for shelter from the harsh desert heat, as well as a means of rescue, the group discovers carnivorous, bat-like monsters. They soon realize that the creatures cannot move in light. pitch black It’s not necessarily smart or innovative, but it’s a fun watch nonetheless.

3/10 No, it was Jordan Peele’s turn in the movie Alien Invasion

Jordan Peele Nope it was a fun, modern western story that quickly presented a menacing, otherworldly threat. When horse trainer brothers OJ and Emerald Haywood begin to notice strange occurrences in their small town, they take it upon themselves to investigate the cause.

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Although OJ and Emerald are initially unsure, they come to firmly believe that their town is home to a UFO harboring a living thing. The creature, which is attracted to anyone who looks at it, continues to kill the residents while OJ and Emerald come up with a plan to take it down. Nope was praised for its hair-raising story, which showcased Peele’s talents.

2/10 Tremors was a modern western with monsters

Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward’s brilliant comedy film, tremors, follows the residents of Perfection, Nevada as they are tormented by unseen monsters. As Val (Bacon) and Earl (Ward) try to get help, they find themselves trapped by a rockslide and have to turn back.

When Val and Earl discover that the creatures are giant worms, the townspeople begin desperately planning their escape. However, the creatures can detect their footsteps, so the small group of residents have to defend themselves. tremors is such a classic creature feature that it spawned five sequels, a prequel, and a TV show.

1/10 Jaws is still the king of the creature

steven spielberg jaws It was the first blockbuster of the summer and is also the quintessential creature feature, defining the genre for years to come. When a shark begins to attack Amity’s tourists, Sheriff Brody assembles a captain and a marine biologist to hunt it down.

When the trio of hunters head out into the open sea, determined to catch the killer shark, they discover that the beast is much tougher than they expected. Combining adventure with terror, jaws is hands down the best the creature feature genre has to offer.

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