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10 Final Fantasy Games That Deserve A Sequel

Final Fantasy characters come to life with rich backstories and compelling personalities. Given the fans’ attachment to these characters, they tend to end up a lot. FF titles wanting more. Unfortunately, the nature of Final Fantasy it’s that each entry is made to be independent, unconnected to the events of the other games.

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Although the entire main line Final Fantasy The games are completely unique, there’s so much more to explore in their individual worlds that could help these games find whole series of their own. Though few and far between, sequels have worked for the series before, and many of them FF The best games are way overdue for proper follow-up.

10/10 Final Fantasy VII is the best JPG of all time

As one of the best RPGs of all time, final fantasy 7 probably deserves a proper sequel. In defense of Square Enix, there have been various representations in the media of FFVII launched from the game itself. This includes the children advent film portraying the aftermath of FFVIIjust like him FFVII Remakes continue to be released on newer consoles.

While it is currently unknown how far the remakes will go in the history of the FFVII universe, fans would be delighted to see it spread to children advent and possibly even beyond. Whether Cloud’s story is continued in a main game or not, he is the mascot of the series. Fans can be sure that he will likely appear as a playable character in games for years to come.

9/10 Final Fantasy Tactics showed how well the FF universe translates to other forms of RPGs

Marche and company approach a group of enemies in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Tactic I was Final Fantasy foray into the realm of tactical RPGs, and it was a smashing success. The classic spells, monsters, and RPG items that are staples in FF translated perfectly into tactical gameplay and has become a cult classic for the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance systems.

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Weather final fantasy 12 takes place in the same world as tactics, is played completely differently, and Tactic it has never seen a second release. Fans of the original game would be delighted to see a sequel, and the RPG world as a whole would be a better place with a next-gen recreation of the elements they made. Tactic special.

8/10 Final Fantasy VIII mysteries could be answered in a sequel

Rinoa and Sqall getting ready to hug in Final Fantasy VIII

After the resounding success of final fantasy 7, his next installment had a lot to prove. While it couldn’t hope to achieve the level of publicity and acclaim its predecessor achieved, it remains one of the best-selling franchise entries and is often considered one of the best games in the series.

FFVIII continued the futuristic scenario introduced in VII while adding many interesting new elements to its story and characters. Fans still debate the fate of final fantasy VIIICharacters to this day, so providing a sequel that follows what actually happened may once and for all settle the prevailing questions that still linger in the minds of RPG fans.

7/10 The world of Final Fantasy XII has a lot to explore in later games.

The heroes of Final Fantasy XII

After eleventh marked Final Fantasy first step into the MMO sphere, final fantasy 12 it was a welcome return to form with some interesting new mechanics. The battle system was much more action-based, reflecting the MMO style of eleventhbut the general environment twelfth was more along the lines of final fantasy IX.

One of the interesting pieces of FFtwelfth They were their aircraft. While aircraft have always been an important part of most Final Fantasy lore, they were twelfththe center focus. This made the world of Ivalice seem even larger than usual and gave the developers plenty of room to expand that world in future titles.

6/10 Final Fantasy VI could take the franchise in a new direction (again)

Final Fantasy VI Kefka stands on top of the world

When fans are asked about the best games in the Final Fantasy franchise, a frequently cited entry is FFVI. FFVI is a great game in its own right, but it was historic as the first game in the series to really break out of the classic RPG box.

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FFVI it has received multiple remakes, but the franchise has never continued its true story. This is a historic entry in Final Fantasy the story and a sequel would bring old fans and new racers to the franchise.

5/10 Final Fantasy Chronicles Could Reach a Wider Audience

The group protects the ship in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Chronicles It is one of the most characteristic games of the Final Fantasy franchise and also an extremely fun game to play with friends. While it recently received a mobile release and a new version, there were a few issues with the newer version that didn’t translate well to online play.

A sequel could reinvigorate the great concepts that Chronicles it began while applying everything the franchise has learned through its subsequent MMO releases. Yes Chronicles or a sequel could get underway in online mobile gaming, it could easily become one of the popular games in the series and reach a whole new demographic in the mobile gaming space.

4/10 Final Fantasy IV was deep enough to continue

Art of the main group members from Final Fantasy 4

final fantasy IV is praised as one of the early classics FF games with a greater emphasis on the story. IV.‘s the characters are also some of the most memorable in the entire franchise. IVF it was also the first game to introduce the infamous ATB battle system that became a big part of the franchise’s battles.

In particular, Kain’s struggle with his inner demons is immortalized as one of the best examples of character development in any game series. With the depth behind her characters and her influence on Final Fantasy like an everything, IV. world deserves a proper sequel to build on what the original started.

3/10 Final Fantasy III remake gave it new life

Final Fantasy III 3D Remake Art

final fantasy III it was a turning point for the franchise, as it introduced many gameplay elements that became staples of later games in the series. He introduced the job system and the Evoker class at the same time. The evocative was FF first summoner. He had the ability to call upon early versions of some of the franchise’s most iconic recurring characters, including Ifrit, Shiva, and Odin.

Weather FF III has already had a remake, including a mobile port, it has not received any actual sequels. The new 3D version included improved backstories for the Warriors of Light, so continuing this story might feel natural now that their characters are more fleshed out.

2/10 Fans can’t get enough of Vivi, Freya and Dagger from Final Fantasy IX

The cast of characters from Final Fantasy IX

One of the most beloved games in the series, final fantasy IX highlights all aspects of what a Final Fantasy the game is about Its plot and characters are some of the most celebrated in the franchise, and it maintains the fantasy setting that was introduced in the original. Final Fantasy game in perfect condition.

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final fantasy IX it took the lessons the franchise learned from its predecessors and combined them into one giant love letter to the series. Although it has not sold as much as others FF dear as X Y VII, final fantasy IX remains a fan favorite of the franchise as it stays true to the core tenets of FF games.

1/10 Final Fantasy was far from final

Battle of Final Fantasy 1 on the SNES system

When Square started developing Final Fantasy As Hironobu Sakaguchi’s dream project, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. Sakaguchi had decided to go back to school and stop doing RPGs if the game failed. he named the game Final Fantasy as he thought it was the end of his career.

Final Fantasy The first game is the quintessential high fantasy RPG experience and one of the best RPGs on the SNES system. A sequel that brings its simple yet profound gameplay to a new generation would provide a great reflection of how far the franchise has come since realizing its creator’s dreams.

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