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10 Fastest Ways To Make Money In Breath Of The Wild

With the sequel to breath of the wild, Tears of the Kingdomset to release in 2023, players are in a race against time to finish as much as they can before they have a new Zelda world to explore. For players trying to pick up the pace and complete quests quickly, a necessary component will be acquiring as many Rupees as possible, as quickly as possible.

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rupees in breath of the wild they are completely necessary for the player to progress their quest in any meaningful way. They allowed Link to pay for new armor, register horses, purchase equipment upgrades, and other tools needed to survive in Hyrule. While people should be tired of real-world get-rich-quick schemes, Hyrule has some tried-and-true methods for making money quick. After all, even Link needs to earn a living.

10/10 Lynel’s pieces are the best home remedies

Lynels are some of the strongest monsters Link will encounter in Hyrule. While they come in various forms, they can usually take out Link with just a couple of hits. Although it can prove to be a tough fight, if the player manages to defeat one, he can get great monetary rewards.

In particular, the Lynel parts that drop can be used to cook meals and elixirs. If made into an elixir, they happen to be some of the highest priced items players can make. A well-made Lynel’s elixir can sell for over 2,000 rupees.

Inventory with Link with 5/5 Prime Raw Meat

Cooking can be particularly lucrative if Link can get the recipe right. However, not just any meat is worth it. Preparing a gourmet dish with prime meat will be equivalent to one of the highest priced dishes in BOTH OF THEM.

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To get the most bang for his buck, Link will want to cook top-quality meat skewers. Optimum Skewers are made from five pieces of prime meat and can be sold for a good return. Prime meat can be found as an item from various wild animals, such as bears, wolves, and wild boars.

8/10 Talus is worth the risk

Link fighting Talus in Breath of the Wild

Sometimes the greatest risk yields the best reward. If players want to get the most money, they may have to take on one of the scariest mini-bosses in the world. BOTH OF THEM, the Tallus. Talus are giant golems that blend into the landscape and emerge from the ground when Link approaches.

Talus’s strong outer shell means that Link will need to use bombs or stronger two-handed melee weapons like hammers to deal damage. However, after being defeated, Talus tends to drop a fair amount of valuable gems, including Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire, which can be sold for a hefty price.

7/10 A shining example of how hard work pays off.

Mining Glowstones in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Glowstones are exactly what they sound like: strange, glowing rock formations that can be found all over Hyrule. Mining glowstones and selling them individually earns Link 70 Rupees per stone.

However, there is a more lucrative use for the stones. If the player obtains 10 Glowstones, they can take them back to Ledo the Zora. He is so desperate for them that he will exchange 2 diamonds for 10 luminous stones. Since the diamonds sell for around 500 each, that’s a nice profit of 300 rupees.

6/10 Rupees were just blupee balls all this time

A Blupee in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Blupees are strange mystical creatures that appear randomly in the forests of Hyrule. They look like a mix between Owls and Rabbits, and seem to share some relationship with the Lord of the Mountain, who resembles a Blupee with the body of a deer.

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When hit with an arrow, bomb, or any melee weapon, Blupees will drop Rupees as they flee. Because of this special connection to rupees, the characters in BOTH OF THEM even speculate that Blupees may be the source of all the rupees in the world. While that part of the story is uncertain, it is undeniable that stumbling upon a Blupee in the wild can be very profitable for Link.

5/10 Gem mining is an honest days job

Ramella the buyer of gems in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Gems are some of the most expensive items in breath of the wild, and they are not always easy to find. However, if Link can stumble upon some particularly rare ones, he will receive valuable compensation for his efforts.

By mining ore deposits, Link can discover the rare Sapphire or Diamond, which sell for 260 or 500 rupees respectively. If the player can get a decent amount of gems, they’ll want to seek out Ramella, the Gerudo in Goron City, who pays more for gems than anyone else in the game.

4/10 The horns of the great dragon are a fashionable item in Hyrule.

Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild DInraal Link

The 3 great dragons of Hyrule, Dinraal, Naydra, and Farosh, are great for more than one reason. Of course, they are considered to be the incarnations of the 3 goddesses Din, Nayru and Farore. However, apart from the spiritual aspect, the 3 dragons also have a much more materialistic importance to them.

Shooting a well-placed arrow at any of the 3 dragons can cause them to drop various valuable items. The most expensive item they drop, their horn, has a respectable market value of 300 rupees each. While the other drops from the great dragons have their own uses besides just being sold, nothing beats cash.

3/10 The Sheikah slate can passively search for treasures

Legend of zelda breath of the wild link looking at a chest surrounded by fish

After upgrading the Sheikah Slate with Purah to Sensor+, players can point at any object in the game to set the Slate to alert them when that object is nearby. That means that targeting a treasure chest will allow you to track down hidden chests that aren’t immediately visible to the naked eye.

While not all chests will award the player with Rupees, they will at least receive a valuable item that they can sell for a decent profit. The best part of this is that the player can continue to search for other schemes to earn money and at the same time be alerted to the progress of a nearby treasure.

2/10 The Hateno Village minigame is a 2 for 1 offer

Zelda Breath of the Wild Hateno Village Secret of the Cedars

In Hateno Village, there is a man named Dantz who wants Link’s help to hunt some deer. If Link manages to kill all 10 deer in the 60 second time limit, he will be rewarded with a decent 50 Rupees.

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While a reward of 50 rupees is fine, the real prize of the hunt is the prime meat that the deer drop. If made into a skewer, the meat can be sold for much higher prices than the actual minigame reward pays. Two ways to make money at a gig is not a bad deal at all.

1/10 Cheating once can have a snowball effect.

Play Snow Bowling Mini game in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

One of the most infamous methods to make money in BOTH OF THEM is the snowball bowling minigame located at Pondo’s Lodge in the Hebra region. While playing fair can still yield a modest profit, taking the cheap way out has optimized the return on investment for snowbowlers everywhere.

The method is simple: instead of throwing the ball straight up the hill, the player must throw it behind Pondo’s back. The snowball will bounce off his back, hitting Link in the face, and roll down the mountain, dealing one hit each time.

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