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10 Fairly OddParents Characters Who Deserved Better

The Fairly OddParents holds the silver because the second longest-running present on Nickelodeon, proper after SpongeBob SquarePants. Similar to SpongeBob, Fairly OddParents had a variety of memorable characters with distinct designs and personalities that drew viewers to the ever-popular sequence.

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Unfortunately, The Fairly OddParents wound up misusing most of its characters, both neglecting them or lowering characters’ personalities to a single trait. So many characters in The Fairly OddParents may have had extra storylines that expanded on their lives, fleshing out their personalities and relationships by way of a mixture of comedy and character development.

10 Chip Skylark Surely Had More Songs To Sing

Chip Skylark had a number of the greatest episodes and songs in The Fairly OddParents. To this present day, followers nonetheless jam to his songs like “Icky Vicky” and “My Shiny Teeth and Me.” In distinction to Timmy Turner’s preliminary impressions of him, Chip had hidden depth and have become a great pal.

Chip Skylark did not have many episodes with him as a central character, which could be very disappointing as a result of he may’ve had extra songs for followers to take pleasure in. In addition, he may’ve acted as a mentor to Timmy, making ready him for all times as a youngster.

9 Trixie Tang’s Popularity Got In The Way Of A Great Character

Trixie Tang was an excellent subversion on the “popular girl that the geeky guy has a crush on” trope. Trixie’s character improvement explored her opening her friendship with Timmy Turner. Despite her typically impolite angle, she was able to being good to others who weren’t in style, particularly Timmy.

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The Fairly OddParents explored Trixie’s hidden depth and secret pursuits, exhibiting that she was lots like Timmy, regardless of their totally different recognition ranges. Sadly, Trixie’s improvement was eroded in favor of pushing her “popular girl” persona, exaggerating her shallowness and want for exterior validation.

8 Dr. Bender And His Son Wendell Were Unique Antagonists Who Vanished

Dr. Bender was an evil dentist, and his son Wendell Bender was his evil assistant. They had been humorous however formidable antagonists, inflicting a variety of bother for Timmy. Surprisingly, Dr. Bender and Wendell have not made any appearances after Season 5, regardless of being noteworthy villains.

More episodes of The Fairly OddParents may have handled the villainous plots of Dr. Bender and Wendell, enjoying into the concept of childhood fears of the dentist. At the very least, it will’ve been good for the followers to have the father-son duo seem within the Wishology trilogy with the opposite villains.

7 Gary Was An Interesting Villain And Former Friend Of Timmy’s

Gary was Timmy’s imaginary pal when the latter was youthful, however Gary turned resentful of Timmy as a result of he saved Gary in his thoughts for years. Gary and Timmy ultimately made peace, however by no means formally turned associates once more. Gary made two appearances in The Fairly OddParents earlier than disappearing perpetually.

More tales may’ve been written that explored Gary and Timmy’s previous, and the viewers may have additionally seen Gary and Timmy slowly construct their friendship again up. Gary may have had an fascinating arc from pal to enemy to pal once more. Unfortunately, this arc did not occur.

6 Tootie Started Off As More Than Just A Stalker, But The Fairly OddParents Never Explored That Aspect Of Her

Tootie had an unhealthy crush on Timmy, someway having a ton of memorabilia of him in her room. However, the sooner episodes additionally confirmed that Tootie was a really good individual and genuinely wished associates.

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Tootie needed to always cope with her older sister Vicky’s abuse, much more than the opposite children Vicky babysat. Vicky additionally scared different children away from befriending Tootie, growing Tootie’s loneliness. Tootie’s life was a tragic, however fascinating story to discover. More episodes may have expanded on Tootie’s life and her curiosity in Timmy, as a substitute of devolving her into one other stalker with a crush.

5 The Pixies Were Great Antagonists To Fairies Who Faded Away

The pixies are magical creatures that had been main antagonists early within the days of The Fairly OddParents. However, the present stopped utilizing them, with the pixies virtually disappearing from the sequence utterly.

The pixies had been a counterpart to fairies, with the pixies treating magic like a enterprise and looking for to regulate Fairy World and Earth. The pixies had been superb opponents, virtually succeeding of their missions. It’s actually disappointing that such noteworthy characters had been phased out as a substitute of the present exploring extra of the pixies’ world and species.

4 Big Daddy Had A Lot To Teach Wanda, Poof, And Timmy

Wanda’s father, recognized professionally as “Big Daddy” is the proprietor of a rubbish firm and acted like a mafia boss. People feared him, however Big Daddy had an actual gentle facet for Wanda and grew to love Timmy. The sequence may have explored Big Daddy’s relationships with them additional.

Big Daddy stopped exhibiting up on The Fairly OddParents after Season 5. He wasn’t even there to see the beginning of Wanda’s son Poof. Big Daddy may’ve tailored to being a grandfather to each Poof and Timmy, comically instructing them about accountability and learn how to run a enterprise like a mafia boss.

3 Trixie’s Friend Veronica Never Got To Grow As A Character

Veronica is one other one of many in style college students at Timmy’s college and Trixie’s greatest pal. In The Fairly OddParents, Veronica was mainly the much less in style woman who hangs out with the most well-liked one. Trixie and the opposite in style children typically handled Veronica like cannon fodder, and Veronica had an unhealthy, pathological want to be as in style as Trixie.

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The Fairly OddParents may have had episodes that had a gradual character arc for Veronica. The present may’ve had her slowly develop her personal identification and self-confidence, lastly rising out of Trixie’s shadow.

2 Cosmo Is The Most Flanderized Character On The Fairly OddParents

A trope based mostly round Ned Flanders from The Simpsons, “flanderization” is the gradual strategy of exaggerating a personality’s single trait or set of traits till it mainly turns into the character’s whole persona. Out of all of the characters in The Fairly OddParents, Cosmo turned essentially the most flanderized.

In Season 1 and the Oh Yeah! cartoons, Cosmo had extra to his thoughts and was an excellent father determine to Timmy. With every succeeding season, Cosmo’s intelligence decreased additional, to the purpose that he turned baby-like and unable to operate correctly with out another person within the room. Many followers dislike how Cosmo was degraded to the “dumb dad” trope just like different characters like Homer Simpson.

1 Sanjay Never Had His Own Episode

Timmy’s associates Chester and AJ had episodes dedicated to them, and even Timmy’s “backup” pal Elmer had extra focus within the episode “A Wish Too Far!” However, Timmy’s different “backup” pal Sanjay by no means received an episode of his personal.

Sanjay had nice comedic moments, however the creators seemingly by no means considered fascinating plot strains to place him in. Sanjay may have had episodes that fleshed him out as a personality, delving into his unseen household life and his relationships with Timmy and their different associates. As it stands, he ended up simply being a “backup” pal to Timmy.

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