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10 Facts Marvel Fans Need To Know About Attuma

With the release of the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Namor and the people of Talokan have become a widespread discussion among fans. With the film being the feature film debut of Namor, one of Marvel’s earliest characters, it does a great job of developing and exploring some of Namor’s closest comedic allies.

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Among his allies is Attuma, who serves as the leader of the massive Talokan army. However, Attuma’s role in wakandan forever it is mostly limited to that of a supporting character and pure ally of Namor. However, Attuma’s comedic story hints that may change soon. In the Marvel comics, Attuma is well known as the villainous rival of Namor, who tried to usurp the crown numerous times.

10/10 Attuma first appeared in Fantastic Four.

Like Namor, Attuma is one of many Marvel characters who first appeared in Fantastic four. Attuma made his comic debut in Fantastic four #33 by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Chic Stone and Artie Simek. In the comic, Attuma established himself as a rebel leader against Namor and the throne of Atlantis, something he claimed was his birthright.

Although Attuma’s first attempt at the crown was unsuccessful, it resulted in Namor’s first team with the Fantastic Four, a team he has feuded with on numerous occasions. After the fight, Attuma was banished from Atlantis, setting the course for a longstanding rivalry between him and the Sub-Mariner.

9/10 Attuma is one of the best warriors of Atlantis.

Attuma standing in front of spears in Marvel comics-1

As set in wakandan foreverBesides Namor, Attuma is the most capable warrior in the Atlantis/Talokan army. Like Namor, Attuma is known to wield staffs and spears to tremendous effect, rivaling some of the most proficient fighters in Marvel comics.

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In fact, Attuma has gone toe to toe with some of Marvel’s most powerful characters, like the Incredible Hulk. In indestructible hulk #5 by Mark Waid, Leinil Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, Sunny Gho, and Chris Eliopoulos, Attuma faced off against the Hulk in an intense battle. Although Attuma ultimately lost the fight, he landed numerous significant blows and even picked up the Hulk and threw him at a sea monster.

8/10 Attuma fought against the avengers

The Avengers watching Attuma interrogate Vision in the Marvel comics

Quickly graduating from the status of just a villain to Namor, Attuma had numerous conflicts with the Avengers after his first attempt to conquer Atlantis. Attuma first met the Avengers in Avengers Vol 1 #26 by Stan Lee, Don Heck, Frank Giacoia, Stan Goldberg, and Artie Simek.

Facing off against a small roster of Captain America, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch, Wasp is captured by Attuma while trying to warn his fellow Avengers that Namor is heading to New York. Finally sending an emergency signal to her teammates, Wasp is rescued after a three-on-one battle between the Avengers and Attuma. This would not be the last time that Attuma met the Avengers, as he later faced them again in Avengers Vol 1 #154 Y Alpha Flight #39.

7/10 Attuma formed the deep six

Namor and the Defenders swimming towards Attuma

As many great Marvel villains have done in the past, Attuma formed his own team of supervillains to rival the Defenders of Namor. Nicknamed the Deep Six, the group of Attuma, Piranha, Orka, Nagala, Tiger Shark, and Sea Urchin met for the first time in Defenders Vol 2 #7 by Kurt Busiek, Erik Larsen, Sal Buscema, Gregory Wright & Color Arts, and Chris Eliopoulos.

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In the comic, after fighting the Bloodraven Cult, Namor rallies the Defenders to free Atlantis from Attuma’s occupation. Upon entering Atlantis, Namor and the Defenders meet the Deep Six in an epic battle, branching out into multiple one-on-one fights. Although this team of villains was quite formidable, they disbanded shortly after this encounter.

6/10 Attuma forced his way to the throne

Namor and Attuma fighting face to face in Marvel comics

Though it took a few tries, Attuma eventually ascended the throne of Atlantis after winning a brutal civil war against Namor. Effectively exiled from Atlantis, Namor requested the help of the Avengers in Avengers Vol 1 #272 By Roger Stern, John Buscema, Tom Palmer, Paul Becton, and Jim Novak.

Along with Alpha Flight, Canada’s premier superhero team, the Avengers forced their way through Attuma’s defenses, leaving an opportunity for Namor to attack Attuma directly. Defeating Attuma and freeing his loved ones in the process, Namor told his rival that he was not interested in reclaiming the throne. He just wanted to free people from him.

5/10 Attuma was killed by Sentry

Sentry fighting Attuma in the Marvel comics

Like many other Marvel villains, Attuma was killed in an epic battle only to be brought back to life a few issues later. In Sentinel Vol 2 #1 By Paul Jenkins, John Romita Jr., Mark Morales, Dean White, and Rus Wooton, Attuma attempted to invade New York City with an army of robots.

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Along with the New Avengers, the Sentry, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, flew past Attuma at high speed, decapitating him and instantly ending the invasion attempt. Soon after, Doctor Doom took over Attuma’s body and used high-level technology combined with magic to resurrect the villain, making him far more powerful than he previously was.

4/10 Attuma ruled ancient Atlantis

close-up image of Attuma's face in the Marvel comics

Seeking a break from the constant conflict with Namor and Atlantis, Attuma and his army set up camp in the ruins of Old Atlantis, an underwater city off the coast of Antarctica. In Namor the Submarine #45 By Glenn Herdling, Geof Isherwood, DR Martin, and Michael Higgins, Attuma and his soldiers began a campaign to destroy Japanese poaching ships that were killing whales near Old Atlantis.

Eventually capsizing a huge ship, Attuma caught the attention of Namor, whose surprise attack on his soldiers forced Attuma to flee. With Namor convincing the group of ships to stop whaling, Attuma and his people returned to Old Atlantis, where they resided for a few more years.

3/10 Attuma searched for the secrets of Lemuria

Attuma holding a staff and leading an army in the Marvel comics

Seeking to expand his influence across the seas, Attuma invaded and quickly reclaimed the underwater kingdom of Lemuria. Forcing the Lemurian mystics to help him, Attuma began to develop “Attuma’s Gift”, a powerful weapon born from alchemy capable of melting any substance.

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Hoping to use the weapon to destroy the surface world, Attuma became increasingly protective of Lemuria, protecting the mystics at all costs. As previously mentioned, Attuma faced off against the Incredible Hulk, a conflict that occurred after the Hulk reached the waters of Lemuria during a mission for S.H.I.E.L.D. Thanks to the Hulk’s intervention, Attuma was defeated, his weapon blueprints were destroyed, and the kingdom of Lemuria was liberated.

2/10 Attuma defended Atlantis during Civil War 2

Attuma fighting Squadron Supreme in the Marvel comics

Although Attuma is a dangerous warlord, his love for Atlantis and its people cannot be questioned. Attuma showed this in Supreme Squad Vol 4 #12 by James Robinson, Leonard Kirk, Paul Neary, Marc Deering, Chris Sotomayor, and Travis Lanham. This matter took place in between civil war 2one of Marvel’s most shocking comic events.

Realizing that Atlantis’s defenses were significantly weakened after a deadly war with Wakanda, Attuma and his soldiers offered to help Namor protect the people of Atlantis while they rebuild. Attuma’s offer couldn’t have come at a better time. The Squadron Supreme, who viewed Namor and the Atlantis army as a global threat, soon invaded Atlantis and engaged Attuma in battle.

1/10 Attuma’s power rivals that of Namor

Attuma holding Nerkkod's hammer in Marvel Comics

Although it is well established that Namor is the most powerful warrior Atlantis has ever seen, Attuma’s power levels have changed greatly throughout his history. Indeed, there have been times when Attuma’s power proved too much for Namor to handle.

Although Attuma lacks Namor’s ability to fly, he has the same superhuman strengths as Namor, including seemingly infinite stamina, lightning-fast reflexes, and incredible stamina. During Marvel’s The fear itself crossover event, Attuma’s power grew greater than ever after he picked up the Hammer of Nerkkod, a Mjolnir-like hammer capable of mass destruction.

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