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10 Dramas That Actually Ended Before Getting Bad

Television has been a source of cutting-edge entertainment for decades. The ‘golden age of programming’ often talked about today refers to the dramatic series that fills the medium. TV dramas are the shows that become cultural phenomena and spark endless discussions between installments.

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Certain heights are possible through television’s serialized or episodic storytelling that are simply not possible in movies. Television sometimes has trouble allowing a series to end on its own terms before its popularity has plummeted. However, mediocrity isn’t always the end result and some TV dramas manage to end on encouraging notes that are just as impressive as their freshman seasons.

10/10 A gut-wrenching spy drama that constantly raises its stakes

The Americans

FX’s 1980s-set spy drama, The Americans, follows Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, two KGB spies who have built a fake life for themselves in America, with children. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys’ performances as this troubled marriage fill each season with emotion.

Their mission unfolds in a compelling way that forces them both to question what they really want in life. The Americans it was never a ratings success. Fortunately, however, he got to tell a complete story over six seasons that never loses quality.

9/10 A rogue cop heads down a devastating path

The shield

TV dramas with flawed male leads are now common, but FX’s Vic Mackey The shield he was a force to be reckoned with and puts many a modern anti-hero to shame. The first episode of The shield it opens with Michael Chiklis’ dirty cop committing a murder that he spends the rest of the series covering up.

The shield it only gets better with each of its seven seasons as the tension around the Mackey situation builds until the palpable tension of its final season. The shield he never cheats his way out of sticky situations, which allows him to deliver dramatic storytelling that’s exciting to watch.

8/10 The transformation of a modest man from chemistry teacher to drug dealer

Breaking Bad and better call Saul

Walter White’s transformation from a passive chemistry teacher into a vile, murderous drug lord in breaking bad It is one of the best stories on television. breaking bad He carefully peels back the layers of Walter White as he becomes increasingly guilty and harder to tolerate. White’s descent is exciting, but it creates a universe rich in breaking badAlbuquerque representation.

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breaking bad It doesn’t miss a beat in its five seasons, but what’s even more impressive is that the show’s six-season prequel, Better call Saul, accomplishes the same feat. In fact, it might even be the better of the two series. There are 11 seasons of first-rate dramatic television.

7/10 Supernatural events connect to a multidimensional mystery


Stripe It ran for 100 episodes over five seasons and FOX’s paranormal police procedural drama makes no attempt to hide its reverence for The x files. Having said that, Stripe it’s a tremendously more consistent series than what inspired it. Stripe quickly finds the perfect balance between monster-of-the-week mayhem and a larger serialized story spanning parallel dimensions.

Stripe it patiently takes its time to develop this scope and each season effectively adds to this formula until it descends into full Armageddon in its final year. It’s also infinitely rewatchable.

6/10 Baltimore is the main character in this gritty, layered crime series.

The wire

The wire It’s five seasons of tight storytelling where each year sheds light on a new Baltimore institutional pillar. It’s annoying at first to go from drug busts to dock work, but it all comes together and paints a bigger picture of a city in crisis. The wire it’s the kind of crime show that benefits from longevity so that repeating patterns can be revealed.

It’s true that some consider Season 5’s fake serial killer storyline to be a step below par. The wireThe above material from, but it’s not what one would consider “bad”. The series finale is also the perfect, if bleak, representation of Baltimore’s cyclical corruption.

5/10 A police procedural gradually turns into an AI apocalypse story

person of interest

person of interest it ran for 103 episodes over five seasons on CBS. The crime procedural pulls off an incredible trick in that it naturally evolves into a series about malevolent artificial intelligence and dueling AI. person of interest The final season is easily the strongest, but it wouldn’t be possible without what preceded it.

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An unconventional team of crime fighters uses the mysterious algorithms of “The Machine” to prevent crimes prematurely. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s Western world could not come to its natural conclusion, but those who feel dissatisfied should give person of interest a shot that leaves its audience with a satisfying closure.

4/10 A cast of compelling characters running wild in a time of lawlessness

old thing

David Milch’s operatic western, old thing, was one of HBO’s biggest productions during the 2000s, which is ultimately what led to its untimely end. Milch’s talent for language and world building make this ecosystem of outlaws a constant delight.

old thingHBO’s cancellation after its third season remains one of HBO’s most crushing blows. Thankfully, audiences were at least able to receive a sense of closure courtesy of an HBO Original Movie that arrived 13 years later, which is more than most canceled series get. Deadwood: The Movie it’s as strong as the series and it doesn’t feel like it’s missed anything in the intervening time.

3/10 Ego-driven escapades fuel this 1960s drama

Crazy men

Crazy men, Matt Weiner’s examination of publicists and the traditional American family becomes an illuminating microcosm of the entire 1960s. Don, Peggy, Pete, Roger and Joan experience a life of change at the end of Crazy men. There’s a genuine sense of scope behind the journeys these characters have taken.

Crazy men he leaves the party just before he starts staying longer than expected. Seven seasons is enough for Don Draper to make the same mistakes without him feeling like a gratuitous waste of time. The audience still cares about Crazy menThe characters when he says goodbye.

2/10 A family of funeral homes learns to appreciate the flawed nature of life

six feet under

six feet under It was one of HBO’s defining prestige dramas and the Fisher family experienced endless hardships across five seasons. A family mortician facing death on a daily basis will force her characters to look inward and consider their own mortality. six feet under shuffles through various messy relationships with its characters and season 4 turns especially melodramatic.

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Oddly enough, these bold changes feel in line with six feet underThe themes and the messy description of life. The final season concludes with a series of especially strong episodes, including a series finale that is still considered the gold standard for finales.

1/10 The life of a mob member begins to unravel

The sopranos

Dozens of iconic dramas have aired on HBO, but The sopranos it is still seen as the turning point for the cable network that most prestigious television shows have tried to emulate ever since. The sopranos mixes Tony Soprano’s violent mob life with the stability he tries to find with his family after a panic attack and enrollment in therapy.

The sopranos it definitely doesn’t stick around any longer than expected at only six seasons. While recent years have gotten a bit more forgiving of surreal dream sequences, the quality of the show never diminishes. The final moments of the series finale remain legendary.

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