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10 Differences Between Classic Pokémon & The Modern Series

the Pokemon The anime has changed immensely throughout its run, but one change in particular stands out: the transition from diamond and pearl a Black White. Unova not only served as a soft reboot to the show, but allowed each subsequent series more room for equally drastic changes.

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For better or worse, the anime can now reinterpret itself in any way it sees fit, regardless of how different it is from the original feel of the show. The modern era of Pokemon it has many advantages and disadvantages over the classical era, but it’s hard to deny that things haven’t been the same since.

10/10 Art style now changes every series

One of the most easily noticeable changes to the modern series is simply the appearance of each new Pokemon anime. Like many other shows, the anime’s art style has slowly evolved over time, but the original character designs generally stayed as similar as possible until the end of the series. diamond and pearl.

Of Black White Going forward, all returning characters are redesigned to fit the current style. It is most notable in Ash himself, whose modern designs constantly show his brown eyes along with various changes to his hair and facial proportions. XY, Sun and moonY Trips they continue to change the art style in their own way.

9/10 Ash no longer uses his reserve Pokémon

Ash Ketchum Goh Pokémon

A basic tradition from Kanto to Sinnoh was for Ash to bring back his other Pokémon for important battles. In most Pokémon Leagues, as well as Battle Frontier, Ash’s reserves were able to share the spotlight with his current team, making sure they weren’t forgotten amidst Ash’s ever-expanding roster.

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Ash still visits his Pokemon from time to time in the modern series, but his days of serious battles with him were effectively over after the Sinnoh League. This approach ensures that his pools don’t dwarf his new Pokémon, but it also creates a lot of missed opportunities.

8/10 Brock is no longer Ash’s partner.

Brock is one of Ash’s most popular and iconic companions, and it’s easy to see why. This fan-favorite Pokemon breeder traveled with Ash through each of the first four regions and formed an unbreakable brotherly bond with him.

at the end of diamond and pearl, Brock realizes his true calling as a Pokémon Doctor, but his studies ultimately require him and Ash to go their separate ways. His story with Ash is unique, though his departure has allowed the anime to experience new dynamics with new male partners.

7/10 The role of Team Rocket Trio has been reduced

Anime Pokémon Team Rocket Prize Master Shock

The Team Rocket trio dominated the formula of PokemonThe first years of Except for the first episode and a summary in advanced generationappeared in every episode from the classical era, always defined by their goofy personalities and plethora of jokes.

Team Rocket received an extreme review of their role in Black White and assumed serious, focused personalities with little humor and fewer appearances. The trio eventually reverted to their original light-hearted style, though they continue to appear less frequently and try new tricks to increase their threat level.

6/10 The series are more independent

Ash and Leon in the introduction of Pokémon Journeys.

original Series, advanced generationY diamond and pearl they were strongly connected as an ongoing story. Each series adapts its own characters and plots, but the classics always transition directly into the next with a consistent world and sense of tone.

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By contrast, modern series tend to be more independent and focus more on their own conclusions than building the next adventure. Even Tripswhich features the most past references of any series, gives off a very different vibe to the world, and tends to focus more on new stories than ongoing past stories.

5/10 Champions have gone tactile

Ash vs Cynthia in the Coronation World Series Master Eight Semifinals in Pokémon Journeys.

Classic Pokemon Champions were shown to simply be on another level than typical Trainers couldn’t hope to achieve. This is most prominently displayed with Cynthia, who completely dominated every battle she participated in, including an effortless win against a veteran Trainer like Paul.

In the modern series, while still very powerful, champions are now portrayed as people who can be outclassed and even outpowered. This has allowed Ash to adequately challenge almost all of them, and for Tripshe is able to be among them as equals.

4/10 Ash’s relationship with the Team Rocket Trio is less personal

team rocket pokemon ash pikachu

Ash’s dynamic with the Team Rocket trio has been complicated over the years. Though usually enemies, Ash and Team Rocket formed more of a love-hate relationship as their stories unfolded, even helping each other in times of need.

This still happens occasionally, but much less frequently and usually with a more distant feeling. The lack of focus on Team Rocket’s past, as well as the changes in the characters’ personalities, has led to their relationship becoming a standard hero/villain relationship.

3/10 The sense of continuity is more flexible than before

The more experimental writing of the modern era means the overall continuity of the series is broader. Newer series are more willing to try new concepts and styles, but the most controversial changes are often hidden away with little explanation.

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Ash rarely mentions his past adventures unless they directly tie into the plot, and mentions of major character changes are avoided entirely, such as Team Rocket’s serious era or even Ash’s past arrogance. This is in contrast to the classical era, where past events flowed more naturally without the need to write around them.

2/10 Ash’s personality changes to suit the tone

Ash drops from Grand Class to Normal Class, Pokémon Journeys

Simply put, Ash’s character was much more consistent in the classic series. He changed a lot as a Trainer and as a person, but these changes remained largely consistent with his character arc without revisiting his personality or proficiency.

Ash’s modern self retains some defining traits, but each series tends to exaggerate specific parts of him to suit the needs of the plot. Black White restores your skills and maturity as a Trainer, XY highlights his heroic and inspiring attitude, and Sun and moon Y Trips emphasize their energy and childish naivety.

1/10 Characters can achieve their goals

While the classic series were more consistent, they were also predictable to a fault, as a core aspect of the old formula was that Ash and friends weren’t allowed to achieve their goals. As close as some of them got, they never made it to the top.

Modern series have finally overturned this status quo, allowing characters to rise in the world and even reach true closure in some cases. In particular, Ash himself has finally become a Pokémon Champion, and many of his friends have accomplished equally great things in their recent comebacks.

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