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10 Coolest Anime Easter Eggs Of All Time

Anime is an extremely self-aware medium of entertainment. Many anime and manga writers are also anime fans and have a deep respect for the medium. The writers and producers know their audience, and their audience knows the anime. Still, even the most dedicated otakus miss out entirely on many of anime’s coolest Easter eggs.

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Often Easter eggs in anime take the form of inside jokes, which serve as a kind of fourth wall break. Other times, they are references to other series that the anime producers are working on. No matter the reasoning behind it, the Easter eggs prove that every anime series doesn’t exist in a vacuum, but rather is an integral part of a tight-knit community of artists and fans.

Full Metal Panic: Second Raid

In the second season of full metal panic, there’s a humorous moment at the barbershop that causes Sousuke to cause quite a scene. The commotion attracts an unlikely set of viewers in the form of characters from Death Note. In particular, Light, his father, and Misa watch from outside the window, as L unassumingly rides by on a bicycle.

All this may seem strange considering how different full metal panic Y Death Note are. full metal Panic is a romantic comedy filled with mecha battles and a brash female lead while Death Note It is a serious, dark series with a dramatic tone and a sinister antihero. Just goes to show how far death notes the influence has spread.

9/10 Eiichiro Oda won’t let go of Pandaman

One piece

Pandaman Easter Egg in One Piece anime

Pandaman is the most prominent Easter egg in one piece. He is a joke character that was created by Eiichiro Oda for a contest for the popular manga series. kinnikuman and has since been implemented in numerous episodes and manga chapters as an additional character.

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Pandaman’s physical appearance is constantly changing in One piece, presumably to keep it hidden from view. In some episodes, he is depicted as a muscular man, while in others he is skinny and lanky. No matter his physique, Pandaman is always shown with his characteristic panda head.

8/10 The only show that could beat South Park in parody was FLCL


South Park Kenny Easter Egg in FLCL

FLCL He is known for his humorous take on coming-of-age themes. FLCLThe sarcastic style and theme warrant comparisons to another hugely popular animated series: South Park.

FLCL actually has more than one South Park reference, and even has a whole scene in the cut-out animation style of the last series. all this fits FLCL surreal vibe, experimental very well, but one of the most direct South Park references is when Kenny is literally seen falling out of a window with a spear sticking out of the top of his head.

7/10 Scar proves that alchemy is one of the coolest quirks

my hero academia

Scar from Full Metal Alchemist appears in My Hero Academia

my hero academia takes place in a world filled with heroes and villains with incredible superpowers. so when Full Metal Alchemist Scar appears as an extra in MHAIt doesn’t necessarily seem out of place.

Scar’s own ability to completely disarm objects is reminiscent of the quirks of MHA villains like Shigaraki or Overhaul. Overhaul, in particular, has the ability to destroy and rebuild his environment, which adheres to the Law of Equivalent Exchange of FMA.

6/10 Kill La Kill Confirms Its Tarantino Influence With Pulp Fiction Cameos

kill the prey

The cast of Pulp Fiction making an appearance as extras in Kill La Kill

kill the prey is full of the kind of action and wry humor similar to pulp fiction‘s. With those similarities in mind, it might not be surprising for fans to find out that characters from pulp fiction they actually appear as extras in an episode of kill the prey.

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When Mako’s father speeds by in his truck in episode 4 of kill the prey, fans may notice a cast of familiar characters watching it go by. They are none other than Jules, Vincent, Mia and Butch from pulp fictionall waiting as extras to signify a clear influence on this unique anime series.

5/10 Hunter X Hunter fans have a hint of what’s next

hunter x hunter

Parasyte reference in a magazine in Hunter X Hunter

In episode 148 of hunter x hunterthere is an employee holding a magazine with the headline “Next” on top of a photo of Migi from parasite. Apparently, the study that did the hunter x hunter remake, Madhouse, was about to be released parasite as his next project, so the cover of this magazine was kind of a harbinger of that.

hunter x hunterYoshihiro Togashi’s mangaka is one of the most successful manga artists of all time, and it seems that parasite he was worthy enough to make a cameo in his anime.

4/10 Light Yagami’s fate is finally revealed in Death Parade

death parade

Light makes an appearance in Death Parade

Having the word “death” in the title isn’t the only way Death Note Y death parade they are similar. Both anime series were produced by Madhouse, and the Japanese voice actor who plays Light also voices a character in death paradeHarada.

With these unifying threads, Light’s brief cameo in death parade It makes a lot of sense. In it, a girl named Mayu is shown on a screen who is a big fan of Harada’s gang when he was a life. When Mayu is asked to choose between sending the man on the screen or Harada into the void, she is at a loss to decide. Ironically, both men are played by the same voice actor.

3/10 Nappa blows up the Enterprise spaceship

Dragon Ball Z

Starship Enterprise references in the Dragon Ball Z saiyan saga

Dragon Ball Z originally debuted in the late ’80s, around the same time as Star Trek: The Next Generation was released. Apparently, Akira Toriyama was a fan of this series, since z has an interesting greeting for star trek in one of his episodes.

In episode 17, “Saibamen’s Attack”, a helicopter with the serial number NCC-1701-A is shown. Interestingly, this is also the serial number for Star Trek Enterprise. This is too obvious to be a coincidence, confirming that Toriyama, or at least one of the animators from Z, he was a fan of the sci-fi classic.

2/10 Yoshihiro Togashi references his wife’s masterpiece, Sailor Moon

hunter x hunter

Alluka Zoldyck plays with Sailor Moon action figures

As many anime fans know, the creators of hunter x hunter Y sailor moon they are essentially the biggest power couple in the manga industry. Yoshihiro Togashi and Naoko Takeuchi are highly successful manga artists in their own right, and have recognized each other’s work in their own art.

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hunter x hunter has sailor moon appearing as an Easter egg in the most unassuming place: The Zoldyck Mansion. In particular, Alluka is shown playing house with Usagi and Tuxedo Mask figurines from Sailor Moon. It’s a somewhat humanizing moment for a family of ruthless killers.

1/10 Usagi and Ami avoid playing Greed Island at The Arcade

sailor moon

Greed Island arcade machine in Sailor Moon

“Greed Island” is a world of video games in hunter x hunter where Gon and Killua travel to learn more about Gon’s father. This part of the show is essentially hunter x hunter‘s “isekai” arc as they struggle to survive in another world.

So when Usagi and Ami are shown enjoying a nice day at the arcade, Greed Island ironically appears as a cheerful gaming machine in the background. Of course, if Usagi and his friends spend some time playing that game, they’ll quickly learn that it’s no ordinary arcade machine.

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