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10 Classic Mecha Anime That Aged Poorly

Behind all the great robot fights in mecha anime are often insightful comments about the state of society and human-to-human conflict. With that in mind, there are plenty of mecha anime that might have been considered classics in the past that are now considered dated.

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Some mecha shows just have bad writing or horrible social commentary in hindsight, while others have become politically incorrect. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to take away from those shows, it just means they’re not as timeless as people thought they were.

10/10 G Gundam stereotypes may seem offensive

Thanks to its premise and great shonen-style fight scenes, g-gundam is one of the most beloved Gundam series in the West. In g-gundamthe creators changed to Super Robot over GundamThe usual Real Robot approach. They also went in a different direction when it came to mecha designs.

These new Gundams were unlike anything else in the Gundam world, and some designs are questionable. Many of the Gundams were based on stereotypes of the nations they were supposed to represent. It is possible to overlook those designs, but not all fans will be willing to do so.

9/10 Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Takes It Too Seriously

An image from Bubblegum Crisis 2040.

Though Tokyo 2040 bubble gum crisis was seen as a must-watch mecha anime back in the 2000s, things have changed considerably since that early era. while the original bubble gum crisis The series manages to discuss how hypercapitalism and technology used without restraint can ruin society, remember how to be funny.

The TV series reboot, on the other hand, takes itself almost too seriously. It’s a bleak show that drags on, takes way too long to get the team together and really start dealing with the boomers. Hobbyists looking for more bubble gum crisis after the OVA series they might be disappointed.

8/10 Transformers Headmasters gets repetitive over time

galvatron transformers

The original generation 1 The Transformers were part of the amazing cartoon era of the ’80s that made fans of younger Generation X and older millennials forever. However, the animated sequels transformer directors Y transformers master force never made it to the United States.

But that might have been a good thing, since transformer directors quickly loses the appeal it made generation 1 what an entertaining series. Instead, it becomes a rather repetitive series involving the same cast of Autobots and Decepticons fighting each episode.

7/10 Gundam F91 is beautiful but too short

Gundam F91 Mobile Suit

Gundam F91 Mobile Suit was Tomino’s next job after the successful Char’s Counterattack movie. Originally, it was going to be a long-running series that would follow another set of characters within Universal Century. But after some production problems, it was shortened to a movie.

gundam f91 It’s a beautiful movie that animation fans can spend hours gawking at, but the flaws are obvious in one viewing. A far cry from the mecha series that set the standard, the film has many moments that were clearly meant to be expanded, but were instead shortened to fit into the film’s 115-minute running time. These days, it’s just a prologue to the much more beloved manga sequel, Crossbone Gundam.

6/10 Godannar’s fanservice is out of control

Marriage of God and Alma Godannar

Godannar it was meant to be a 2000s take on the classic Super Robot series from the 1970s and 1980s. It focused on a married couple piloting giant robots together to protect Earth. The show won over for its animation, humor, and its giant robot designs.

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However, while people may have enjoyed Godannar in the past, the fanservice of the series is too shameless. Oversexualized character designs make Godannar the kind of show that makes people nervous about who might walk into the room while watching it.

5/10 Sakura Wars is too slow to get going

Cast of Sakura Wars 2000

sakura wars is a lesser known franchise from the late 90s and early 2000s that was a multimedia giant within Japan. Not only was it a great video game series, but it had several anime series, including a TV series that aired in 2000.

While the series was a faithful adaptation of the characters from the original game, looking back, it wasn’t the best. The main plot took too long to get going, and instead each episode focused on the daily lives of the girls who work at the Imperial Company and fight a monster every week.

4/10 Victory Gundam has very questionable romantic advances

Anime Mobile Suit Victory Gundam Final Space Battle

victory gundam is one of Universal Century’s weirder Gundam series. There’s a whole new set of villains, none of the actors from the previous series are anywhere to be found, and its protagonist is a thirteen-year-old boy named Uso Ewin.

Taking into account the age of the protagonist, victory gundam he sets up potential romances with older women far too often. For the most part, these romances are teased, aside from one character who literally stalks Uso, but that doesn’t make anything any more comfortable to watch.

The cast of Full Metal Panic!

full metal panicThe plot is about a military man who is forced to become the bodyguard of a high school girl. Given the description, people might go into the series expecting there to be a mix between high school shenanigans and mecha action.

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But full metal panic it’s much more focused on comedy, with the mecha appearing rarely, if ever, in most episodes. Anyone who watches this because they love mecha is going to be disappointed, and there are other series that balance high school drama and giant robots a little better these days.

2/10 Beast Wars II is too funny for most adults

transformers fans usually see the transformers universe as a serious place. After all, a war between two factions of robots that lasted several million years doesn’t exactly sound like a story for a bunch of jokes.

But beast wars Me series that is a traditionally animated spin-off of the original beast wars the cartoon could be a hard sell for adults. Mecha fans who like to see giant robots will love it, but transformers Fans looking for a serious story may not like it as much. Aimed at a younger audience, beast wars ii it is meant to be sillier and relies heavily on comedy for many of its episodes.

1/10 Gundam Wing’s writing has serious problems

Toonami Gundam Wing Wing Zero Slashing Mech Mobile Suit

gundam wing It was a great success for him. Gundam franchise, and proved that the Alternate Universe strategy could work outside of the Super Robot series. g-gundam. While the series was a success, it doesn’t hold up writing-wise.

Both the heroes and villains behave in ways that look cool rather than make logical sense. It’s still a fascinating watch from a nostalgic perspective and has some of GundamThe best mech designs ever, but those hoping to see the level of depth present in series like Gundam 00 either Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans they will be disappointed.

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