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10 Characters Still Stronger Than Namor

2022 Black Panther: Wakanda Forever introduced another memorable character to the MCU, the aquatic king Namor of the hidden nation of Talokan. Namor is ready to wage war with the entire surface world to protect Talokan and its precious vibranium deposits, and if Wakanda doesn’t help, he will teach the Wakandans a lesson with extreme force.

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This meant that the new Black Panther, Shuri, had to face Namor personally and experience his wrath firsthand. Namor is a formidable warrior-king with superhuman mutant strength, the power of flight, and a deadly vibranium spear that can pierce even Black Panther’s nearly indestructible suit. As strong as Namor is though, he is still bested on the battlefield by a handful of MCU fighters, heroes and villains alike.

10/10 Thor Odinson is the #1 Warrior King of the MCU

Valkyrie may be the mayor of New Asgard, but in spirit, the mighty Thor Odinson is the true king of all surviving Asgardians. Thor succeeded his late father Odin in 2017 Thor: Ragnarok just in time for the destruction of Asgard and the arrival of Thanos. Thor didn’t feel like it at the time, but he was a warrior king on par with any Black Panther or mutant.

Thor is immensely powerful with his godlike strength, stamina, and lightning-based powers. He also has the all-powerful Stormbreaker, which has been shown to defeat even the fiercest of enemies. Thor can even outrun Namor in the air – the Submariner’s ankle wings can give him a speed boost, but he’s no faster than lightning.

9/10 Doctor Strange wields wizardry beyond Namor’s imagination

strange doctor in the MCU

Doctor Strange joined the MCU in his 2016 solo film as a cocky surgeon who opened his eyes to the possibilities of wizardry and spirituality. Now Doctor Strange is worthy of the title of Sorcerer Supreme, even if Wong currently holds that title, and Namor can’t compare.

In battle, Doctor Strange can cast a variety of spells that would baffle and overwhelm any Talokan warrior. Strange can create portals to escape danger or ambush his enemies, or confuse the enemy with illusions and trap them in cages of mystical energy.

8/10 Vision was a tough robotic avenger

MCU Vision with his hand outstretched

Vision was born artificially in 2015 The Avengers: Age of Ultron not as Ultron’s new body, but as the newest Avenger. The vision was largely a mystery even to its creators, but it had the immense power of the Mind Stone to fuel it. He could also shoot devastating energy beams from the stone on his forehead.

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Vision is also capable of flight, just like Namor, and can modify his body in ways no Talokan king could. Vision can adjust the density of his body at will, either hardening himself to become nearly unbreakable or becoming intangible so that physical blows pass through him harmlessly. Namor literally wouldn’t be able to touch the heroic synthoid.

7/10 Hela was the goddess of death and conquest

Hela trying to take over Asgard in Thor: Raknorok

Thor’s deadly older sister, Hela, returned in Thor: Ragnarok when Odin passed away, and she had conquest in mind. Hela intended to rule Asgard as her brutal queen and wage war against all other worlds, even if she had to do it alone.

Hela was a terrifying and skilled battle queen, and she could back him up with devastating displays of force. Hela could take on and defeat hundreds of elite Asgardian troops without taking a scratch, and she could even destroy her brother’s beloved hammer, Mjolnir, with her bare hands. Namor would be no match for her power.

6/10 Thanos’ power is truly unavoidable

Thanos snaps Avengers: Infinity War

The very “Crazy Titan”, Thanos, was the great villain of the Infinity saga, and changed the fate of the universe forever. Thanos commanded the fearsome Black Order and an entire army of alien warriors, but he was no parlor general. Thanos’ best battles involved his own fists.

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Thanos proved his worth against foes like the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and more throughout 2018. The Avengers: Infinity War and 2019 End of the game. Thanos’ brute strength is light-years beyond Namor’s, and with the Infinity Stones, he can reshape a battle or the entire universe to his will.

5/10 Wanda Maximoff can threaten the entire multiverse


Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, made her debut in age of ultron and has quickly risen through the ranks of the strongest fighters in the MCU. Originally, Wanda was all about spooky dream magic, but now she can perform an impressive array of arcane arts that rival the abilities of Doctor Strange himself.

Wanda can use incredible telekinesis to lift, throw, or crush even the largest objects, and she wiped out an entire battalion of skilled wizards in Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. He can also use his magic to travel the multiverse and threaten all of creation. To her, Namor would be little more than a nuisance.

4/10 Xu Wenwu is a hundred-year-old warlord with ten rings

The Mandarin on the Shang-Chi Battlefield

Another powerful MCU warrior king, Xu Wenwu, also uses Mandarin. Wenwu spent over a thousand years fighting his enemies in person while waging war, which means that he had even more battlefield experience than the 400+ year old Namor.

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Xu Wenwu also used the Ten Rings in battle, powerful artifacts that allowed him to perform devastating ranged attacks from all angles, fly, and more. Xu Wenwu was also an expert in martial arts, just like his heroic son Shang-Chi, and he taught Shang-Chi everything he knew. Eventually, however, father and son collided and the Mandarin sank.

3/10 Captain Marvel is a cosmic superhero

carol danvers is captain marvel

Captain Marvel is among the strongest heroes in the MCU. In truth, she may be at the top of the list. After being exposed to the power of the Tesseract, Carol Danvers became the superhero Captain Marvel, capable of channeling and utilizing limitless cosmic energies.

Namor thinks that there are only two worlds, terrestrial and underwater. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel has explored countless worlds throughout the universe and has fought entire alien fleets to defend them all. Potentially, he could defend or defeat all of Wakanda on his own. With that amount of power in her hands, Captain Marvel could make quick work of Namor.

2/10 The Incredible Hulk only gets angrier and stronger

Hulk in the MCU

Scientist Bruce Banner was exposed to gamma radiation and became the Incredible Hulk, a destructive but noble Avenger who is quick to crush anyone or anything that threatens Earth. Hulk went crazy in 2012 the Avengersbut ended up in tamer hybrid form in 2019 The Avengers: Endgame.

The Hulk’s rage and strength know no bounds. Getting beaten up in battle only makes him angrier and tougher, and the Hulk has performed feats of strength that no one knows about. wakandan forever could get ahead. The Hulk’s only weakness compared to Namor is that he can’t fly, although he can still jump quite far.

1/10 The ego was a heavenly planet and alive

ego human form

The MCU involves a wide variety of planets and moons beyond Earth, such as Vormir, Xandar, and Titan, but some planets are characters unto themselves. Ego was a Celestial who became an entire planet with a reddish appearance, and was also the long-lost father of Peter Quill.

Few, if any, other MCU characters can compare to the power of a living planet, least of all Namor. Namor may rule the oceans, but Ego is theoceans, along with landmasses, and near-infinite celestial power that can do almost anything. The only way to kill Ego is to destroy his brain, but Namor could never do that.

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