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10 Characters In Shojo Anime Everyone Either Loves Or Hates

Anime usually has unique and colorful characters, and the shojo genre is no exception. Due to the force with which most of the characters are written, fan reaction tends to be just as intense, leading to most characters being loved or hated depending on who you ask.

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For example, romantic interests that are written with few or no flaws may appeal to some, while others find their lack of realistic complexity boring. Other characters may rely on awkward tropes that some don’t bother all that much. No matter the reasoning, shojo anime is home to a host of characters that meet with polarizing opinions from fans.

10/10 Takumi Usui’s Perfect Guy Personality Isn’t For Everyone

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

One of the main traps that anime falls into with its love interests is to make them perfect to attract both the protagonist and the audience. However, this doesn’t always work out favorably and is the main reason why Takumi Usui of Kaichou wa Maid-sama! it’s so divisive.

Usui is portrayed as the perfect man who is multilingual, immediately talented at whatever he tries, and constantly attacked by his female classmates. While some viewers love him for this, others are upset by it and feel that his creepier actions, such as stalking and being possessive of Misaki, are not well portrayed.

9/10 Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin lean into uncomfortable tropes

Ouran High School Host Club

Hikaru and Kaoru hold roses at the Ouran High School Host Club.

Ouran High School Host Club is a beloved anime classic, with each host leaning into their own unique gimmick. However, not all of these tropes are executed well, with the Hitachiin brothers’ twin romance sticking out the most.

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Most fans understand that Hikaru and Kaoru’s act of brotherly love is just that, amplified for their patrons’ enjoyment. Not everyone is comfortable with their actions just because it’s simply an act, and they would prefer to see their gimmick removed. Ouran entirely.

8/10 Kyouya Sata’s sweet facade hides his true nature

Wolf girl and black prince

Kyouya from Wolf Girl and Black Prince.

Kyouya Sata’s Wolf Girl and Black Prince he’s an incredibly polarizing character. There are plenty of fans who can relate to the backstory of him and why Kyouya acts so cold and aloof. However, just because a character has a tragic and compelling backstory doesn’t mean all fans can look past his actions for it.

Beneath Kyouya’s sweet facade is a cruel and manipulative person who treats the female lead like his dog. Kyouya slowly grows closer to Erika over the course of the series, and Erika really falls for him. Still, many fans can’t get past Kyouya’s behavior at first.

7/10 Shigure Sohma’s Shallow Level Charm Doesn’t Win Over All Fans

Fruit basquet

Tohru admiring Shigure with flashes around her at Fruits Basket.

Shigure Sohma’s Fruit basquet he initially comes across as a cool, comedic-type character. He would rather goof off than do real work and has a pronounced perverted side. Many fans appreciate his personality or are in love with him.

Not everyone falls for this side of Shigure, and many fans intensely dislike her character at the end of Fruit basquet. Beneath his charm is a manipulative and callous man who is willing to do anything for his goals, and not everyone can support him.

6/10 Yuki Cross’s naive and fragile nature doesn’t appeal to everyone

vampire Knight

Yuki with a neck bandage in Vampire Knight.

vampire Knight Yuki Cross may be her lead, but she can’t accomplish much without the help of Zero and Kaname. Yuki is an optimistic and kind girl, but she is also incredibly naive, often getting her into trouble given how dangerous she is. vampire Knight the world is.

As a human in a world of powerful vampires, Yuki often ends up in dangerous situations with no way to fight back. Yuki’s damsel-in-distress persona is charming to some, while others quickly become annoyed by her lack of agency.

5/10 Mamoru Chiba’s portrayal in the anime makes some viewers uncomfortable

sailor moon

Usagi and Mamoru from Sailor Moon.

Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship is incredibly iconic, and not just within the realm of sailor moon. They’re one of the most well-known and beloved couples in all of anime, but the way their relationship is written in classic ’90s anime makes it difficult for some viewers to root for them.

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In the original source material, Mamoru is only a few years older than Usagi. However, in the ’90s anime, Mamoru enters college while Usagi is still a high school student. The huge gap between them doesn’t bother everyone since it’s technically non-canon, but this depiction of their relationship leaves a sour taste in the mouths of some fans.

4/10 Ikuto is a cool Catboy with a creepy side.

Sugo Chara!

Ikuto with a hand to his face in Shugo Chara!

Shugo Chara! Ikuto is cool, confident, and has the typical “bad boy” persona that attracted many fans in the early 2010s. Those who have a problem with Ikuto have fewer issues with his character and more disagree with how their relationship is portrayed. with Amu.

Amu is an elementary school student at the beginning of the series, while Ikuto is 15 years old. Despite this, he frequently flirts with and harasses Amu. Amu and Ikuto’s relationship is canon in the manga and is not treated as creepy or inappropriate by other characters.

3/10 Quiche’s treatment of Ichigo is hard to miss

Tokyo Mew Mew

Quiche putting a finger in his mouth at Tokyo Mew Mew.

One of Tokyo Mew Mew The main antagonists, Quiche, initially want to destroy Ichigo for the sake of their leader’s goals. Over the course of the series, Quiche’s feelings morph into a twisted, haunted form of love. Lots of new fans who experienced Tokyo Mew Mew around its initial release they were drawn to Quiche’s playful and teasing personality.

revisiting Tokyo Mew Mew as an adult it shows how inappropriate many of Quiche’s actions are. He forces Ichigo to kiss him and enjoys her playing with Ichigo and seeing her scared. Quiche even makes multiple attempts on the life of Ichigo’s boyfriend out of jealousy of her. Many fans cannot look beyond these actions to enjoy the character of him.

2/10 Yui Komori’s anime portrayal is devoid of agency

devil lovers

Yui Komori from Diabolik Lovers.

devilish lovers’ The protagonist, Yui Komori, is sent to live with the Sakamaki brothers as their sacrificed bride. While the original game version of Yui’s character has more agency, the anime Yui is portrayed as meek and weak-willed, accepting whatever twisted treatment the brothers subjected her to.

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There are many devil lovers viewers who love Yui’s character and want her to escape from the Sakamaki brothers. There are even more viewers who are instead furious over the anime’s portrayal of Yui, as she comes across as another helpless shojo protagonist.

1/10 Risa Koizumi is blinded by an unhealthy love

lovely complex

Risa Koizumi from Lovely Complex.

Risa Koizumi’s lovely complex those around her make fun of her for being incredibly tall. The longtime crush on her rejects her and tells Koizumi that he doesn’t see her as a real woman just because of her height. Female viewers who grew up with similar struggles find Risa sympathetic and relatable.

However, others disagree with how quickly Risa falls for Atsushi, despite him constantly belittling and bullying her. She is blinded by her feelings for Atsushi and can’t see how horribly he treats her. Despite her treatment, Risa continues to fall more deeply for Atsushi, and many viewers are upset by her dynamic.

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