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10 Changes James Gunn Needs To Make To The DCEU

Many DC fans were excited to learn that James Gunn would be taking over as Co-CEO of DC Studios alongside producer Peter Safran. Gunn has proven to be a capable director of superhero movies and TV shows, and many fans hope that he can create a strong and cohesive vision for DC.

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The DCEU, which Gunn has already renamed the DCU, has had a lot of problems thus far. There are certain changes Gunn can make that would probably help DC get back on track now that he’s in charge. Hopefully this would help establish a strong identity for the new DCU.

10/10 Deciding which movies are and are not connected

Although there are claims that Iron Man was always intended to kick off the DCEU, fans wouldn’t know that from watching the opening movie. Other than a couple of Easter Egg references to other DC properties, there was no indication that it was the start of a shared universe.

As the DCEU continued from Iron Man, seemed almost to have been adapted to fit the established grim tone, resulting in a movie where Batman kills criminals with machine guns. It would make sense for James Gunn to decide ahead of time which DC movies will connect to each other. This would allow directors like Todd Phillips to continue to make jester movies without forcing other movies to adapt to its tone.

9/10 Allow directors more creative freedom

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad

Studio mandates and interference with superhero movies aren’t exclusively a DC issue, but they definitely had an impact on some previous DCEU entries. One of the best examples is when David Ayer suicide squad it was delivered to a trailer for final editing and the original tone of the film was completely changed.

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By contrast, James Gunn was allowed a great level of creative freedom when he directed the suicide squad, which turned out to be a much more cohesive film in the end. As a director, James Gunn tries to act as a go-between for filmmakers at Warner Brothers Discovery and DC to make sure his movies aren’t ruined by bad executive decisions.

8/10 Give Batman and Superman a break

Henry Cavill should look to Tyler Hoechlin's Superman for inspiration

There are plenty of amazing DC superheroes out there, but moviegoing audiences may not know it. Batman has appeared in 12 live-action movies and Superman has appeared in 8. While things have started to go in a different direction, it might be time for DC to put its two biggest characters on the back burner.

Iron Man it proved that B-list heroes could become a lot more popular if they starred in a good movie. DC should consider doing something similar with some of their characters, instead of giving audiences another Batman or Superman movie. James Gunn has a talent for turning obscure characters into fan favorites, so he could probably throw in a few movies for lesser-known heroes and keep the DCU from feeling stale.

7/10 stop chasing marvel

Justice League black and white promotional photo of Zack Snyder's Justice League

The Marvel Cinematic Universe did a great job slowly growing into the media juggernaut it is today, and the DCEU may have benefited from learning a few lessons from Marvel’s success. However, DC seemed more interested in trying to catch up with Marvel than building a cinematic universe. This led to a hasty team in the form of League of Justice with a cast of unestablished characters.

As the DCU’s new architect, James Gunn would do well to create a strong identity for the franchise. Whether it takes a few pages out of the Marvel book or not, DC needs to focus on itself instead of trying to chase trends.

6/10 Gunn should share his list of toxic people in Hollywood

Ezra Miller as Flash in Justice League

In a recent interview, James Gunn revealed that he keeps a list of actors in Hollywood with whom he will not work due to their attitudes. While a male’s perspective isn’t the end point of how an actor should be perceived, DC would be smart to incorporate a similar vetting process before casting actors for major roles.

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The recent Ezra Miller controversy leading up to his first solo outing as the Flash has put DC and Warner Brothers Discovery in an awkward position where they will likely have to find a new Flash down the road. Having to recast a main character can ruin the sense of cohesion between the movies in a shared universe. If DC can take a page out of Gunn’s book and make sure their actors are good to work with ahead of time, they could help avoid some controversy.

5/10 Look forward, not back

A group photo of the Suicide Squad from 2016

After all the petitions and endless tweets about the “Snyder cut” of League of JusticeThe WB eventually allowed Zack Snyder to finish his version of the movie. After a long wait, it turned out to be what most people assumed it would be; a slightly better version of a bad movie from four years earlier.

If DC wants to make successful movies, it needs to stop bowing to a minority of vocal fans pining for what could have been and focus on making new movies. Hopefully, James Gunn understands this and dismisses any notion of a disastrous Yesterday cut. suicide squad2016 film and focuses instead on the future of the DCU.

4/10 Embrace comic book weirdness

Suicide Squad King Shark

A big part of the comic book movies that James Gunn has directed is that they embrace the weirder aspects of the source material. Rather than cynically shadowing the sillier elements of the universe, Gunn manages to make viewers have genuine feelings for a talking raccoon or a living tree.

When the Marvel movies make jokes like Sam Wilson making fun of T’Challa for “[dressing] like a cat,” makes it sound like the filmmakers aren’t sure what kind of movie they’re making. DC could set itself apart by taking Gunn’s cue and making good movies that take place in a fantastic setting.

3/10 Give the public a clear understanding of the universe

Marvel Phase 5 Infographic

DC super fans likely already know which movies are connected to the DCEU and which are standalone movies like jester either the batman. That being said, the average audience member may not be able to keep up with which movies are and are not part of the shared universe.

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It would make sense for James Gunn and his team to work on creating an easy-to-understand method for knowing which DC movies will connect with each other and which ones won’t. Perhaps putting an official DCU logo on certain movies while using a separate one for standalone movies would be a quick fix to this problem.

2/10 Embrace a more mature theme

Peacemaker and his father Auggie from the HBO Max series Peacemaker

One of the ways DC movies have set themselves apart from Marvel is in their willingness to tackle complicated subject matter. James Gunn’s DC projects have been a great example of this, tackling US imperialism in the suicide squad and the impact that parental beliefs can have on a child in Pacifier.

With the exception of the Black Panther movies, Marvel has seemed rather reluctant to tackle complicated issues. The DCU doesn’t strictly have to tell complex stories, and there’s still room for fun movies like Shazam!, but by also including more mature themes, DC is able to capture a new audience.

1/10 Shut down rumors of a Marvel crossover

Marvel and DC Studios are codependent, and James Gunn knows it

Since James Gunn has worked with both DC and Marvel, there have been some rumors that a crossover between the two companies may be in the works. If Gunn wants to course correct and create a strong DCU, he probably should avoid jumping on the Marvel bandwagon right now.

Fans have been pretty lukewarm about Marvel’s Phase 4 projects, and it looks like the oft-mentioned Marvel fatigue is finally setting in. This would be a great time for DC to step in and gain some popularity by introducing new projects. If DC were to cross paths with Marvel, they might forgo the chance to establish a strong identity for their own universe.

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