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10 Brattiest Anime Characters Fans Can’t Stand

Anime characters come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of personalities that make them stand out from each other. While many of them are sweet, polite, and personable, there are many who are anything but. Over the years, there have been many anime characters who are spoiled, childish, and just plain spoiled.

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Sometimes this type of personality is funny and makes for good comic relief, but more often than not, fans can’t help but groan when these characters appear on screen. Whether it’s their immaturity, rudeness, or constant need for attention, they are some of the most spoiled characters in anime and fans can’t stand them.

10/10 Alois Trancy is as cruel as he is childish

Black Butler II

Alois Trancy is an anime-exclusive character introduced in the infamous second season of the black butler He is almost universally hated by anime fans, thanks to his cruel and sadistic nature, as well as his bratty childish attitude. Alois exudes all of Ciel Phantomhive’s worst traits, losing everything that made the protagonist so endearing and likable despite his own bratty demeanor.

It’s true that he only acts this way because of the trauma and abuse he suffered growing up, but this is just an explanation for his horrible actions, not an excuse. Although many may sympathize with him, it’s hard for most fans to forgive him for the things he’s done.

9/10 Hiro is unnecessarily mean to Tohru

Fruit basquet

Hiro Sohma meeting Tohru Honda at Fruits Basket

almost all in Fruit basquet he loves the dandere protagonist Tohru Honda from the moment they meet her. However, there are some exceptions to that rule, like the young Hiro Sohma. Jealous of his close bond with Kisa, Hiro treats Tohru very harshly when they first meet. He calls her names, insults her, and constantly attacks her for no apparent reason.

Fortunately, his demeanor improves throughout the series and his relationship with Tohru improves. However, his bratty attitude and rudeness are nothing short of annoying, making him one of the less likable Sohmas.

8/10 Yaya’s entire character revolves around acting like a baby.

sugo chara

Yaya Yuiki and Pepe from the anime Shugo Chara

In sugo chara, each of the main characters possesses a heart egg that allows them to become the person they have always dreamed of. While most dream of becoming strong, brave, or talented, Yaya Yuiki’s dream is to remain a baby forever. As a result, she is one of the more immature characters in the group.

He often acts like a baby, even when he hasn’t transformed, crying, whining, and constantly obsessing over things like candy and toys. Although she has shown that she is capable of being responsible and serious, Yaya usually leaves that up to the rest of the Guardians. Her baby act has upset many fans over the years, making her one of the least popular of the main cast.

7/10 Shippo is the annoying sidekick of the group.


Angry Shippo at Inuyasha

Along the inuyasha, each member of the main cast plays a vital role in restoring the Shikon Jewel and defeating Naraku. That is, except for the annoying fellow member of the group, a young fox demon named Shippo. To this day, Shippo remains one of the most hated characters in the main cast.

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From his useless abilities to his bratty demeanor, few find anything to like about this mascot character. Some even argue that he is one of the worst characters in the entire series. Considering that he mostly just hides behind his friends or gets captured by the enemy, it’s easy to see why.

6/10 Pan is impetuous and violent as a child

Dragon Ball GT

Pan with angry face in Dragon Ball GT

Pan is the granddaughter of Dragon BallThe hero and protagonist of Son Goku, and is a prominent character in the infamous series, Dragon Ball GT. Portrayed as a confident and independent boy, it’s no wonder Pan comes across as a bit abrasive. However, his fiery attitude is often too much for the characters and the fans.

Pan tends to let her temper get the best of her, throwing tantrums and fits of anger. She even becomes violent on her rampages, making her as dangerous as she is annoying.

5/10 Iris comes off as bossy and obnoxious.


Iris looks smugly at Ash with arms crossed in Pokemon Black and White

During the Pokemon anime, Ash has had many different companions on his journey. However, not all of them have been well-liked among the fanbase. Iris joins Ash during the Black White He was from the series, and while he’s supposed to be on a journey of emotional growth and maturity, he still has a long way to go.

Throughout most of the series, Iris is nothing if not bossy, obnoxious, and annoying. Despite stating that Ash is the “kid” of the duo, she often acts much more childish than him, fighting with the protagonist at all times. Iris has a small following, but due to her bratty and irritating manner, most of her can’t stand her and are glad she’s gone from her.

4/10 Sakura has a bad attitude from the start


An angry Sakura showing her inner Sakura in the Naruto anime

It is well known throughout the anime community that Sakura Haruno is one of the most hated characters in the entire world. naruto franchise. Much of her hate stems from her bratty and obnoxious personality at the start of the series.

When fans first meet Sakura, she’s an obsessive Sasuke fan with a mean streak that many find hard to tolerate. She is critical, impulsive, and unnecessarily cruel to Naruto when they first come together. Although she goes through a great deal of development and matures a lot by the end of the series, many cannot look past her initial demeanor and flaws.

3/10 Mei Ling is jealous, mean and clingy

card captor sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura Meiling clinging to Syaoran

Though card captor sakura Focusing mainly on the rivalry between Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li, the heroine of the series has another rival to face, Mei Ling. She is Syaoran’s cousin and fiancée, and quickly develops a strong dislike for Sakura after meeting her. Jealous of her connection to Syaoran, Mei Ling does everything she can to make the heroine miserable.

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Her one-way obsession with her cousin makes her mean, brash, and unlikable, often driving others away as she desperately clings to him. Although she improves a lot as the series progresses, many still can’t help but find her completely annoying until the very end.

2/10 Chibiusa is one of the most hated brats in anime

sailor moon

The image features an image of Sailor Moon: Chibiusa crosses her arms across her chest.

Since the beginning, sailor moon Fans all over the world have always hated Chibiusa, the little future daughter of Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba. With her rudeness, whiny attitude, and selfish behavior of hers, Chibiusa seems to possess all of her parent’s worst traits.

She’s very young when the series first introduces her, but that doesn’t stop her from upsetting virtually the entire audience with her completely unlikable character and role in the story. It also doesn’t help that the anime takes most of the character growth out of her. So even as the story progresses, Chibiusa is still relatively unlikable and hideous. To this day, she is seen as one of the biggest anime brats ever, and many still can’t stand her.

1/10 Boruto takes everything he has for granted

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto Uzumaki looking upset

Without a doubt, Boruto Uzumaki is one of the worst anime brats to come along in recent years. He is far from the hero who fathered him at his age, and is seen by most as a nuisance and brat. After seeing the way Naruto suffered at his age, Boruto does pretty well by comparison.

As a result, many can’t help but feel frustrated by his selfish and ungrateful attitude. She has never really had to suffer, but she acts like the biggest victim in the series. While his anger at times is justified, most fans can’t find it in them to unleash Boruto. To them, he is simply taking his good life for granted.

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