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10 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries In Iconic Movies Everyone Ignores

Anytime a movie features an outlandish premise or plot device, the expectation is that the characters and story will finally make sense of these mysteries. This is not the case with some movies, which introduced intriguing ideas and then left them unexplained. Surprisingly, fans loved these movies even more for doing it.

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These unsolved mysteries weren’t plot holes that ruined the movie. They were just puzzling details or occurrences that were never explained after they got a lot of attention. It could even be argued that the lack of answers to these mysteries made his movies better, as they made the reviews and ensuing discussions more fun.

10/10 What was going on with the watermelon?

Buckaroo Banzai’s adventures through the eighth dimension

One of the ways that Buckaroo Banzai’s adventures through the eighth dimension parodied old-school superhero series was to add nods to earlier adventures that never happened. For example, when New Jersey asked why there was a watermelon stuck in a contraption, Reno casually told him that he would explain later.

Buckaroo Banzai he never got to the backstory of the watermelon, and its purpose remained a mystery for decades. The cast and crew of the film gave different explanations and all contradicted each other. Fans loved the watermelon because it was a silly but clever way to do Buckaroo Banzai’s the world feels more alive.

9/10 How did the three seashells work?

demolition man

The three seashells seen in Demolition Man

demolition man The satirically puritanical future is a favorite among sci-fi fans. The only thing world-building fans really loved were the three seashells that apparently replaced toilet paper. John Spartan was ridiculed after he asked about the three seashells. Meanwhile, fans are still bringing up the mystery of the seashells.

In hindsight, the three seashells were one of the few demolition man jokes that actually aged well. Probably, demolition man The jokes were reactionary jabs aimed at all that was “politically correct” in the early ’90s. Meanwhile, the three seashells were so absurd and random they were impossible to forget.

8/10 What really happened during The Missing Reel?

planet of terror

The Bone Shack catches fire on Planet Terror

The seriously underrated planet of terror it was a near perfect recreation of watching a schlocky movie in a grindhouse theater during the 70’s. The icing on the cake was the film reel “burning” in the middle of a love scene. For more hilarity, planet of terror he returned to normal only after the most important parts of the second act were burned.

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Some of the missing scenes included the zombies breaching The Bone Shack’s defenses and El Wray revealing his mysterious past and ties to Lieutenant Muldoon to the other characters, not the audience. Fans still want to know what exactly happened, but they were so in tune with from planet terror sense of humor that they didn’t care about the lost reel.

7/10 What caused the time loop?

groundhog day

Phil Connors prepares to drop a toaster on Groundhog Day

groundhog day The title is now synonymous with the premise of a single day repeating itself forever, but the movie never actually gave a reason behind the phenomenon. Some of The Discarded Causes by Screenwriter Danny Rubin including Phil Connors’ bitter ex-lover putting a hex on him, and a scientist who loses control of his time machine.

groundhog day he avoided every opportunity he had to explain his central mystery. This was a good thing, as audiences weren’t distracted from Phil’s character development. groundhog day It was copied many times, but its imitators recklessly spent too much time justifying their time loops instead of focusing on the human element.

6/10 What caused the zombie apocalypse?

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Zombies approach the house in Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead single-handedly created the zombie subgenre and codified nearly all of its tropes. One of the pillars that he established was the lack of origin of the zombie apocalypse. The closest the characters and viewers got to an explanation was that scientists surmised that radiation from a space probe reanimated the recently deceased.

whatever is created Night of the Living Dead‘s zombies was irrelevant, as the film was more interested in the ruined humanity of the survivors and the farce of civilization. The zombies’ lack of cause or motive only made Night of the Living Dead – and all zombie stories, by extension – more nihilistic, and fans loved this desolation.

5/10 What was on top of the pagoda?

Game of Death (1972)

Hai Tien fights Mantis in Game of Death

In game of Death In his original form, Hai Tien (Bruce Lee) was forced to fight his way to the top of a pagoda and retrieve a mysterious item guarded by martial arts masters. After defeating the fifth master, Hai Tien left the pagoda empty-handed. Because Lee died before finishing. death gameno one knew what he was trying to achieve.

None game of Death original filmmakers or leftover materials revealed what was in the pagoda. And what is more, game of Death The 1978 version rewrote the film and reused the pagoda fights inside a restaurant. Lee’s fans paid no attention to the pagoda award because they prioritized his amazing fights.

4/10 What happened to the Joker?

the dark knight rises

The Joker laughs in The Dark Knight

the dark knight rises all wrapped up in The dark knight trilogy, except for everything to do with The Joker. Despite his reign of terror in The dark knight and how much it affected Batman and Commissioner Gordon, the Joker was treated as if he never existed. This was because he was written out after the death of his actor, Heath Ledger.

The inexplicable absence of the Joker was understandable. It was still hard to ignore the fact that The Joker was unceremoniously wiped out even when he was a part of the dark knight rises explicitly treated the one with the dark knight fall. The fans didn’t care about this out of respect for Ledger, and because The dark knight The imperfect ending of the trilogy was still good.

3/10 Who was Sophie’s real father?

Oh my gosh!

Donna reunites with Bill, Sam and Harry in Mamma Mia!

Oh my gosh! The crux was based on Sophie’s desire to know who her father was. When Sophie’s mother, Donna, was younger, she had brief but passionate flings with Bill, Harry, and Sam around the same time. Sophie invited the men to her wedding, but instead of choosing just one, she decided that having three dads wasn’t such a bad idea.

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Oh my gosh! never gave any clues to the identity of Sophie’s father, and the sequel Here we go again doubled down on mystery. The fans liked this because they both Oh my gosh! musicals were fun, feel-good movies that didn’t need the drama. Also, letting go of the past as it’s aligned with the movie’s themes of enjoying the moment.

2/10 Was Rick Deckard a human or a replicant?

Bounty hunter

Deckard and the Voight-Kampff machine in Blade Runner

Bounty hunter it owes part of its longevity to the mystery behind Deckard’s nature. The watershed cyberpunk movie Bounty hunter hinted that Deckard may be a replicant, but nothing was confirmed or denied. The cast and crew had their own different takes, and the film fundamentally changed based on the viewer’s interpretation.

Fans loved the ambiguity because it enhanced Blade Runner issues of how artificial life and humans had more in common than they wanted to admit. Blade Runner 2049 he deliberately made the mystery even more unsolvable by postulating that Deckard’s true nature never mattered; his actions and his choices did.

1/10 Who really killed the Samurai and why?


The samurai defends his wife in Rashomon

Akira Kurosawa Murder Mystery, Rashomon, it is influential and often copied. However, many people forget that the movie never gave a clear answer. Rashomon it presented four credible but varied accounts of the same samurai murder, leaving it up to the audience to decide who was telling the truth or not.

by Rashomon The unsolved mystery wasn’t bad because it gave the movie endless replay value. Fans also loved how by Rashomon the writing and making of films changed entirely depending on the recollection of the events being currently recounted. Rashomon It was the rare mystery movie that arguably got better the less logical sense it made.

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