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10 Biggest Problems With Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were some of the most anticipated Pokemon titles in recent years. With all the excitement, the game was bound to cause a sensation upon its release. Unfortunately, Scarlet/Violet it’s been getting a lot of attention from critics and gamers alike for all the wrong reasons.

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For the most part, the game did not disappoint in the gameplay department. Pokemon has a tried and true formula that works and Scarlet/Violet he took that world and literally expanded it. However, for all the positive changes made to the most recent main entry in the series, there are plenty of bugs that have long alienated fans. Whether due to lack of time or lack of attention to detail, scarlet and violet they’ve been plagued with a myriad of technical issues that many gamers just can’t get past.

10/10 Scarlet & Violet’s camera loses sight of its purpose

being that Pokemon It’s an RPG, the player is always supposed to be the main focus. The camera must follow the player and his actions in a way that allows him to feel in control of his movements in the game. So when the camera in Scarlet/Violet completely lose track of the player when riding a Miraidon, it can be a very disorienting experience.

Not only that, but it shows that the game may not have been tested thoroughly enough. After all, the behavior of the camera had to be configured by the developers themselves. If the camera can’t keep up with simple actions like riding a mount, it immediately raises red flags about the rushed nature of the development.

9/10 Scarlet & Violet have constant frame rate and lag issues

Errors and glitches in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

It has been well documented on this point by fans and critics alike that Scarlet/Violet It has been plagued with technical problems. One of the most constant and obvious problems in the game has been lag at the most inopportune moments.

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It would be one thing if it was a graphically powerful multiplayer game with many players interacting at once. But is not. Some players have suggested rebooting the system, but that is only a temporary solution. There really is no excuse for a great title like Pokemon be experiencing a lag in the system for which it was created.

8/10 Paldea’s landscape looks a bit dated

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bugs and glitches

When the background is finally processed, some of Scarlet/VioletThe landscapes don’t look so bad. Unfortunately, many of them still look very basic and blocky.

Take for example the waterfalls in the distance which should appear majestic and powerful with water flowing into the body of water below. Instead, the falling water and the river below it look like two separate huge blocks that don’t mix at all. There are also the poorly rendered trees and angular mountain faces that make the game look much older than it is.

7/10 Some Scarlet & Violet Fan-Favorite Pokemon Are Missing

Bulbasaur growling angry in Pokemon

While there are some interesting Pokemon that have been added to the Paldea Pokédex, there are also plenty of fan-favorite Pokemon that are conspicuously missing from the game. Game Freak has mentioned performance issues as a reason for removing so many Pokemon, and that’s a completely understandable reason considering how many issues the game already has.

However, fans can’t help but wonder why they needed to add so many questionable new Pokemon instead of the already great ones from previous generations. Trainers are still waiting for an update or DLC to make their favorite Pokemon available at some point.

6/10 Scarlet & Violet Have Strange New Pokemon Designs

Orthworm from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

While not all Pokemon designs are for everyone, something can always be said about the cohesiveness of the monster designs in Pokemon games. However, in Gen 9, there’s a lot to be desired in that department as well.

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While the two new Legendary Pokémon, Koraidon and Miraidon, have received a lot of criticism for their vehicle designs, they’re actually two of the most well-done in the game. Scarlet/Violet. It gets much worse with Pokémon like Revavroom, which is modeled after a car, but with much less thought put into its design.

5/10 Players can’t catch Pokemon outside of battle in scarlet and purple

a pokemon trainer approaching a bidoof in pokemon legends arceus

An amazing new game mechanic that Pokemon Legends: Arceus added the ability to sneak up and catch wild pokemon. This gave him the Pokemon world a living, breathing sensation that really made the monsters feel alive.

Unfortunately, in Scarlet/Violet, this dynamic has been completely omitted. Instead, trainers will simply have to battle Pokémon the old-fashioned way. While the impressive open world has been preserved, removing this crucial aspect of the game leaves an empty hole where a great new feature once stood.

4/10 Pokémon appear and disappear in scarlet and purple

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Glitch

In arceus, Pokémon don’t just appear and disappear. The player could walk a long way before returning to find the same Pokémon roaming the field. Even in Sword Y Shieldwhen the wild pokemon disappeared, they would at least come and go.

In Scarlet/Violet however, the Pokémon just appear and disappear. This takes away from any realism that discovering wild Pokemon and exploring the land might have provided.

3/10 Objects in scarlet and violet are not as solid as they appear

Player falling through the floor in Scarlet & Violet

Weather Scarlet/VioletBoth the gameplay and the story have proven to be great, other aspects of the game are a bit less solid. In particular, solid objects are not as solid as they appear.

There are many cases where NPCs puzzle each other, Pokemon get stuck in walls, and players completely fall to the ground. In other cases, when trainers are mounted on the back of their mounts, the player magically ends up facing the completely opposite direction.

2/10 Characters look robotic or just plain weird in scarlet and purple

Creepy Bug in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

When it comes to animations and character models, players have already run into a host of bugs and weird inconsistencies. One viral glitch shows one player growing to abnormal sizes, while another shows them completely disappearing and reappearing when challenged by a trainer to battle.

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Pokemon Fans have also complained that Scarlet/VioletNPCs appear robotic as they walk through Paldea, with characters even appearing to slide down slopes instead of walking naturally. Design flaws like these can take away the illusion of realism from a game, making players want to go back to the real world where human feet touch the ground when they walk.

1/10 Scarlet and Violet constantly black out and crash

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

It’s one thing to have lag and other performance issues, but having the whole game turned off is another story. Many players have complained that Scarlet/Violet it has completely failed on systems that otherwise never had a problem.

With issues like that, the game no longer becomes a matter of glossing over minor issues – it’s literally become unplayable. OEM is still trying to find its footing in the new arena of open world exploration, but Caterpie and Weedle aren’t the only bugs appearing in the game.

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