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10 Biggest Historical Inaccuracies In The Crown

Some historical inaccuracies on Netflix The crown they have upset real life people, the royal family and history buffs. Weather The crown depicts members of the British monarchy during the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II, sometimes misinforming viewers about certain historical events. There are some big differences between the events on screen and what actually happened.

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arguably The crown It is a historical drama, not a documentary series. In the past, many British shows have reinvented a specific era without being entirely true, including Victory Y Peaky Blinders. Despite the backlash, The crown warns viewers that actual events may have inspired plot details, but it is a fictional dramatization.

10/10 The mysterious death of Venetia Scott

Peaky Blinders star Kate Phillips played Venetia Scott during season 1 of The crown. However, the Phillips character never existed. In Season 1, Venetia faithfully serves as Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s secretary, but meets her demise during The Great Smog of 1952. Smog blurs her vision and she is fatally struck by a bus as she delivers a message to Downing Street.

As the Great Smog of 1952 plagued London and caused thousands of deaths, The crown he invented Venetia as one of his victims. Venetia’s death convinces Churchill to deliver an impassioned speech to motivate Londoners in times of crisis, which convinces Queen Elizabeth II to keep the Prime Minister in charge of her. However, the death of his secretary had nothing to do with this in real life.

9/10 Princess Margarita’s attitude towards Carlos and Diana’s wedding

Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret bombarded by paparazzi in The Crown

In The crown, Princess Margaret is strongly opposed to the possible marriage between Prince Charles and Diana. However, it is not clear if she really opposed the relationship and if she spoke about her concerns. According to PeopleHelena Bonham Carter, who played Princess Margaret after Vanessa Kirby, invented the plot detail.

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I like to give myself credit for an idea. I said, ‘Wait, I’m not actually a part of this. everyone looked at meBonham Carter said. Bonham Carter thought that Princess Margaret would not encourage the marriage after her sister would not allow her to marry Captain Peter Townsend, as he was divorced.

8/10 Princess Margaret did not discover her Bowes-Lyon cousins

Helena Bonham Carter plays Princess Margaret in The Crown

In season 4, Princess Margaret continues to struggle with her identity as a member of the royal family. In episode 7, “The Hereditary Principle”, she discovers that her two presumed dead cousins, Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon, actually live in a mental hospital in Surrey. Her family admitted them due to her mental health conditions, and only hospital staff attended her funeral.

While the tabloids exposed her tragic real-life fate in the late 1980s, Princess Margaret didn’t uncover the mystery herself. Furthermore, there is no record of any member of the royal family visiting her cousins ​​since the early 1960s. The two sisters never received cards or gifts on their birthdays or Christmas.

7/10 Michael Fagan did not talk about Margaret Thatcher

Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown

The crown he also staged the Michael Fagan robbery at Buckingham Palace in 1982, which even led him to Queen Elizabeth II’s bedroom. in some of the crown More interesting dialogue, Fagan explains his discontent with Margaret Thatcher to the late monarch. However, in reality, Fagan’s two palace robberies had nothing to do with politics.

Talking with The GuardianFagan recalled the incident, explaining: “something just came in [his] head.The perpetrator spent only a few months of his two-year prison sentence for his crimes and then spent three months in a psychiatric hospital. In 1997, he returned to prison, along with his wife and son, for conspiring to supply heroin.

6/10 Prince Philip’s relationship with Carlos

Matt Smith plays Prince Philip in The Crown

The crown Arguably depicting the late Prince Philip as the main villain. In addition to portraying him as a lousy husband, The crown it also suggests that he was an abusive father. Prince Philip sends young Prince Charles to Gordonstoun School, where he is bullied by students. Explaining the bullying to his father, Prince Philip calls his son “weak.”

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While the royal family doesn’t tune in regularly The crown, Prince Philip actually watched that episode. As reported by page sixits “surprisingly malicious“scenes in The crown bother him. In addition to being portrayed as a horrible father, The crown He wrongly blames him for his sister’s death in a plane crash.

5/10 Winston Churchill and the queen had a different relationship

John Lithgow as Winston Churchill in The Crown

The crown alleges that the relationship between Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II was quite strained. Actually, the couple was quite close. According to on Sundayhe confessed that Churchill was his favorite prime minister because of his funny personality.

Nevertheless, The crown portrays the late Prime Minister as extremely gruff, without an ounce of grace in his entire body. Similarly, 2017 darkest hour also shows Churchill, played by The dark knight Gary Oldman from the trilogy, as a grumpy individual during the outbreak of World War II.

4/10 The Queen’s response to the Aberfan disaster

Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip in the Aberfan disaster in The Crown

In season 3, The crown depicts the 1966 Aberfan disaster, a devastating coalslide in South Wales. The tragic historic event claimed 144 lives, 116 of whom were children, after the coalslide covered Pantglas Secondary School and several surrounding houses. The crown showed Prince Philip, played by strangerThe villain of Tobias Menzies, visiting the rubble the day after the disaster. However, it actually took over a week for Queen Elizabeth II to show up.

Many have questioned the late monarch’s approach to the incident in recent decades, but The crown it made her seem more insensitive than she was. In the years that followed the tragic event, the late Queen said that the lack of an immediate visit from her was hers.”biggest regretin an article published by the free library.

3/10 Margaret Thatcher’s decision on the Falklands War

Gillian Anderson plays Margaret Thatcher in The Crown

The Falklands War took place in 1982 between Argentina and the United Kingdom over two British territories, the Falkland Islands and the South Sandwich Islands. The crown suggests that the disappearance of Margaret Thatcher’s son influenced her decision to start the Falklands War. While Mark Thatcher went missing in the Sahara desert, the timeline differed between the two events. This is just another one of the crown inaccuracies

The Prime Minister’s son disappeared for six days in January 1982 after a car rally in the Sahara desert. However, the Falklands conflict did not start until three months after he returned safely to the UK. Therefore, Mark’s disappearance did not influence Thatcher’s decision.

2/10 The real love ring moment

Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles flirting at The Crown

Prince Charles’s controversial affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles was constantly making headlines. However, the story became even more problematic when The crown suggested that Princess Anne’s relationship with Camilla’s ex-husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles, happened at the same time as Charles’s affair.

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While the love quadrangle was good material for the show, it didn’t really fit into the same timeline. Princess Ana and Andrés began their relationship in 1970, two years before Carlos and Camilla met. When the couple met, Anne was already engaged to her future husband, Mark Phillips.

1/10 Queen Mary did not decide the fate of the Romanovs

Eileen Atkins as Queen Mary in The Crown

In season 5, The crown transports viewers back to the time of World War I in Great Britain, when King George V and his wife, Queen Mary, led the monarchy. In 1918, Tsar Nicholas II asked the British royal family for help, since his family was in danger after the Russian Revolution. Due to his imminent death, the Romanovs want to prevent his death by moving to the UK.

Not knowing what to do, Queen Mary advises George to deny the Romanovs refuge, prompting the Bolshevik revolutionaries to shoot and bayonet them to death. However, there is no evidence that Queen Mary was responsible for the fate of the Romanovs. Although, the matter tormented George for weeks about what to do with his distant cousins.

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