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10 Best TV Villains Who Pretended To Be The Hero

The world loves heroes. The proof is in the ratings and box office receipts. Pop culture thrives on them and people want to be them, but what happens when the hero is fake? The wolf in sheep’s clothing is a popular trope on television, but the villain in hero clothing is considered the best version.

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When a hero reveals his true nature, it can instantly elevate a series to new heights, or it can produce a blank stare from which the series will never recover. This betrayal is successful if the heel turn simultaneously fools the audience and other characters, such as series like game of Thrones Y the good place have proven. An even more impressive feat is when a replay reveals all the clues viewers missed the first time around.

10/10 Hal Cooper punishes Riverdale as Black Hood


With the exception of the teenage pregnancy of their daughter Polly, the Coopers seemed to be riverdaleIt is the perfect family. Hal, Betty Cooper’s father, seemed to be a supportive father with a long-standing grudge against the Blossom family. He never had kind words to say about them and didn’t want her anywhere near them, but he seemed like just a doting but disapproving father.

His vendetta was revealed to be far more widespread than just the Blossoms, however, when he unmasked himself as the Black Hood, a second-generation assassin, punishing the sins of Riverdale. He was even working with Penelope Blossom herself.

9/10 Alicent Hightower wants her son on the Iron Throne

dragon house

Alicent Hightower after her attack on Rhaenyra.

dragon house introduced us to Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King Viserys I Targaryen. When the queen died giving birth to her, she asked her daughter, Alicent, to comfort the king. As Princess Rhaenyra’s childhood companion, she never told her best friend of her ambitions or intentions. She swore allegiance to Rhaenyra, but later became the new queen and produced male heirs for Viserys.

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When the king died, Alicent quickly placed her son on the Iron Throne, directly opposing Rhaenyra’s succession. Even after this, she tried to manipulate Rhaenyra by appealing to her memories of friendship. She refuses to waver from her son’s ascension, even if it means killing her former best friend and her children, leaving Rhaenyra to choose between surrender or war.

8/10 Jamie Moriarty manipulated Sherlock Holmes as Irene Adler


Natalie Dormer as Jamie Moriarty from Elementary.

In season 1 of Elementary, Irene Adler was an art restorer and the apple of Sherlock’s eye, to the point that he would look the other way when she occasionally stole artwork for “proper preservation”. She was kind and intelligent, and she kept Holmes interested in a way he had never experienced before. Then she died, leaving an “M” with a pool of her blood on it, implying Moriarty.

When Sherlock didn’t give up his relentless search for Moriarty, he found her alive and captive, rescued her, and then plotted for them to elope. He began to suspect that she was working for his elusive enemy, but was shocked when she revealed herself as Jamie Moriarty and confessed that she was only seducing him to keep him from meddling in his business.

7/10 Barry Allen’s mentor is his biggest enemy

The flash

Harrison Welles knows more than he's letting on

The first season of The flash it was a fun and intriguing exploration of much more fantastical elements of the arrowverse that his predecessor could not present. Fans loved the unique portrayals of Barry Allen’s friends and foes, but there was a lot of mystery surrounding the big bad, Reverse Flash.

Comic book fans were suspicious of the Eddie Thawne character, knowing that his last name was connected to the villain. His suspicions were correct. Eobard Thawne traveled through time and disguised himself as Barry’s trusted mentor, Harrison Wells. The clues were definitely there, he had an inexplicable familiarity with super speed, but they were too subtle to detect on a first watch.

6/10 Halbrand is not heir to Southlands

the rings of power

Charlie Vickers as Halbrand in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Tolkien fans flocked to Amazon and were unfamiliar with the new character, Halbrand. His name was completely unknown. He was introduced as a kind exiled blacksmith and heir to a fallen kingdom. He even saved Galadriel and helped her on her mission.

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In the meantime, the rings of power he led his audience and characters to believe that the villain Adar was Sauron in a new guise. It was a convincing red herring, until the penultimate episode of the first season when he claimed to have killed Sauron. The show went even further in the final episode with another red herring, before Galadriel realized that his new friend Halbrand was the Dark Lord’s true disguise.

5/10 Michael is literally a malicious demon

the good place

Michael smiling over his desk at The Good Place

As a major supporting character in the good place, Michael created the perfect neighborhood. As assigned caretaker for his part of The Good Place, he greeted leading lady Eleanor with a smile and open arms. Eleanor knew she didn’t belong in The Good Place and tried to earn the chance to stay while she kept the truth from the haunting angel.

That was until things got so chaotic that she realized she wasn’t actually in The Good Place and that Michael wasn’t the innocent, clumsy angel he seemed to be. In truth, he was the demonic architect of everyone’s misery in a neighborhood he created in The Bad Place.

4/10 Grant Ward is HYDRA’s best sleeper agent

shield agents

Brett Dalton as Grant Ward in Agents of SHIELD

The public knew they were supposed to love the new agent, Skye. shield agents. it had been standard superhero/secret agent affair with little to no surprises for most of its first season. This led audiences to reasonably assume that Grant Ward was there to be the love interest for the rookie lead.

After Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released, and the show linked to its plot, revealing that SHIELD Grant Ward’s infiltration of Hydra was activated by his former mentor and began attacking his teammates and friends. A character that the show sold as boring turned out to be a very impressive villain for the next two seasons.

3/10 Walder Frey worked for the Lannisters

game of Thrones

Walder Frey toasting in Game of Thrones

Walder Frey didn’t get a lot of screen time, but he will always be one of the most despised characters in television history. At first, he seemed to be a rough man, but probably an honorable one. Many rolled their eyes at his treatment of women, but he was a bannerman for the Starks, so he was tolerated.

Fans of the show had no idea that it would betray the Starks and trigger the most shocking moment in Game of Thrones.The Red Wedding elicited all kinds of reactions from viewers, from tears to disgust to rage to abandoning the show altogether. The event was foreshadowed, and even the name of the episode, “The Rains of Castamere,” was a clue.

2/10 Omni-Man came to conquer Earth


Nolan Grayson Omni-Man in Invincible

The first episode of Invincible introduced fans to the relationship between Mark Grayson and his Omni-Man, a father with an impossible legacy to live up to. The two had a beautiful relationship with Nolan training and training his son in a unique dynamic that had never been seen before: the world’s greatest superhero and his son.

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Then Mark’s powers came and Omni-Man started acting strange. Where the episode started with Nolan showing up to save the Globe Guardians, it ends with him killing them all. In an interesting reversal of the trope, the audience finds out the truth early on and has to sweat alongside Nolan while the other characters follow the breadcrumbs. Omni-Man only came to Earth to see if human and Viltrumite DNA were compatible. The 20 years that he has spent among his people mean nothing compared to the thousands of years of his life.

1/10 Supers only care about money


Dawn of the Seven The Boys

The whole premise of Boys is based on selfish, powerful and greedy superhumans who pretend to be the saviors of the world, or at least the United States. Butcher and his team are dedicated to keeping the Supes in check, acting as a counterbalance to his power.

Vought’s invention and commercialization of Compound V and its creations could potentially be the worst thing to happen to humanity, but the general public can’t get enough of it. The Supes only care about money, power, and adoration. It’s even heavily implied that public perception is the only weapon keeping the all-powerful Homelander at bay.

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